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Member since: Tue Oct 31, 2006, 03:21 PM
Number of posts: 761

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I've been told Trump has clips from Hillarys speeches to wall st

that he intends to use in ads. His ad against Bill was just creepy, but clips are as dangerous as Romney's foo-paa tape.

I hope this isnt true, but I can see his contacts on wall street could obtain that .

Free Trade- just what can we live without?

I can not think of one thing I need from China, Europe? Japan? Africa? South America? Why do we let other countries sell us inferior crap tariff free?

It has come to light that these mass killers

are not the criminals NRA uses to poo-poo gun danger, but rather, always lost souls who listen to Rush, Hannity, Beck and other hate speakers or religious radicals. Corporate media promotes hate speech, as do the majority of the Repug candidates. They are to blame for the downward spiral of our social DNA

Where can I find that MSNBC video of R morphing into Joe Isuzu ?

I am convinced, Romney is an APP

Stay at home moms Do work harder than most, but Ann Romney did not

raise her 5 boys. The AuPair's did, so the question is, were these nannies legal? Did they have work visas? I am certain they were not of latin ancestry or African American, but Swedish or German? The rest of the family was hiding out in Mexico, tax evading, so who did Ann have raising her kids?

I am not a hater nor do I believe in capital punishment

but a roach carries disease that spreads. This roach was responsible for a million deaths abroad and kicked thousands of GOOD americans out of their homes with his power scheming, and was involved with every man-made disaster from the false war to the oil spill in the last 40 years, yes even ignoring 9-11 warnings.. He is a roach and needed to be stomped. You do not know he waited his turn, and I do not believe he did. I am certain he did not- it is his proven character.
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