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Member since: Mon Oct 2, 2006, 10:23 PM
Number of posts: 2,858

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My BIL wants to know if Jeb Bush believes in Evolution. Anyone know?

The teabagger is concerned.

Well, one thing, there is no inflation!

How's your inflation? And I'm not talking footballs here.

1/2 gallon ice cream now 1 1/2 quarts.

One pound of Ritz crackers now 13.7 oz.

One pound Cracker barrel cheese, was 10 oz. now 8 oz.

One pound can of coffee, was 11 oz. now 10 oz.

5 pounds of sugar, now 4.

Can someone do the math?

Do they think we are not paying attention?

Have you noticed any indications?

The politics of Pepperoni, Paul Krugman.

Do you find yourself in the Diabetes belt?

It's all related, it turns out. Who Knew?


"At one level, there is a clear correlation between lifestyles and partisan orientation: heavier states tend to vote Republican, and the G.O.P. lean is especially pronounced in what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call the “diabetes belt” of counties, mostly in the South, that suffer most from that particular health problem. Not coincidentally, officials from that region have led the pushback against efforts to make school lunches healthier."

Demographic Poll concerning family size:

Which best describes you and your family?

Did you see this Greenwald article about the media and Snowden?


I think if I were Snowden I would be happy to stay in Russia rather than take my chances in the American Justice System.

US = 93% conviction rate for 2012.


Please put "Blame the Victim" in your title if that's all you're going to do.

Jesus, people.

Borowitz: Email scandal not up to Clinton standards.

“When people hear the words ‘Clinton scandal,’ they expect a certain amount of sex and sleaze,” Logsdon said. “But once they find out that this one is about State Department e-mail regulations which may or may not have been disobeyed, they feel very let down.”


Here someone posted a copy of the NY Times from 70 years ago.

I know, Freerepublic, but it shows the sacrifice made by my father's generation.

Interesting report of US's first jet fighter, Lockheed Shooting Star.

Over 4000 reported casualties for the day.


Here's my letter to my Congresspeople about Netanyahu's visit next week.

Copy and paste if you like, and send it to your guys. Or better yet, write your own. Hey, go easy on the edits...it's just an idea. Please.

Dear Senator Markey,

I’m hoping you will not attend the political rally for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that house speaker John Boehner has scheduled for next week in the halls of Congress. I know you know there are many other pressing issues to attend to. I know you realize attending such a gathering, which is designed to undermine President Obama’s and Secretary Kerry’s efforts to keep Iran from building a nuclear weapon in a way that does not involve use of our military in the middle east, would not be in our country’s best interest.

Instead of spending the time listening to Netanyahu denigrate President Obama I suggest you spend the time working with your senate colleagues to accomplish some basic things for your state’s citizens. Here are some ideas.

1. Make sure there are emergency funds available immediately to continue the fuel assistance activities for people who are seriously being impacted by the extreme weather conditions we have had in Massachusetts.
2. Work to establish a coalition of lawmakers who can get some movement to address the impact of increased CO2 in the atmosphere which may very well be causing these extreme weather conditions.
3. Work to strengthen Social Security by raising the income level subject to social security and self employment tax to include incomes up to $250,000 instead of just to $118,500. The sooner this is accomplished, the sooner the social security trust funds will be strengthened to weather the predicted change in the nation’s demographics.
4. Work to remove the tax loophole that allows traders of securities to pay only the favorable capital gains tax rate rather than the usual income tax rate especially when it clear this income is derived not from investment activities but rather simply trading activities. Seriously consider a transaction tax on security trading.
5. Work to pass an infrastructure funding bill that will upgrade our bridges and roads, public transportation options and green energy production. This will pump money into the economy at a level which may reach workers sooner than waiting for the GOP's trickle to start.

The list is endless and that should tell you wasting your time attending a rally for a foreign country’s prime minister would not look good to those who have supported you in your work for your constituents.


Billo clearly claims he was "In the Falklands" and other lies.

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