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Grassley: FBI could leak Clinton email investigation

Grassley: FBI could leak Clinton email investigation
Jason Noble, jnoble2@dmreg.com 11:38 a.m. CDT April 22, 2016

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley suggested on Friday that the FBI might leak reports of its investigation into presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

Grassley, Iowa’s senior senator and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said an anonymous and unauthorized release of FBI investigative materials could result if officials at the agency believed prosecution of Clinton was stymied for political reasons.

“Is there going to be political interference? If there’s enough evidence to prosecute, will there be political interference?” Grassley wondered aloud during a breakfast meeting with the Des Moines A.M. Rotary club on Friday. “And if there’s political interference, then I assume that somebody in the FBI is going to leak these reports and it’s either going to have an effect politically or it’s going to lead to prosecution if there’s enough evidence.”

The senior senator’s musing came in response to a long answer to a very general question from one of the Rotarians about the status on inquiries into the email server and Clinton’s handling of the 2012 terrorist attack on a diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

Both issues for years have plagued Clinton, the leading Democratic presidential candidate.

When asked by Radio Iowa reporter O. Kay Henderson after the breakfast if he was suggesting the FBI should leak investigative findings, Grassley expounded on his comment.

“I wouldn’t be encouraging it because if it’s a violation of law, I can’t be encouraging a violation of law,” he said. “This is kind of my own opinion, this is something I’ve heard.”

Several congressional panels — including Grassley’s Judiciary Committee — have looked into various aspects of the email controversy. The FBI has been investigating the matter for months as well, and reportedly has several dozen agents working on it.

A former Clinton staffer is cooperating with that investigation, and it’s believed Clinton herself will be questioned.


Bernie Sanders is still the true Democratic front-runner. Ask the FBI





Tweets from Jordan Chariton - The Young Turks. He is in the courtroom and tweeting live updates.

Main points:

1. If you are registered as dem and you have been purged or changed - GET A COURT ORDER FROM A JUDGE OR FILL OUT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. Some are saying that a judge almost always sides with the voter. DU'er winter is coming makes the excellent point that getting a court order means your ballot will be counted TODAY. However, if you absolutely cannot see a judge, fill out a provisional.

2. If you are registered independent - To say you are registered as a democrat when, in reality, you are not is VOTER FRAUD!!! You may, however, leave the party affiliation blank!!! It may still be counted.

3. Some people are reporting 7 Clinton delegates and 6 Sanders delegates with instructions to vote for 7. It should say pick UP TO 7 delegates!!! Only vote for your candidate's delegates!!!!!!


Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 9m9 minutes ago

#NYPrimary lawsuit lawyers say fact that motion wasn't dismissed is good thing since it preserves right 2 contest election #FeelTheBern
173 retweets 231 likes
Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 14m14 minutes ago

#NYPrimary election judge says people who feel have been purged have remedy...go get court order in front of a judge
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Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 19m19 minutes ago

Lawyers urge Dems who feel they have had registration changed wrongly should vote on provisional ballot since a new hearing has been granted
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Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 21m21 minutes ago

NY Board of Election said they have nothing to do with the problems, are "not responsible for the counties" #NYPrimary
227 retweets 216 likes
Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 22m22 minutes ago

Defendants and give each county notice that they have to appear in court to defend their voter registration process (over 60 counties)...
198 retweets 213 likes
Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 23m23 minutes ago

(Several part tweet) NYPrimary election lawsuit: Judge orders hearing 4 later date, instructs plaintiffs to name every single NY county as..
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Jordan Retweeted
dane wilson ‏@populationme23 44m44 minutes ago

@JordanChariton @TheYoungTurks thanks for keeping the exchange current even w out any news. Let's us know people are on it, thank you.
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Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 51m51 minutes ago

No update yet on #NYPrimary lawsuit
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Jordan ‏@JordanChariton 1h1 hour ago

New data from city Board of Elections shows it "actually removed 126,000 Brooklyn Dems from the rolls" #NYPrimary
502 retweets 417 likes

Jordan Retweeted
Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing 1h1 hour ago

Now Mayor @deBlasioNYC is demanding an explanation on why 126,000 people in Brooklyn were dropped from voting rolls
367 retweets 370 likes


UPDATE: Video update from Jordan Chariton, The Young Turks. I can't embed the video because it is posted on facebook, and is not uploaded onto youtube, as far as I can tell.

H/T to Kittycat for the link!


The thing I find so strange about the voter deletions & party switching

is the reaction from the Clinton camp and the Clinton supporters. They are either completely silent or they make fun of Sander's supporters for wanting to vote.

I don't get it. We're talking about voter suppression. Why the silence? Or at least explain the conspiracy to me. Do you think it's not really happening? If not, then please provide a clear explanation of what is happening so that we can be enlightened. Clearly, the DOJ would like to know as well, since they've launched an investigation in AZ.

It's baffling.

On the eve of the election...some inspiration




Court 4 #NYPrimary voter purge case @ 9am is at 100 Federal Plaza, Central Islip, NY if u want 2 peacefully assemble #FeelTheBern

TOM TOMORROW: Still More Primary Phenomena


It's so true...

Can anyone tell me where I can see election results without superdelegates? n/t

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