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Ghost Dog

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Hometown: Canary Islands Archipelago
Home country: Spain
Member since: Wed Apr 19, 2006, 01:59 PM
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Brit gone native. Cooperative member. Ecology. Cartography. Programming. Music production.

Journal Archives

Think millennials have it tough? For 'Generation K', life is even harsher

... While technology is important to millennials, it is essential to those such as Sarah who come after, and are permanently switched on, multi-screening and multi-tasking. The most common name this group is given is Gen Z; I call them Generation K, after Katniss Everdeen, the determined heroine of the Hunger Games. Like Katniss, they feel the world they inhabit is one of perpetual struggle – dystopian, unequal and harsh.

“Life for us is hard. A struggle,” says Jake, 16, “I think we’ve got it much tougher than our parents’ generation. But we can’t give up.” If Jake’s view sounds melodramatic to you, consider the World Health Organisaiton report, published this week, which suggests that British teenagers are among the most troubled in the world: of the 42 nationalities surveyed, only Macedonian and Polish teens are less happy with their lot. Our teenagers say they feel pressured by schoolwork and worried about the way they look. Researchers say they were particularly struck by how the life satisfaction of those aged 11-15 had gone down everywhere.

And little wonder: Generation K is coming of age in the shadow of economic decline, job insecurity, increasing inequality and a lack of financial optimism. When asked whether they think their lives are likely to be more of a struggle than those of their parents’, their answer is an unambiguous yes: 79% worry about getting a job while 72% worry about debt – and not only student loans. Asked to draw what debt means for them, the images they proffer include chains, shackles and prison bars. “For me, debt is a cage in which we are trapped. An inevitable heavy weight that everyone in my generation is going to share,” says Jake.

Generation K is also growing up during a time of increased existential threat – perceived, if not actual. Seventy per cent say they are worried about terrorism, but this is a generation that knows no different – most are not old enough to remember life before 9/11. Although the vast majority will not have experienced terrorist attacks, gun crimes or extreme brutality first-hand, they have all done so virtually. Beheadings, bombings and violent murders are being piped into their smartphones 24/7.

This generation is profoundly anxious. In the US, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 17% of high school students had seriously considered killing themselves. In England, there has been a threefold increase during the past 10 years in the number of teenagers who self-harm...

/... http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/19/think-millennials-have-it-tough-for-generation-k-life-is-even-harsher

"Hillary Helps a Bank—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons"

Funnels? Or Stovepipes?

A tsunami of environmental and therefore social catastrophe

There is a tsunami of environmental and therefore social catastrophe fast bearing down on us. That's not a priority for Ms. Clinton nor the GOP.

No surrender.

Did you know there's a tsunami of environmental and therefore social catastrophe fast heading our way, and that that's not a priority for your candidate?

Ah, I should have tried that one when I got busted for DUI

on a lonely back road late at night last year, having fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed the car.

Yeah, just wow.

But an attitude quite in tune with the attitudes of the annointed candidate, I observe.

Unless it's Mr. Sanders, you're going to have a race between two rival putative Mussolinis going forward, but both less gracious than the original, I also observe.

Very nasty.

"UK politics is turning really, truly fucking weird"

In this OP I'd like to recover a conversation in a locked thread attached to a recently hidden OP (grave dancing) in GD, if neither party involved object, with a couple of questions:

1. Sibelian, what do you mean about Scotland not surviving? You mean with an independent leftwing-of-sorts agenda? -- edit: ah yes, I see you do.

2. Apart from the likes of Guardian & Torygraph comments sections, where could I go online to best observe what's going on in UK (until recently I've found US and of course Spanish politics much more internationally and personally... compelling, so haven't paid much attention to Thatcher/Blairite UK having been out of there these last 28 yesrs).

3. Any ideas as to where to go online for internationally-relevant exchange and development of important political ideas?

32. Good luck to you. Being a disinterested party....

.... it's become less important to me now that UK politics is turning really, truly fucking weird. The left over here is fracturing also but in a far more dangerous way. I'm not convinced there will be any left wing ANYTHING in the UK (besides some in Scotland, which I can't see surviving much longer now either) before long. The LW papers are scrambling to try and reassert their authority over their base, which has been in open revolt for months.

But, yes. Bernie would be a good thing.

35. the Oligarchs have been in charge for so long, its gonna take more than one election
to fix it. In the UK, here and everywhere basically. We cant just lay down and give up

39. I've had to face up to it. The problems are structural, not tribal.

Language is being distorted everywhere and everyone's slapping stupid pseudo-psychoanalytical labels on everything instead of actually analysing the subject to find out what's happening.

The Internet is in fact making it all worse, not better. SUBSTANTIALLY worse. It's dumbing everyone down to a terrible extent.

I have a very nasty feeling that most of what 's being posted around the lefty houses and written in the papers and blogged about and shared is going to turn out to be somewhat irrelevant.

I think Trump's going to win no matter who goes up against him.

41. I dont think that's the case. There is so much info on the internet it is where the future is.
It will just take time as well to sort itself out.

50. But I don't think it *is* info.

It's just...


Reflexive labelling. Circular firing squads. People habitually reinforcing simplistic slogans and meaningless soundbites, politics-as-lol-cat. Dumb bingo cards collecting your opponents arguments instead of addressing them.

Huge sections of demographics slotting themselves into behaviour patterns that consist of nothing more than banging your head against a brick wall.

And it's good news for advertisers. They are much happier with people banging their heads against brick walls than going elsewhere. More views for the advert.

I wonder if someone did a study comparing the *breadth* of Internet penetration these days in comparison with the past if they would find that people have a far greater tendency these days to stick to one or two favourite sites than go exploring...

I know that I see the same ideas being repeated over and over again in the same quarters far more than I used to.

I think the Internet as a medium for the exchange or development of ideas may be drawing to a close...

New political paradigms are not favoured in media that focus on simplistic messages...

Yes, I think the new feudal overlords will attempt this:

maintain self sustained mini-biospheres perhaps in domes or some other method to avoid the actual new environment...

Just an extension of current 'gated community' practise. For security as well as ecological reasons human populations superfluous and/or threatening these self-declared 'elites' and their servants will be recipients of RCT (Robotic Culling Techniques).

All this in the context of a vast and also human life- (and potential-) destroying global class war.

Apples and Oranges.

The forthcoming controlled luxury environments for those who consider themselves 'elites' will not need to be completely isolated from the surrounding environment.

Brexit: expats launch High Court action that could delay referendum

Britons living in Europe who feel betrayed by Government’s failure to reinstate their voting rights ahead of the referendum have launched legal action to win the right to participate.

If successful, the High Court proceedings could see the In/Out vote, scheduled for June 23, delayed while up to two million extra names are added to the register of voters...

... Richard Stein, a lawyer from Leigh Day, said: “Our clients are being penalised for exercising their EU free movement rights. The EU Referendum Act 2015 is said to be based on legislation for UK parliamentary general elections. But it gives a vote in the referendum to members of the House of Lords, as well as to Irish and Commonwealth citizens who are resident in Gibraltar. None of these are allowed to vote in UK general elections.

“The people it arbitrarily excludes are those UK citizens who are among those most likely to be affected by the decision taken by voters in this referendum.” Mr Stein said Brexit could affect expats on issues including health care and pension rights.

“Not to allow them to vote on the decision whether the UK remains part of the EU is unlawful and we have asked the court to deal with the issues urgently so that the act can be amended before the June date, to include all UK citizens residing in the EU for however long,” he said...

/... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/news/brexit-expats-launch-high-court-action-that-could-delay-referend/
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