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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 2,702

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Christie, who says he wants the truth out, has nothing to hide says:

Then, when asked how he might respond to a subpoena, Christie quickly dismissed the question by saying, “I’m not going to speculate on that at this time.” A strange way to answer given how many times he previously claimed he would do everything to cooperate.

Why wouldn't he just say he will be happy to testify in the investigation to determine what happened?


I predict he'll be gone by Washington's birthday.

As usual the local news folks are coming up with the news RE; Bridge Jam.

Mother of 4 turns to political retribution with no explanation? Will we be hearing from under the bus where the poor women has found herself?


Lots of links to earlier stories and more about local impact at this link.

I'm really interested in the mechanics of the Bridge Jam.

Has anyone read any reporting on how the Jam was achieved? How did Wildstein's or Baroni's (SP) requests get carried out and without police being notified? Any interviews with Port Authority workers? Is it standard practice to simply close down lanes at one man's request at the PA?

Have there already been hearings about this that I missed?

Thanks for your help.

I've googled a bit, but most of the reports are very general in nature....Wildstein just said do it and it was done? Hard to believe the PA is run that way.

Best guide to the Snowden revelations.

I know there have been lots of posts on DU about this issue, but as interested as I am in it, it wasn't until today, sitting around inside because of the snow storm that I had a chance to find this.


So I thought I'd put up the link so maybe someone else might get up to speed.

Happy New Year. And thanks for all the great links to all the issues everyday.

I'm feeling some relief thanks to Obamacare.

My 27 year old daughter was home for Christmas. I've been after her to get health insurance so that if something happens to her I won't lose my life's savings getting her care. Finally, with Obamacare, she found a policy she could afford, ($130 vs. $200/Mo), and after I explained she would have to pay a tax penalty if she didn't sign up...she did. New York's website...took about 5 minutes.

OMG! Obama's approval rating drops to what it was for the last 3 years!

May never recover because he was able to get poor people health insurance!

May Have to resign and turn presidency over to the Media!

Moving average numbers show he is getting back to the lows of 2010, 2011 and 2012!

Although his approval numbers are better than G. W. Bush's, standard is higher because he's black. Media feels need to point out

Santa and Jesus were white guys. Falling approval numbers shows the truth that black guys just can't hack it in the complexity that is

the world today.

Media has trouble hiding glee at this news coming right at Xmas time!

Here's Pew's take, by the numbers...which actually have improved in December vs. November for Obama.


How's your inflation? #1

Electricity last year in November: 16.5 Cents per KW.

Electricity November 2013: 20.8 Cents per KW.

Inflation = 4.3/16.5 = 26%


So here is the rest of the story on the teen aged dancer and two black dudes.


Last I read on DU, the guys were teenagers and OMG what was the white mother thinking.

Thanksgiving is done, time to start the Christmas Wars.


"Which side are you on boys, which side are you on?"

Slate.com does a funny about websites.



Given all the trouble with the Obamacare website, we wondered why America’s biggest Internet companies haven’t volunteered to help fix it. (OK, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team did, sort of, in a recent Tweet, which they then deleted.) Surely Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, or Microsoft could design a more reliable site than the tangle of federal contractors who have bungled healthcare.gov. On the other hand, we can also envision a few drawbacks. Here’s how we imagine the site might look if each of those companies tried their hand at remaking it in their own images.
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