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Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2006, 12:17 AM
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Let's Go Remove Hooks From Shark's Mouths! YAY!!!

- I know those sharks are saying to themselves: ''Okay this time I'm gonna let you slide. But next time I'm eatin' you!

Unless I have another hook in my mouth......''

Over 400 Ukrainian soldiers flee to Russia, ask for refuge

RT * Published on Aug 4, 2014

A total of 438 soldiers, including 164 Ukrainian border guards have been allowed to cross into Russia on Sunday night after they requested sanctuary. RT correspondent Marina Kosareva has the details.

- Didn't you just know it would come to this? Supplying your troops by having the families pay for their clothes and bullets through online web accounts. A sort of kickstarter for your own war using with online scam software.

Online War Supplyines© from Microsoft™ - ''You'll have ta' marraw.... I promise.''

Shocking FBI Malpractice Uncovered

The Young Turks * Published on Aug 3, 2014

"Nearly every criminal case reviewed by the FBI and the Justice Department as part of a massive investigation started in 2012 of problems at the FBI lab has included flawed forensic testimony from the agency, government officials said.

The findings troubled the bureau, and it stopped the review of convictions last August. Case reviews resumed this month at the order of the Justice Department, the officials said.

U.S. officials began the inquiry after The Washington Post reported two years ago that flawed forensic evidence involving microscopic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of potentially innocent people. Most of those defendants never were told of the problems in their cases."

Read more from Spencer S. Hsu at Washington Post here:

    From the article:
    U.S. officials began the inquiry after The Washington Post reported two years ago that flawed forensic evidence involving microscopic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of potentially innocent people. Most of those defendants never were told of the problems in their cases.

    The inquiry includes 2,600 convictions and 45 death-row cases from the 1980s and 1990s in which the FBI’s hair and fiber unit reported a match to a crime-scene sample before DNA testing of hair became common. The FBI had reviewed about 160 cases before it stopped, officials said.

    (Related: ‘Irreversible harm’ when FBI didn’t reveal flawed lab work in death-row cases)

    The investigation resumed after the Justice Department’s inspector general excoriated the department and the FBI for unacceptable delays and inadequate investigation in a separate inquiry from the mid-1990s. The inspector general found in that probe that three defendants were executed and a fourth died on death row in the five years it took officials to reexamine 60 death-row convictions that were potentially tainted by agent misconduct, mostly involving the same FBI hair and fiber analysis unit now under scrutiny.

“I love you, but why must you love the law? 'Tis plain for all to see that she's a whore...that virtuous persons have no need to woo; that villains screw, then studiously ignore.”

~V for Vendetta

‘We are all Gaza’: West bank rises up against Israel

RT * Published on Aug 4, 2014

The death toll in Gaza has hit over 1,600 since Israel launched operation Protective Edge on July 8. The international community is pushing the sides to ceasefire as the world opinion rallies against Tel Aviv's operation. And Palestinians living in the West Bank express their solidarity with Gaza. Harry Fear reports.

- This is inhumane. Particularly the silence from the White House at this human carnage.

''In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.''

~Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Housing Horror: US low-income families face eviction from govt-subsidized bldgs

RT * Published on Aug 3, 2014

US low-income families are being pushed to the brink as landlords raise rents to new highs. RT's Gayane Chichakyan reports

We have to destroy billions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment in Afghanistan because it'd cost too much to bring it back and it'd be too risky to just leave. So we're blowing it all up. Then we lose millions of dollars worth of tanks and missiles to ISIS. Next there's the millions for Hellfire missiles we're now sending to Iraq (which will likely end up in ISIS's hands as well). And then more millions for the dome in Israel so that the kid & elderly killings can go on unabated.

- So without lithium, rare earths, heroin, oil, or political promises/threats, honey we can't help you......

Israeli airstrike targets another UN school in Gaza, 10 dead

RT * Published on Aug 3, 2014

An Israeli air strike has hit another UN-operated school in Gaza Strip, killing at least 10 people and injuring 35 others, Palestinian health authorities reported.

READ MORE http://on.rt.com/4jb139

- Schools and hospitals seem to be about Israel's speed these days. Frankly, since we're spending $3.5 billion dollars for this show, I'd expected a little more precision. But I guess this is the best they can do. And I suppose crayons and bedpans can be converted into rockets and bombs so they're probably frightened to get too close to these 3' and 4' ''enemies.''

What a bunch of losers warriors........

House Clears $225 Million in Funding for Israel's Iron Dome Defense System

totodeinhere (8,114 posts)

House Clears $225 Million in Funding for Israel's Iron Dome Defense System

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by azurnoir (a host of the Latest Breaking News forum). (too old)

Source: Wall Street Journal

The House on Friday cleared a bill to provide $225 million in emergency aid to Israel for its Iron Dome defense system, sending the measure to President Barack Obama in a congressional effort to support the nation amid increased fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The measure passed 395-8. Mr. Obama, who requested the money, is expected to sign the bill.

Earlier in the day, the Senate approved the measure by unanimous consent on a day when most senators had left Washington for a five-week recess. House lawmakers remained in session Friday to debate and pass a bill to deal with an influx of Central American minors along the border with Mexico.

Israel launched an offensive against Gaza on July 8, and according to the Gaza Health Ministry, 1,600 Palestinians have died. The Israeli military says 63 of its soldiers have died, along with three civilians killed by rocket fire into Israel.

Read more: http://online.wsj.com/articles/senate-approves-225-million-in-funding-for-israels-iron-dome-defense-system-1406913423


Bipartisan support for Israel seems to be as strong as ever as both the House and the Senate overwhelmingly passed an emergency military aid to Israel bill that President Obama had requested.

It almost seems like I'm on another planet when I read threads about this topic at DU. I would say that opposition to Israel's attack on Gaza runs at better than 2-1 at DU. Yet you can see near unanimous support for Israel in Congress including strong support from progressive Democrats. Why is there such a disconnect between DU and Democrats in Congress on this issue?

- Re-posting for totodeinhere just because I thought I should......

Satanists Use Hobby Lobby Decision Against Pro-Life Propaganda

The Young Turks * Published on Aug 2, 2014

"The Satanic Temple sees your Hobby Lobby ruling allowing corporations to opt out of providing certain forms of birth control because they contravene religious beliefs. And it wants in.

In a press release Monday, the New York-based organization said it planned to use the recent Supreme Court decision to argue that its members should be allowed to opt out of so-called informed-consent laws, which require doctors to read state-mandated material to women seeking an abortion — much of it, according to critics, pro-life propaganda.

The Hobby Lobby decision applied specifically to health care plans provided by closely-held corporations, not health procedures obtained independently by members of a religion. But the Temple believes that by allowing corporations to define (and thus not cover) contraceptives as abortifacients, the Supreme Court placed religious exemptions above scientific definitions. And what’s good for contraceptives, the Temple argues, should be good for anti-abortion laws.” * break it down on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from: http://www.mediaite.com/online/satanists-would-like-their-hobby-lobby-exemption-from-anti-abortion-laws-please/

- A nation of laws. HA!

Dead Children Names Too Threatening For Israel

The Young Turks * Published on Aug 2, 2014

"The Israeli Broadcasting Authority has banned a radio advertisement from a human rights organisation which listed the names of some of the scores of children killed in Gaza since the conflict began 17 days ago.

B'Tselem's appeal against the decision was rejected on Wednesday. It intends to petition Israel's supreme court on Sunday in an effort to get the ban overturned.

The IBA said the ad's content was "politically controversial". The broadcast refers to child deaths in Gaza and reads out some of the victims' names."* The Young Turks hosts Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (TYT University) break it down.

*Read more here from Harriet Sherwood / The Guardian:

I don't know how it is possible for anyone to live with themselves knowing that they've cold-bloodily murdered children and babies.

Noam Chomsky on "War on Drugs" and Marijuana

White House: "Marijuana should remain illegal"
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