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Member since: Sun May 28, 2006, 12:08 PM
Number of posts: 2,165

Journal Archives

Hume says Rmoney needs an "inside straight" which is "not likely"


They all look like their dog died.

The revenge of Seamus

538 UPDATING NOW........................

Just switched over to Fux & Fiends

No sign of the jobs reports on the dark side.

No sign of a jobs report, just Benghazi & Staten Island STILL without food and water.

Two lies in the 30 seconds I was there.

Can someone please explain the defcon system

DU will be using for high traffic times as Nov 6 gets closer?

We're all New Yorkers tonight.

Hang in there Big Apple, we're pulling for you.

Faux "News" begins to blame President Obama for Hurricane Sandy in 3...2...1

Halloween Party tonight to benefit Sedona Pride I have no fabulous costume.

I'm thinking of being a teabagger. I have limited budget and materials.

Ideas please? What shall I put on my misspelled sign?

I want to amuse, not offend.

I'm a short, 50 year old woman whose boobs are a constant war on buttons, if that helps.

Obama Bin Ladin?

Thanks Bob!

We broke Current TV's website


Toby needs a forever home

Hi, I'm Toby and I'm looking for a forever home. I'm one year old, happy, super affectionate, obedient, fixed and have all my shots. I love being outside and have spent the last year actively living on a rescued horse and llama/alpaca ranch. I like a lot of room and wouldn't do well in a small apartment. I know NOT to chase the cats and chickens! I get along well with other dogs, horses and such. I LOVE to go hiking!
Toby was abandoned by my daughter's ex when he suddenly moved out. She can not afford to stay in the place she is and can not afford any place that would take Toby too. Daughter is a struggling nursing student working two jobs. Are you interested in becoming Toby's new family?

Free delivery anywhere within a days drive of Sedona AZ. Message me for more info.

How can you resist this cuteness?

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