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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 2,885

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Slate.com does a funny about websites.



Given all the trouble with the Obamacare website, we wondered why America’s biggest Internet companies haven’t volunteered to help fix it. (OK, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team did, sort of, in a recent Tweet, which they then deleted.) Surely Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, or Microsoft could design a more reliable site than the tangle of federal contractors who have bungled healthcare.gov. On the other hand, we can also envision a few drawbacks. Here’s how we imagine the site might look if each of those companies tried their hand at remaking it in their own images.

Survey from the Democratic National Committee.....WTF?

Listed 16 issues they wanted me to rank as to importance.

On list: worried about North Korea.

Not on list: Climate Change, environmental concerns.

I'm going with Sanders and socialists.

Thinking clearly about what a decrease in SS benefits would mean to majority of country.

Stumbled upon this when looking into net worth statistics for America.


Quote: The role of Social Security and Medicare in net worth. Estimates based on the Survey of Consumer Finances, as presented above, do not include Social Security or Medicare benefits. Social Security and Medicare benefits are difficult to measure (as discussed in the Appendix) and are not always considered assets in the same sense as private pension benefits or other investments. Social scientists debate whether Social Security and Medicare benefits constitute actual wealth. Recipients do not have property rights over their benefits, benefit levels and eligibility could be changed through legislation and/or regulation at any time, and benefits cannot be borrowed against or in many aspects bequeathed. Moreover, in the case of Medicare, the level of benefits received is dependent on the frequency and intensity of the medical services used. However, workers who pay into Social Security and become disabled receive disability benefits and survivors of working parents who pay into Social Security and die receive survivors’ benefits until the children reach age 18.

Social Security and Medicare benefits alter the net worth picture substantially, if considered wealth. Together, they are the major source of wealth for most low- and middle-income families and over 90 percent of wealth for families with incomes below $25,000 (Kennickell and Sunden 1997; Lerman 2005). Similarly, Steuerle and Carasso (2004) find that Social Security and Medicare benefits comprise roughly 90 percent of households’ expected wealth for households in the bottom two wealth deciles (exhibit 20). Social Security and Medicare benefits are not just important for low-income households; they comprise half or more of households’ expected wealth for nearly 70 percent of households (the first through seventh deciles). Housing wealth, on the other hand, does not make a real contribution to total wealth until the sixth or seventh decile. The bottom line is that, while very difficult to value — especially for younger households — Social Security and Medicare benefits, when considered wealth, contribute a substantial amount to household balance sheets in retirement.

Exhibit 20.
Mean Value and Composition of Household Net Worth Ages 51-61 by Net Worth Decile, 1992

Exhibit 20. Mean Value and Composition of Household Net Worth Ages 51-61 by Net Worth Decile, 1992. See text for explanation.

Note: Private pension (which includes DB and DC pensions), Social Security, other financial (which includes IRA and Keoughs), and housing wealth data
come from Moore and Mitchell (2000), based on a sample of households from the Health and Retirement Survey in which at least one member was age 51-61 in 1992.
Medicare wealth is from Steuerle and Carasso (2004).

I think all cat and kitten threads should state so in the title.

It would save a lot of clicks and time.

Those who are interested in reading about cats and kittens could go straight to the threads saving all the reading of the political crap on the DU and those who are not so interested in cats and kittens could just avoid them .....

What do you think? Do we need a cat and kitten forum?

Websites are slowed as 40 Million uninsured turn to Insurance exchanges to get health care.

Surprised? Not me.

Sea surface temps highest in 150 years.

Seems things are heating up. Recent record was in 1951, a couple of years before hurricane Carol.

Fish are confused...Fishermen don't care...want permission to fish til the fish are gone.



OK! Time to review the Boston Bombing story.

There's been a lot of reporting but not so much on what of what was reported still stands.
DU; Help me out. Back it up with a link if possible.

1. Who did what at the 7-11 store? Any video to back it up?

2. Was MIT cop responding to a call, or just sitting in the car? Have we witnesses to that shooting?

3. Was a gun found on either suspect?

4. Did the younger brother show up at car repair place wanting his Mercedes "Right now" on Tuesday? Was it his Mercedes?

5. Were the two suspects in different cars when they stopped to throw bombs in Watertown?
Where were they coming from? What kind of cars? Honda and ????

6. Did they have guns and shoot at the police in Watertown? How many Police were there at that point.

7. Did the suspect climb out of boat by himself, or was he down and out at that point?

8. Were there really bombs strapped to either suspect? Pictures?

Thanks for the help on this.

Business control of the image?: Plenty of pictures of carnage for bombing....

Not one picture of classrooms in Newtown.

Gun control ready for defeat this week.

What would you do if you were 28 and inherited a wacko country?

First thing would be to get rid of crazed Military industrial complex. How do you do that?

Send them off to a war they can't possibly win and let the chip fall where they may. I know, shoot missiles at the ole USA!

This guy may not be as dumb as first appears.

He needs to show his has the balls, and he can't counter what the military wants or he risks assassination.

US sabre rattling leading to War?

The war danger in Korea:
Pentagon’s false propaganda conceals truth about crisis

By Brian Becker, ANSWER Coalition national coordinator


The American war propaganda machine does a thorough job in misleading the public about the high-stakes struggle the Pentagon is waging against North Korea. On March 28, the Obama administration ordered and the Pentagon executed a mock bombing attack on North Korea by U.S. B-2 stealth bombers equipped to drop nuclear bombs—the most advanced nuclear-capable plane in the U.S. Air Force. In recent months, the U.S. has also used nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to simulate the bombing of North Korea.


It is not necessary to speculate how the United States would react if North Korea sent nuclear-capable bombers close to U.S. territory and dropped inert bombs as part of a “war game.” By itself, this B-2 mock bombing of North Korea cost approximately $5.5 million, according to Foreign Policy magazine. The B-2 flights by some estimates cost $135,000 per hour—almost double that of any other military airplane, according to a report from the Center for Public Integrity.


In 1961, General Park Chung-hee, formerly an officer in the Japanese Manchuko Imperial Army during the time of Japan’s brutal colonial occupation of Korea, seized power and held it until his assassination by other military officers in 1979. Any South Korean person who said anything sympathetic about communism, socialism or North Korea was sentenced to decades-long prison terms where torture was a given. The role of the Pentagon and its continuing occupation has been decisive in Korean politics. After the assassination of Park Chung-hee, massive protests were staged in May 1980 against the military dictatorship in the South Korean city of Kwangju. The pro-democracy movement in Kwangju was labeled “communist-inspired” and the rebellion was crushed in blood. More than 2,000 people were killed May 18 to 27, 1980. Later released secret documents revealed that it was the top brass of the U.S. occupation force that authorized soldiers of the Korean Army's 20th Division to be sent to Kwangju to suppress the protesting students.


The propaganda campaign is in full swing now as the Pentagon climbs the escalation ladder in the most militarized part of the planet. North Korea is depicted as the provocateur and aggressor whenever they assert that they have the right and capability to defend their country. Even as the Pentagon simulates the nuclear destruction of a country that it had already tried to bomb into the stone-age, the corporate-owned media characterizes this extremely provocative act as a sign of “resolve” and a measure of “self-defense.”

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