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Member since: Sun May 28, 2006, 12:08 PM
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So......I've moved to Georgia.....anyone here from Tucker?

Followed my honey who's in the movie/TV production biz.

We have a contract on a house in Tucker. I commute to the Old Fourth Ward to work.

Anything we should know before we move forward?

Delicate Flowers


Lou Terminello 10/26/38-2/28/16

Cancer took Daddy tonight after a mercifully quick and painless six weeks. I feel like someone pushed me off a cliff.

Breitfart is reporting Pakastani & Afghan Isis crew coming over the Mexican border

and being picked up by US Border Patrol in Arizona this week. Showing up on FB

I won't link that nonsense here.

Can anyone help me debunk my RWNJ mother?


NOoooooo MSNBC!!!!!!!

Rachael wasn't finished making her "Aviation" cocktail in honor or US Airways last day existing as an airline before we were sent to JAIL!

Now I'll never know where to find the "old lady" section at the liquor store.

Where have I seen this guy before?

Meet Our Study’s Newest Mountain Lion Kittens!


Evybudee sez "SQUEE"

Our newest research subjects are two spotted mountain lion kittens between the ages of three and four weeks old. P-43 and P-44, as the two are known, are from two separate litters on opposite ends of our study area.

P-43 is a young female found in a remote area of the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu Creek State Park. We've been following her mom, P-23, since she was three weeks old and this is her second litter of kittens. P-23 gained fame a few years back when a motorcyclist spotted her early one morning on top of a deer on Mulholland Highway.

The image below gives you a sense of what these moms are looking for in a den. Many of mom's GPS points are localized in one small area for the first three weeks after she gives birth (which is how researchers know she might have a litter), so our biologist, Jeff Sikich, has a GPS device in hand as he tries to track down the den location.

Juana Maria Better-than-Nothing: The Strange Tale of the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island

It was 1853 on San Nicolas Island, the most remote of California's eight Channel Islands. Sixty-five miles southwest of Point Mugu, in Ventura County, one visitor reported the island's "shifting sand dunes, its 90-foot fog shrouded peak, its deep cut canyons, its bleak cliffs and the crashing seas breaking over its rocky shores" made it "just about one of the most desolate places on earth." This isolated isle had once been home to a thriving group of native people known as the Nicolenos. Now it was supposedly uninhabited, though sailors sailing by occasionally reported seeing a human figure waving her arms, running towards them on the foggy shore. In 1853, Captain George Nidever set out on his third trip in search of this legendary apparition.

More at http://www.kcet.org/shows/california_coastal_trail/content/history/juana-maria-better-than-nothing-the-strange-tale-of-the-lone-woman-of-san-nicolas-island.html

Untethered badass!

100-year-old Echo Park church damaged in fire that may have been arson

Source: Los Angeles Times

A 100-year-old building in Echo Park that served as a home for mostly ethnic religious groups was nearly destroyed in an early-morning fire that was intentionally set, officials said.

Forerunners for Christ church had been hosting church services and religious groups at the building in the 1600 block of North Morton Avenue for seven years and had cemented itself as part of the community.

Investigators determined that the fire was intentional, Humphrey said.

The church hosts two Latino groups, as well as 50 to 60 regular parishioners, who are mostly Filipino, Samoan and black, she said.

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-100-year-old-echo-park-church-20150629-story.html

it spreads west...
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