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Profile Information

Name: Dave
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gallatin, TN
Home country: USA
Current location: Portland, OR
Member since: Mon Nov 6, 2006, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,642

Journal Archives

DU used to be a board where one could call out ignorant opinons.

Now it has become a place where juries no longer take into context the OP when the OP poster says something absolutely crazy and some one calls them out about it.

DU has become a place where you can post almost any idiocy as an OP and when people call one out about it their posts are hidden as being not very polite or nice.

That is just wrong.

Critizem of Bibi is no more anti-Semitic...

Than critizem of Obama is racist.

How this was so offensive is completely beyond me.

You juror #1 really need to read all my posts and see how I am favorable to people of all religions and all colors. And I am also disrespectful of all religions in equal ways.

Well no. I base my opinion on your insulting, outlandish posts.


This post is disruptive, hurtful, rude, insensitive, over-the-top, or otherwise inappropriate.


Personal attacks, with a touch of anti-Semitism leveled against a Jewish poster. Inappropriate and over the top!


A randomly-selected Jury of DU members completed their review of this alert at Wed Jan 14, 2015, 03:56 PM, and voted 6-1 to HIDE IT.

Juror #1 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: More than a touch of anti-Semitism. Hide this crap. Admin. should look at this person, too.
Juror #2 voted to LEAVE IT ALONE
Explanation: Both participants are equally repulsive. Let them fight it out.
Juror #3 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: It's a bit of a difficult decision because the posts s/he responds to are also attacking, but I think s/he takes it too far with that second paragraph.
Juror #4 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: Post could have been worded so as to express the same opinion, but without the obvious personal attack. Vote to Hide It.
Juror #5 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: No explanation given
Juror #6 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: rude, insulting and does not belong here
Juror #7 voted to HIDE IT
Explanation: No comment needed.


You will no longer be able to participate in this discussion thread, and you will not be able to start a new discussion thread in this forum until 4:56 PM. This hidden post has been added to your <a href="/?com=profile&uid=197179&sub=trans">Transparency page</a>.

IMPORTANT: Hidden posts remain on your Transparency Page for 90 days. If at any time your Transparency Page contains five or more hidden posts there are additional consequences: 1) your Transparency Page will be displayed and can be read by any logged-in member, 2) you will be unable to post until there are fewer than five hidden posts remaining on your Transparency Page, 3) if you are a forum or group Host and/or serving on the Malicious Intruder Removal Team (MIRT), you will lose those privileges.

Keirugs? I think I want one. Not the 2.0 version though. Thoughts?

I'm thinking of buying one of the entry-level Keirugs, the K40 for myself as my Xmas gift to me. It's only about $100 and I have a store discount card I can use. So it doesn't seem I'm being too extravagant.

Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

Pressure Nixon to Appoint a Special Prosectuter.

As I understand it, Gov. Nixon can appoint a special prosecutor and we should pressure him to do so.

The concept of "Double Jeopardy" does not apply here. Wilson did not go before a jury of his peers. He was simply not indicted. That does not mean a subsequent prosecutor cannot bring charges.

Wow, when you lose Nancy Grace you're really screwed. (VIDEO) Feruguson.


Nancy Grace joined CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to discuss the Ferguson grand jury decision Wednesday afternoon and she had a lot to say about Officer Darren Wilson’s version of the story, which has finally come out through his testimony and interviews. According to her, the whole thing “doesn’t add up.”


Former prosecutor turned CNN screaming banshee Nancy Grace took on the grand jury findings in the Michael Brown case. She found the prosecutor McCulloch not to be a very good prosecutor and Darren Wilson to not be very honest.

Apparently, she does have some ethics with which I formerly did not credit her. Her total frustration over the way the prosecutor handled the grand jury in the Brown case is evident.

Go Investigate Something Real!’ CNN Anchor and Ferguson Protestor Clash

This CNN anchor is an ass. He's exactly why people of color are so upset. Old white guys like him (I'm an old white but I'm not like him). Especially anchors who want to create sensationalist video clips.

He shows no compassion and absolutely no understanding how bad life in Ferguson is for young African-American males. I don't blame the young man for being angry.

Video at the link:


The dumbest ass thing the anchor said was why don't we all take a breath and let things blow over. NO, FUCKING NO!!!!!!! You'd love that. Then this could fall out of the media like Newtown did.

Those citizens of Ferguson need to keep protesting peacefully.

My biggest fear is the KKK and the police, who are rumored to be associated with the KKK, will incite something. That they will either incite fights or they will do some kind of major bombing and shooting and try to make it look like it was the protesters. That whole "false flag" thing that has gotten the US into wars in the past.

Quick Pickling Recipies - anyone have one the really like. Tips are also appreciated.

I'm going to a friend's place for t-giving and want to make a relish tray. I thought it might fun to quick pickle the veggies rather than just buy a bunch of jars and only open lids. I want to put out a little more effort than that.

I found several by Googling. Most of make the pickling brine with equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar. I always love our fresh cucumbers from the garden soaked in vinegar.

Any tips and cautions are also appreciated.

ON EDIT: I do know to remove the seeds and guts of the jalapenos so the veggies won't get too hot.

The SCOTUS Fucking-Five

I've been using the term "Fucking-Five" in my recent posts to refer to Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia and Kennedy.

In the past I have advocated for using the word "Fuck" less on this site. I'll have to say with respect to the Fucking-Five I respectfully withdraw my argument to not use the word "Fuck."

Please feel free to use the term "SCOTUS Fucking-Five" in your posts here and elsewhere. I'm very certain everyone will understand.

I Really Hope the GOP Follows Cruz's Playbook.

Ted Cruz has said a GOP Senate should be like the GOP House. Hearings on the Obama Administration non-stop. Possibly impeachment.

I hope they do this because I think it will sour the general electorate, the independents in particular, in time for the 2016 elections.

The economy and jobs are all on you now GOP. No Democratic Senate to blame.

It is going to be a long two years until 2016.

Fireball being recalled in Europe


This explains a lot about how I fee the next morning after doing Fireball shots.
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