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Member since: Fri Sep 8, 2006, 12:47 PM
Number of posts: 12,149

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Police pepper spray Wake County teen inside his home after he's mistaken for burglar

Source: WTVD Raleigh-Durham NC

By Andrea Blanford
Wednesday, October 08, 2014 07:45AM
The parents of a Wake County high school student are outraged that police pepper-sprayed him inside their home after a neighbor mistook him for an intruder.

It happened Monday afternoon on England Avenue in Fuquay-Varina.

Ricky and Stacy Tyler have fostered 18-year-old DeShawn Currie for about a year. The Tylers, their three young children and DeShawn moved to Fuquay-Varina in July. They said while they're still getting to know their neighbors, it's hurtful someone would assume DeShawn was a burglar just for going about his normal routine of walking home after school.

"He's my baby boy just as much as my other three children are," said Stacy.

Read more: http://abc11.com/news/police-pepper-spray-teen-inside-his-home-after-hes-mistaken-for-burglar/340724/

Now we have a new "crime": Being Resident While Black In A White Neighborhood....
Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Wed Oct 8, 2014, 05:35 PM (4 replies)

I Am John Crawford - Stop Police Brutality

Interesting words from the organizer:


“I’ve said from the very beginning that race was a factor,” said Virgil Vaduva, who founded Open Carry Ohio. As someone who has long openly carried a gun and associated with others — mostly white — who do the same, Vaduva has first-hand experience with how white gun carriers are treated, even in that very same Beavercreek Wal-Mart where Crawford was shot. Vaduva says he has openly carried his gun there. “If John Crawford were white, if he did not look like he were ‘from the hood’ , I think he would still be alive today.”...

Vaduva articulated similar wishes to ThinkProgress. While one of the primary goals of all of Open Carry Ohio’s protests is to make the public aware of the state’s open carry law, he said in the case of Crawford, he, too, would like to see Ritchie held accountable. And he would like to see Williams fired if not federally prosecuted.

As for police training, he said he already asked that of police three years ago, when an individual called 911 on him for having a gun at a restaurant. At the time, he had a beard and was wearing a knit hat, and speculated “Maybe I looked a bit too much like a hippy.” Vaduva said the 911 caller described him and his friend as “two crazy guys” but police didn’t take that as a trigger to shoot or even injure him. And he said in the years since, he has dressed nicely while carrying his gun and has never had an incident.

“Unfortunately Beavercreek is a white town,” said Vaduva, a self-described libertarian. “Race was a factor. I am certain.”

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Tue Oct 7, 2014, 04:27 PM (3 replies)

Open-carry rally held to protest Walmart shooting


Open-carry rally held to protest Walmart shooting

Posted: 12:43 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014

By Breaking News Staff


About 40 people, some openly carrying firearms, gathered to protest the police-involved Walmart shooting and show support for the family of John Crawford III.

Several protesters were carrying signs, wearing "anonymous" masks and shirts that said "I am John Crawford" as they marched along Pentagon Boulevard.

Some of the protesters who were openly carrying firearms, including rifles, walked into the Walmart after rallying by the street.

They could be seen chatting and interacting with other customers.

The Beavercreek Walmart has put a hold on the sale of the air rifles that Crawford was carrying the night he was shot.

This is *obviously* staged- I mean, really? White AR owners hanging with African-Americans in support of justice for an African-American man? No Confederate flags on display?
No one shot or fleeing in terror from the Walmart? Unpossible!

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Mon Oct 6, 2014, 02:49 AM (44 replies)

You seem not have noticed a common characteristic of the "gun nuts" I showed

Look again, think reeealy hard, and it might just come to you. Also:


76.Gun nuts are rather racist. Check out NRA board members, attendees at gun shows, gun stores, etc.
Gungeoneers here.

Name one of these Gungeoneers, then. A $100 donation to the gun control organization of your choice says you can't (or won't) name a one. I suspect that, once again, you're...

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Fri Oct 3, 2014, 03:26 PM (1 replies)

Showing off your segregated photo collection again, Hoyt?

That's rather racist, you know. Let me help you with that:

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Fri Oct 3, 2014, 02:23 PM (1 replies)

At Long Last, Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy Is Becoming a TV Show


Finally, someone's recognized that Robinson's Mars Trilogy is perfect fodder for a television adaptation. Spike TV is developing a series with Game of Thrones producer Vince Gerardis, who has some experience taking epic words and putting them on the small screen.

Taking a page from Game of Thrones, the series will likewise take its name from the first book in the series: Red Mars. And, as also increasingly common these days, the show will have Robinson, the book author, as a consultant.

Spike TV's executive vice president, original series Sharon Levy said of the project:

This series shines a light onto many views of what it means to be human — and asks if can we sustain our humanity under incredible duress. We are thrilled to partner with such an accomplished producer as Vince Gerardis to tell this incredible and thought-provoking story.

More here:


Cross your fingers and pray this is done right!
Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Sun Sep 28, 2014, 01:59 AM (1 replies)

ASIO = Australian Stasi In Operation

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Thu Sep 25, 2014, 11:19 PM (0 replies)

One dozen moms demanding action get the brush-off from Kroger:


'Moms' group challenges Kroger's gun stance

LANSING – A group protesting Michigan's open-carry gun rules hope a Lansing Kroger store's grand re-opening today will spur a new policy barring guns in the Holmes Street store.

Michigan Kroger representatives said that's not likely. The Cincinnati-based grocery chain is sticking by Michigan law, which doesn't prohibit openly carrying guns in public. Michigan gun owners have to have a concealed-pistol license, however, to carry guns concealed in public.

Kroger's stance won't stop Moms Demand Action's ongoing protests at Kroger stores, however, said Linda Brundage, who heads the group's mid-Michigan chapter. Brundage led a group of about 12 women at this morning's protest...

...Chris Albi, Kroger's vice president of merchandising for Michigan, said the company's Cincinnati headquarters was aware of today's protest, but isn't expected to change its policy.
"Our policy is consistent with what it's been all along, that we follow the state's regulations and we don't have a specific policy for Kroger at all," Albi said...

Nothing like a tidal wave of public protest to impel change, is there?

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Sat Sep 20, 2014, 04:41 PM (53 replies)

Vladimir Putin is Ronald Reagan

ADDED ON EDIT: DUer bemildred came up with the idea first, and I'm just
running with it

I had called him "a better-armed, European version of Robert Mugabe"
in the following thread...


...whereupon the OP reminded me that Putin "...was elected in a free and fair vote".
The OP (among others) have repeatedly remarked upon Putin's public favorability
ratings. These reminded me of somebody- but who?

Then DUer bemildred gave the answer, here in the thread

Someone needs to explain the right’s adoration for Vladimir Putin because it’s creeping me out.



Do you remember when we all went bananas here over Raygun?

"The shining city on the hill" and all that right-wing jingo nationalist crap? Well, that's Putin in Russia. And right-wingers everywhere lap that stuff up.

The parallels are there:

*Enthusiastic Cold Warriors

*High levels of public approval, while those in opposition loathe them

*A predilection for unilateraism and armed intervention in nearby countries

*Nostalgia for "the good old days"

*Blatant, showy appeals to patriotism

*Most of the rest of the world despise them, while certain authoritarians
just luurve them. (Reagan had his non-USAian fans, most notably
Margaret Thatcher)

Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Sun Aug 31, 2014, 04:25 PM (24 replies)

What military equipment did your local government get from the Feds? Find out at:

Kudos to the Detroit Free Press:


...Nationally, more than $4.3 billion worth of property has been transferred to law enforcement since the program’s inception in fiscal year 1997, according to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which oversees the Law Enforcement Support Office (or 1033) program out of its office in Battle Creek. More than 8,000 agencies participate nationwide.

Use this database to see where the military equipment is going by state and county and the type of items being received, The listed value of the items is what it would cost to buy them if they had not been donated.

Massachusetts counties got two of these:


..and one of these:



Posted by friendly_iconoclast | Sun Aug 24, 2014, 07:19 PM (11 replies)
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