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looking for a new camera, mine is dying.

My trusty little point and shoot is getting on and showing signs of dyeing. I had two, one has hit the dust, the lense doesn't close anymore, unless I do it manually with a toothpick.

I have been using a Casio XLMS600 and a Casio EX S 10. I particularly loved the EX S 10. Both had multi focus options. I got another Casio EX something, but it didn't have that option, it was cheaper, I gave it away as it was just not acceptable to me.

What I love about these little cameras is the small unobtrusive size. I find larger cameras intimidate people and cause things to freeze up. The small camera seems to be more friendly. I like to take walks and take photos, and these small cameras are great for my purpose, they fit in the palm of my hand, can be carried in my purse or pocket easily, thus it's always with me. I've had larger cameras, but found they were left home too often. I like haveing a camera with me all the time.

They say the best camera is the one with you, thus my choice is the smaller ones. My budget is limited to around $350., which puts a limit on things. Any suggestions

Webshots closed

I was on the list of members who had photos posted. My name needs to be removed for now as webshots has closed it's doors. They are now smile....by webshots. They have ruined it, IMHO. I'll update my info later. I don't think I want to have anything on the new site, although they moved everything over, I've marked everything private for now.

One thing I liked about webshots was the ability to do albums, that is not possible on smile.

Bob Cohen Westchester County Senate bid?

This man was my landlord in NY for too many years. I left after suffering too many years serious building neglect & horrid abuse. It was in a nice location, he terrified many of the rent controlled and stabilized tenants. Living under his stewardship was a nightmare. I don't even want to (Greenwitch Village) get into it. He was running for NYS Senate. I'm curious what happened. Anyone know?

Introducing KARAMAH, Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights

"KARAMAH, Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, is a U.S.-based non profit organization that derives its name from the Arabic term “karamah”, which means dignity. KARAMAH’s vision and mission are informed by the view that a just society values the informed participation of its members through the pursuit of knowledge, access to opportunities, and equity among all “children of Adam”, regardless of gender or other differences. Through education, legal outreach, and advocacy, KARAMAH contributes to the understanding and promotion of human rights worldwide, particularly the rights of Muslim women under Islamic and civil law."

The veil, the Koran, and the Muslim women's movement

"Muslim women who want equal rights are turning to Islam’s primary authority – the Koran. It’s a smart strategy.

In Islam, a woman who chooses not to wear a head scarf in public has a strong defense: the Koran. Nowhere does Islam’s primary text mandate that she cover her head.

A Muslim woman, then, should have the freedom to cover her hair – or not. But that is not the case in a country like Saudi Arabia. The Koran also supports a woman’s right to own and inherit property, to be educated, and to choose her husband – but not all societies in the Muslim universe of 1.5 billion people recognize these rights.

The disconnect lies in the interpretation of Islam, done for centuries by men. In the interest of achieving gender equality, Muslim women activists and scholars are challenging the male interpretation. Wisely, they are using the Koran to do it."

More here:

Deadly bombing strikes Turkey's southeast

Source: Aljazeera

At least eight people were killed and dozens wounded, including police officers, after a car bomb believed to have been planted by Kurdish separatists exploded close to a police station in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep, security sources said.

Erdal Ata, Gaziantep's governor, said at a press conference earlier that seven people has been confirmed dead.

Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker, reporting from Antakya in Turkey's southeast, said the casualty toll was likely to rise.

"The bombing occurred on a busy street, very close to a bus station. We are hearing of eight people dead and 50 injured. Most people who were hurt were in their cars or getting on buses near the scene of the explosion," Dekker said.

The explosion on Monday was caused by a remote-controlled car bomb, Dogan quoted Ata as saying.

Read more: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/europe/2012/08/2012820182839406841.html

I can't say I like the idea of having to purchase insurance from one of those damn sleezy companies.

I'd like to see something more like the Dutch system where we are allowed whatever modality, or combination there of we want. I get medicare, it costs me almost $100 a month, but I still have to pay for my acupuncture, homeopathy and whatever alternative treatments I choose.

I developed a patch of eczema, after joining a health club to use the swimming pool (a suggestion by another doctor) I didn't know what it was, so I went to another "regular" doctor and they wanted to give me steroids and topical steroid creams. That doctor only spent 8 minutes with me. There was no discussion of my life style,, diet or anything. In fact no actual test were done. It was, what seemed to me a flash judgement. The regular doctor after my questioning her prescription, made an appointment with a dermatologist. It took 3 and a half months to see the dermatologist. When I got into the room, he strutted around and again wanted to give me the steroids. I asked if there was anything else and was told no. Take it or leave it, so to speak. At that time my health insurance was costing me almost $700 a month, plus $30 office visit fee. I canceled that insurance. Now I only have Medicare plan A and B. for those who don't know a lot about it, plan A is hospital and is "free", plan B is office visits and costs around $100 a month.

I kept on with my traditional Chinese Medicine, which composed of acupuncture, diet, herbs, chi gong and tui na. My eczema vastly improved. When I'm off my diet or stressed I get patches, but nothing like before. I know the steroids would only have provided symptomatic relief, but no cure. The side effects would have caused skin atrophy and thinning....and who knows what else? I pay for each visit to for TCM.

My medicare does not pay for any of that. If I used "regular" medicine it would pay some of it.

amazing photos of frosty leaves

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