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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: MO
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, IN
Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2006, 03:12 AM
Number of posts: 16,167

Journal Archives

"Thr Birds" is on TCM.

Would you believe I've never seen it before?

Found some old "Good Times" episodes.

James and Florida are discussing Thelma and dating.

James: Boys don't get pregnant.

Florida: No, but they're usually somewhere around the scene of the crime.

What's with me finding these old sitcoms on TV lately? Makes me nostalgic!

Watching "Matewan" again.

Oh, how I wish that a really good edition of this would be released. It deserves it.

There is a very tense scene in which company cretin Griggs pulls his gun on Danny. Elma, Danny's mother, looks absolutely terrified. Did she think that Griggs really could shoot Danny and get away with it? Maybe she did. And maybe she was right.

Dear Tidy Cats:

On behalf of cat staff everywhere, thank you for the lightweight litter.

Brigid (the human)
Brigid (the cat)
Ruby (the other cat)

Fellow Boomers: Just found some old "Welcome Back Kotter" episodes!

Ah, the memories!

"Breaking Bad" Action Figures Removed From Shelves After Parents Protest


I gotta admit, I wouldn't buy them for my 8-year-old nephew.

Jimmy John's: Even worse than we've been hearing.


Uproariously funny screed about the popular sandwich place. Those "restrictive covenants" we've been hearing about in their employment agreements are only the beginning. Time to boycott.

And a huge brickbat to "Law & Order SVU."

Fin just shot a guy in the shoulder and told him it was a flesh wound. Really? There is no such thing as a flesh wound right by the collarbone or anywhere else. This is where people get this ridiculous idea.

Considering going to Mass tomorrow,

Instead of the Methodist church I have been attending for over a year now. I was never really one for the "smells and bells", as they say; but I do miss the Mass and the Eucharist (I will probably elect not receive, though, since I have not been to Confession yet). The solemnity of the Mass is what is really missing in a Methodist service, IMO. What do you think? What are the reasons you go to Mass?

I am in awe of the Kurds of Kobani.


That is all.

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