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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 2,526

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Romney takes his debate talking points from Factcheck.org.

Goes down list of untruths one by one and repeats them in front of 40 million debate viewers. Will anyone besides Obama step up and tell America about this guys lies?


Fund raiser videos don't show Romney saying he'll release his tax returns...

Romney thinks his $50,000 donors want to know who pays taxes but doesn't show them his tax returns. A few more weeks like this and no one will give a shit if he releases his tax returns or not. Even so, I think he ought to let us see 'em.

On the TV news tonight, they didn't mention that Romney had released his tax returns.

Accountant must be sick.

I was looking through the Sunday papers and noticed that Romney hasn't released his Tax returns.

Wonder what the holdup is?

So I was looking through the news reports....Apparently Romney hasn't released his tax returns yet.

I wonder what the fucking problem is.

While Republicans chant about drilling for oil to make sure the USA is not dependent on foreign oil:

Obama administration hikes CAFE fuel economy standard to 54.5 mpg


Which side are you on, Boy, which side are you on?

Paul Ryan: Unfunded.

From facebook post.


Best non political bumper sticker this month.

Recently seen on car in this area.

"Put down the cell phone, and nobody gets hurt."

When the lier releases his tax returns, how will we know they weren't made up from whole cloth?

I don't expect the IRS to verify them and what organization could?

Will the MSM insist on an audit? Doubtful.

Just saying.

Good rundown of potential GOP VP candidates.

Short bios of 16 Rmoney might consider. With Pictures.

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