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Bjorn Against

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Member since: Mon May 22, 2006, 07:07 PM
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An open letter to my far-right Republican misrepresentative in Congress John Kline

Dear Mr. Kline,

After last night's vote you can no longer call yourself a person who loves America, because last night you betrayed millions of Americans. Because of you and your fellow Republicans hundreds of thousands of people are now without work, vulnerable people are without assistance, and the economic uncertainty you have created will hurt the pocketbooks of millions of Americans.

You can try to act innocent, you can try to pretend that the mean old Democrats are refusing to compromise, but you know damn well that you never offered any compromise. When a two year old throws a temper tantrum because they can't get the biggest toy in the store that two year old does not suddenly become a person willing to compromise when they throw a new tantrum demanding a slightly smaller toy.

You have clearly shown that you care far more about the opinion of the extremists in your party than you care about the American people. You are a shame to this district and you and all the other extortionists in your party should resign from office immediately as you have no business continuing to pretend to represent the people of your district, because I can assure you that you sure as hell don't represent me. You are a douchebag and the only people you represent are your fellow douchebaggers, you can call me impolite and throw this message away because I called you a bad name but at the end of the day you will be the one who actually harmed the American people and I will merely be one of the many people who called you out on it.

You are a disgrace to your nation, please resign from office now and hang your head in disgrace. I know you won't take my advice, but you better believe that if you don't leave office on your own we will have plenty of people working to kick you out.


One of the hundreds of millions of Americans who you have betrayed

Posted by Bjorn Against | Tue Oct 1, 2013, 09:05 PM (3 replies)

If the people who pushed war truly cared about human rights they would mourn civilian deaths

We are told that we need to go into Syria for humanitarian reasons, this is certainly not the first time that war has been sold to us on humanitarian grounds and in fact I can't remember the last war that was not sold to us on humanitarian grounds.

Before every war we always hear about how horrible the people have it in the country we are about to bomb. Most recent wars we have been involved in have been waged against countries with less than stellar human rights records so there is usually some truth to the stories about human rights atrocities that we hear before a war, but when people try to use these atrocities as an excuse for leading us into a war that will inevitably lead to even more atrocities then they need to be called out on their hypocrisy.

If the people selling war were truly concerned about the humanitarian condition of the country they were going to bomb then they would be concerned about all the people killed in their wars, not just the Americans but they would show deep concern for the lives of the people living in the countries that we were bombing as well.

Yet after every single war that is sold to us on humanitarian grounds the people who pushed war on the basis that they supposedly cared about the people of that country seem to go to great lengths to completely ignore the civilians who died in that war. The media will report Americans that are killed, but civilians are rarely even worthy of a mention. Anyone that truly cared about the people of a country would mourn their dead as well, when they turn their heads and look away from the deaths of civilians and the shattered lives of the survivors then it is extremely difficult to believe they were ever genuine when they advocated war on humanitarian grounds.

I hope that the people advocating war in Syria will prove me wrong, I hope that after the bombs start dropping they will be posting threads mourning the civilians killed by those bombs, but I am skeptical that we will see that. I am skeptical because I never hear advocates of war mourn the civilian casualties of the wars they support, maybe there are some rare exceptions to this rule out there but most of what I have seen is people who use the victims of human rights abuses to sell their war but then immediately forget those people the moment they are killed by an American bombs.

I don't often see war supporters advocate against using weapons such as Depleted Uranium or cluster bombs that can pose threats to civilians even long after war ends. If there was a genuine concern for the lives of the people we are supposedly going to war to support then it seems that they would avoid weapons with Depleted Uranium which are known to cause long term health problems especially among newborn babies and infants.

I am sick of the victims of human rights abuses being exploited as an excuse to go to war only to have backs turned on them the moment the war begins, I have seen human rights used as an excuse to go to war far too many times and I do not believe for one second that the people who insist this is about human rights are truly as concerned about human rights as they are concerned with flexing their military muscle.
Posted by Bjorn Against | Wed Sep 4, 2013, 08:56 PM (0 replies)
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