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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
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This must be the report Steve Miller referred to about non-citizens registering to vote.

I questioned the 14% of illegal immigrants figure and have several problems with the report. Maybe another statistician/economist will have some comments.???

Wonder who sponsored this research which is actually just an analysis of data compiled by others.


I live in Massachusetts and there are illegal immigrants coming and going, but I'd be surprised to see any listed on the voter registration roles, much less meet up with any showing up on election day to vote.

My question for Sean Spicer and Donald Trump. Add yours.

Today there was another terror attack in the country of Afghanistan which wasn't included in the travel ban placed by your administration last week. Why wasn't the country which harbored the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center included in the ban?

Should a terrorist attack the US, Trump reaction could spell the end of USA as we know it.


This New Yorker Magazine article spells out some scenarios that turn my stomach.

“I do believe the world faces a serious and growing terrorist threat,” Evan McMullin, the former C.I.A. officer and Republican who ran for President as an independent candidate against Trump, said. “But Trump, either by ignorance or malice, is distorting the nature of that threat by targeting very well-vetted immigrants, including legal permanent residents and refugees. He simply does not have a strong national-security case to make against these people, which is why it is reasonable to wonder if he has some ulterior motive for taking such extreme steps against them.”

Yesterday, Trump’s campaign to highlight this threat took a bizarre turn when he accused the media of burying coverage of terror attacks. “It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported,” he said in remarks to troops at MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa. “In many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it. They have their reasons.” The White House later released a list of attacks since 2014 that it insisted had not received enough attention.

Matt Olsen, the former head of the National Counterterrorism Center, told me that he didn’t agree with Goldsmith’s suggestion that Trump actually wants the executive order overturned, but he said that he thought Trump was laying the groundwork for arguments he might make after an attack. “This is a win-win for Trump,” Olsen said. “We can assume there will be another terrorist attack in the U.S. If the executive order is in place, he will point to the attack as support for the executive order and the need to expand it to other countries with bad dudes (Muslims). If the executive order has been struck down, Trump will blame judges and Democrats for the attack.”

Olsen was also concerned that Trump might undo many of the changes that Barack Obama put in place to rein in the excesses of the Bush era. “As for other options in a post-attack scenario, just look back to 9/11,” he said. “C.I.A. black sites, enhanced interrogations, Gitmo, and warrantless surveillance will all be on the table. In addition, regardless of nationality, there will be changes to immigration and refugee policies.” He added that he could also imagine an effort to loosen restrictions on surveillance inside the United States.

Many more experts quoted by author, Ryan Lizza.

My Senator Markey (Mass.) will vote against DeVos.

Here's his response to my email asking him to oppose DeVos.


(202) 224-2742

United States Senate

January 31, 2017

Dear Roger:

Thank you for contacting me about the nomination of Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.

I am deeply concerned about President Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos. DeVos has spent her career promoting policies that divert students and resources away from public schools. Through her powerful lobbying group, the Great Lakes Education Project, DeVos has advocated for voucher programs that would use taxpayer dollars to pay for private school tuition and supported the expansion and deregulation of charter schools, regardless of the school's performance.

I also have serious doubts about DeVos' qualifications to be Secretary of Education. She has never been a public school teacher, worked in a school as an administrator, or even attended public school herself. Yet as Secretary, DeVos would be in charge of the department that oversees more than 50 million public elementary and secondary school students. American students and families need a Secretary of Education who will fight for public education and fully fund the programs and initiatives that help students succeed, not someone who views public education as an industry and prioritizes the profits and privatization of education.

DeVos was also in charge of the All Children Matter Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2008 when it violated federal and state campaign finance laws. The PAC was fined $5.3 million for breaking the law, but instead of paying the penalty, the group halted operations and disbanded. In December 2016, I joined Senators Udall, Brown, Merkley, and Sanders in two letters calling for DeVos to ensure that the PAC for which she was responsible pays the millions of dollars in fines and late fees it owes to the state of Ohio. We believe that DeVos must ensure that all payments are made before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP), and the full Senate, vote on her nomination.

The doubts I had about this nomination were reinforced when DeVos testified before the Senate HELP committee. She was unprepared to share her beliefs on measurements of student proficiency-versus-growth standards, a central piece of elementary and secondary education policy that has been discussed for years. She was confused when answering a question about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which allows students access to appropriate and effective public education in all states. DeVos was unwilling to commit to continuing the Obama Administration's regulations and practices for combating sexual assault on college campuses. And perhaps most troubling, she refused to say that guns have no place in schools and suggested that it was an issue that should be left up to the states.

I believe that all children deserve access to a quality public education regardless of their household income, race, ethnicity, neighborhood, or disability status. I believe that the Secretary of Education should fight for all students and families across America. I have serious concerns that Betsy DeVos does not share these beliefs, and I have numerous concerns about her qualifications to serve as Secretary of Education. I therefore am opposed to her nomination.

Thank you again for contacting me about this issue. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. To sign up for my newsletter, visit http://www.markey.senate.gov/newsletter. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



Edward J. Markey
United States Senator

Did anyone else catch Roy Blunt dis the Mo. State Chorus?

He said he lived just down the street from them in Springfield so they were easy to find, and they showed up!

Watching C-Span....tight, tight security.

Two rows of uniformed armed officers on both sides of parade route. Then police bike rack type barriers set up in squares...then a few citizens cheering. 10-15 walking SS men walking along the tank like limousine.


I took a dip in the pizzagate cesspool last night.

Here's my read. Please add or correct my impressions as necessary.

1. Wikileaks released Podesta emails.
2. Right wingers couldn't find much but they noticed odd references to pizza.
3. They worked themselves into a frenzy about the local pizza joint which is owned by a gay guy and which caters to families.
4. They found out the owner is a successful fund raiser for Clinton who sponsors events which run late into the night.
5. Lots of leaps of reason and unanswered questions about how the place might possibly be involved in child sex trade.
6. Recent arrest of N.C. guy who showed up to check out the place himself was actually a "False Flag" attempt by Clinton or other no
good Pedophile to kill the Conspiracy theory.
7. Shut down of all the information on the internet about the pizza place and the CT proves the powers that be are hand in hand
with the Pedophiles and there will never be any exposure of these people and their nasty deeds.
8. The alternative internet, which is the only source of truth is in big trouble because the MSM is coming after them to shut them down under the guise of "Stopping faux news."

Did I miss anything. Please add anything you think is important to the issue before I move on to the next issue: "Why people are beginning to say:" Merry Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays'"".

Inauguration plans are beginning to congeal.

Show up. Bring a flag. (Stars and stripes, red, white and blue) Fly the flag upside down. (We all know what that signifies. Bring a noise maker. (to celebrate-if asked). Make enough noise so no one can hear Trump's lies. All Americans are invited to this inauguration just like every one in the past. Meet at the high ground at the Washington Monument. When we have 100,000 or so we'll start walking towards the Capitol building to make sure others in the crowd cannot hear Trump's inaugural address.

Can I count you in?


Have any of you ever participated in a presidential exit poll?

2016 or earlier....

Were you chosen by the pollster or did you choose to be included by approaching the pollster?

Could you have avoided the pollster by simply refusing to participate?

Were your responses written (say on a form) or verbal to the pollster who recorded them?

What else can you tell us about your experience? Did it take long?

Is DU going to DC in January?

Just checking to see where you are on protesting in DC at the inauguration.

I'm trying to decide. I went to Obama's historical inauguration in 2009 and was hoping to be at Clinton's in 2017.
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