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Hometown: Rock Springs, Wyoming
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can anyone verify this?

A friend of mine sent me this link. Since I don't have any contacts in the British government, nor am I an expert on their crime reporting statistics. In fact, I'm not even an Anglophile beyond enjoying working with the RAF a few times.

If this is true, think of the ramifications for discussing gun control in general. How are each country reporting their murder rates and are they comparable to how the US does it?
Take for example, this tidbit.
Since 1967, homicide figures for England and Wales have been adjusted to exclude any cases which do not result in conviction.
and cites a paper written by former Met PD official Colon Greenwood on Parliament's website. It not only says that Jack the Ripper's crimes would not be included by the Home Office statistics. It also begs the question, does the increase in this chart mean "more murder" or "better police work and forensics resulting in more convictions"?

Here is the point he is making
The murder rate in the UK according to US standards is double or higher than their reported rate. It may be impossible to produce an actual apples to apples comparison number from official sources. It is not 15% of the US rate.

My question is, when we make these international comparisons with numbers from Wikipedia, is either side making "apples and apples" comparisons?
the link

another state legalizes silencers for hunting

Translation by Google Translate.
The authority responsible for hunting rights in Bayern authority – the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF) – In early August 2015 informed that should be approved immediately requests from hunters for the use of silencers. This innovation has been a long time longed by many hunters. What does this mean? You as a hunter can now submit an application, which is also approved as a rule from. However, some information you need to yet. -
See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/08/14/suppressors-now-legal-for-hunting-in-bavaria-germany/#sthash.eosgLmUe.dpuf


How do you feel about safari?

If Palmer violated the game laws that Zimbabwe, he should pay just like he did in Wisconsin.

I don't know anything about the value of trophy hunting in scientific wildlife management in Africa, so I am ambivalent on the subject. However, the guy, or gal, who puts a deer or elk in the freezer is more ethical, IMO, than going to the store and buying a cow or pig that met its demise at the hands of the factory farm system. It is more honest and more humane. Paying someone else to do your killing for you doesn't make you civilized. Does that mean if one of my furry family members needs to be euthanize, am I going to take it out back and shoot it? No, I'll comfort it at the vet's office until he or she is gone. However, that doesn't remove my role and responsibility in the death.

Norwegian territory requires gun toting.

I don't know if this belongs here or outdoor life, but I found it interesting and thought I would share it.
Svalbard, Norway
Svalbard is a remote island in the arctic circle, which is governed by the nation of Norway, although there are also many Russian coal miners on the island. Because of the ice and lack of roads, ice sleds are an important means of transportation. By law, all residents must carry a shotgun outside of the towns, and all sleds have a gun rack for this purpose.

Students in Svalbard are taught how to use a shotgun and ammunition to fend off polar bears at the beginning of every school year. Since polar bears can outrun a human in a matter of seconds, every student at the University Center undergoes weapons and arctic survival training. “It’s absolutely necessary,” said Gunnar Sand.

While on a British Schools Exploring Society trip in the Norwegian Island of Svalbard, a 17-year-old was mauled to death by a polar bear. The bear injured four others in the 12-person party before one of the group members shot and killed it. Polar bears typically attack with little warning.


Now this is an arsenal

Tarpon Springs, Florida — Investigators on Tuesday released new information in the case of an 85-year-old man who allegedly lobbed a hand grenade into his neighbor's yard that damaged a concrete slab and the house.

Police say this is a very scary situation. (no shit)

the list included:
various pistols
M-67 hand grenades
Claymore mine

Nine counts of felon in possession
to top it off
But again, he has not been charged for the explosion. But during his first court appearance, the state attorney's office did mention it believes Metz allegedly through (sic) a grenade in the backyard.

Police are still investigating.

Metz is a convicted felon with quite a criminal history that dates back to the '40s, with charges that include robbery, assault, and an alleged escape.

Pet peeve, don't they teach people how to write in J school, or do they have lower standards for the online edition?

closing the railroad car loophole

An alleged thief and his fence have been charged in connection with the theft of more than 100 new guns from a freight train that was stopped overnight at a South Side rail yard in April, according to federal authorities.

Alexander Peebles, 44, and Warren Gates, 48, were charged in separate criminal complaints stemming from the April 12 robbery of the cargo train at 8000 S. South Chicago Ave., court records show.

The train was carrying 318 firearms from the Ruger factory in New Hampshire to Spokane, Wash., and had stopped in Chicago for the night, according to the charges. About 7 a.m. that day, a railroad employee noticed that several locks and seals on the train had been cut open, and police later found bolt cutters and a Ruger magazine in the yard.


should cops lose Glocks

or actually teach them the four rules?
The underlying problem with these pistols is a short trigger pull and the lack of an external safety. In real-world encounters, a short trigger pull can be lethal, in part because a significant percentage of law enforcement officers — some experts say as high as 20% — put their finger on the trigger of their weapons when under stress. According to firearms trainers, most officers are completely unaware of their tendency to do this and have a hard time believing it, even when they’re shown video evidence from training exercises.

For more than 35 years, officer-involved accidental discharges with Glocks and Glock-like weapons have been blamed on a lack of training or negligence on the part of the individual cops. What critics should be addressing instead is the brutal reality that short trigger pulls and natural human reflexes are a deadly combination.


My experience with Glock is zero. Any LE opinions, would an exposed hammer DA/SA be better?

Some racist picked the wrong guy

An investigation showed the shooter, 28-year-old Jehrardd Williams, shot and killed in self-defense as he was being charged by a shirtless man who had been yelling racial slurs at him minutes earlier, according to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report.

Williams shot Dakota Fields, of Fort Myers, three times as the 24-year-old rushed toward him, the report said. Fields died six miles down the road from the restaurant after the SUV he and friends left in struck a car at the foot of the Edison Bridge.


Air pistols

I'm looking at air pistols for inexpensive training (and just plain fun to shoot). Besides, Wyoming winters and outdoor ranges don't go together. I had a cheap Crossman that sometimes worked. I don't think a $30 Crossman will do the job, but I'm not ready for a Walther LP-400 either. Any suggestions?

Wyoming becomes number 32 and lives up to the state motto

Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael on Monday announced he would file notice with the court at 10 a.m. Tuesday indicating he would not appeal a federal judge's order legalizing same-sex marriages. After the notice is filed, the order will go into effect.


My only question is why it hasn't been challenged by WSSC, since it (IMNSHO) violates the state constitution (article one sections two and three).
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