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Tom Tomorrow: The continuing adventures of the Invisible Hand!

Mon Oct 05, 2015 at 06:50 AM PDT
Cartoon: The continuing adventures of the Invisible Hand!
by Tom Tomorrow


ACTION: Congress killing Net neutrality by budget-rider; Stop them NOW

Tue Sep 29, 2015 at 07:42 PM PDT
ACTION: Congress killing Net neutrality by budget-rider; Stop them NOW
by Brown Thrasher

I just now found out about this, so this will be short but enraging.

Big Telecom's friends in Congress have sneaked a rider into the budget bill that kills the FCC's new net-neutrality protections that we fought so hard to gain throughout 2014.

We now have hours to stop this. Public Citizen has revived its Stop The Slowdown petition, but most importantly you should call your Senators & Representatives immediately & tell them to vote down this piece of slime.


Cartoon: High school science fear

Cartoon: High school science fear

Ahmed Mohamed made a clock, brought it to school, and every adult there went out of their Islamophobic minds. Ahmed became an overnight celebrity and received lots of accolades and cool swag. Then the Ahmed-truthers came out and ruined that feel-good ending because people are terrible.


New cartoon: @BernieSanders message on economic inequality for Rev. Jerry Falwell's @LibertyU

New cartoon: @BernieSanders message on economic inequality for Rev. Jerry Falwell's @LibertyU


From the Diocese of Atlanta:


I'll leave this here.

Please feel free to spread it far and wide.

Cree Woman Wins International Pageant, Speaks Out For Native Rights and Against Conservatives

Thu Sep 03, 2015 at 03:55 PM PDT
Cree Woman Wins International Pageant, Speaks Out For Native Rights and Against Conservatives
by Th0rn


Ashley Callingbull Burnham, a 25-year-old Cree woman from Alberta, won an international beauty pageant over the weekend, and immediately began using her new-found platform to speak out for native rights and to urge all indigenous people in Canada to register to vote, and to vote en masse against the Conservatives in Canada's upcoming federal election:

The first Canadian and First Nations woman to win Mrs. Universe is using her new fame to urge aboriginal people in Canada to vote to oust the Conservatives in the federal election.

Callingbull-Burnham, who is from Alberta's Enoch Cree Nation, west of Edmonton, won the Mrs. Universe contest Aug. 29. The international beauty pageant started in 2007 and focuses on married contestants.

Since her win, Callingbull-Burnham has been vocal about First Nations concerns in Canada.

"I believe that this government was created to work against us and not for us," said Ashley Callingbull-Burnham in an interview with Rosemary Barton on CBC's Power & Politics on Wednesday.

"There's just so many problems with it for First Nations people. We're always put on the back burner," she said.

Adequate housing, clean water, proper education and oil pipelines are all major issues for First Nations people, she said.

"With the bills that have been passed, we are being treated like terrorists if we're fighting for our land and our water," Callingbull-Burnham said.

"It's our right to, and now we're being treated like terrorists if we do anything about it ... It's ridiculous."

As she posted on Facebook:

I urge all First Nations people in Canada to vote in this upcoming election. We are in desperate need of a new Prime Minister. Fight for your rights before they get taken away. Please vote to make change. Say NO to Harper's government!

Canada's indigenous population is over 4 percent of the total population, but is concentrated in the North, where they make up majorities, and in the western provinces, where they make up very substantial minorities.

The Mrs. Universe pageant, held this year in Belarus, isn't strictly a beauty pageant. Contestants are judged on their social and charity work. The theme of this year's pageant was "Domestic violence and reflection over children."

Callingbull had previously competed in Miss Universe Canada and Miss World Canada competitions, and was poised to use whatever platform she won to speak out for indigenous rights:

People think I'm too political for my first day as Mrs Universe. Did you really think I was going to just sit there and look pretty? Definitely not. I have a title, a platform and a voice to make change and bring awareness to First Nations issues here in Canada. I'm getting all this media attention and I'm going to use it to the best of my ability. I'm not your typical beauty queen. Look out... I have a voice for change and I'm going to use it!

When she ran in the Miss Canada pageant in 2010, she was the only Native contestant, and faced racism:

Callingbull said winning the Mrs. Universe crown is a blow against the stereotypes surrounding First Nations people. When competing in previous pageants, she said, she was judged for coming from the Enoch reserve, west of Edmonton, and told that she wasn't expected to place well in the competitions....

She said that while she got a lot of support, she was also the target of racist comments.

"A newspaper (wrote), 'What is she going to do for her talent, write a welfare cheque with her toes?'" Callingbull said.

"Just horrible, horrible things."

That experience only made her more determined to compete in this competition in a way that proudly showcased her authentic Native culture, instead of in its more familiar but crassly debased appropriated form:

But, as (Callingbull) told Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski on CBC Radio, do not dismiss her as a "pocahottie."

"I don't wear headdresses; I don't do any of that. That's not me."

The term "pocahottie" is derogatory, and refers to First Nations themed styles of dress that is often revealing and not culturally appropriate.

"I want to represent our culture properly, in the right way," said Callingbull. "It made me genuine and unique from the other contestants."

Callingbull brought her culture to the pageant both in dress, and talent. She wore a customized jingle dress in Canadian colours with maple leaves, and danced. For the talent portion Callingbull sang a traditional round dance song while playing a hand drum. She also chose the work of a First Nations designer, and wore a white buckskin gown at the pageant.

It was important for the European audience to see authentic Cree culture, Callingbull told Saskatoon Morning.

"They don't know that those things are sacred and I shared all of that with them and they were amazed and felt more educated on our culture and that's something I'm very proud of."

I'm no fan of beauty pageants, but I find Ashley Callingbull a resourceful, brave and inspiring young woman who's using the avenues she's been able to open for herself to advocate forcefully for what she believes in, and to agitate for positive political change.

She's getting some nasty pushback from unhappy conservatives and Stephen Harper fans. Go give her some love and support on facebook and twitter, if you're so minded.


I wonder how much support I'd get...

On Rightwing Christians: Have you noticed something odd about this Ashley Madison scandal?

Thu Aug 27, 2015 at 11:15 AM PDT
On Rightwing Christians: Have you noticed something odd about this Ashley Madison scandal?
by SemDem

Since the Ashley Madison scandal broke, I have noticed a distinct lack of condemnation from you rightwing christians.

Where are all the youtube hate videos against the subscribers practicing adultery?

Where are the droves of protestors picketing AshleyMadison.com like Planned Parenthood?

It's pretty clear where Jesus stands with cheating on your spouse. In case you missed the Commandment of "Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's wife", Jesus laid it out:

In Mathew 5:27-30 he said if you even look at another woman with desire, then cut out your eye because it's better to "lose one of your members than to have your whole body go to hell".

Lust > Cheat > Hell. Pretty straightforward. There were other things He directly condemned, like divorce. Yet He was most clear on His biggest pet peeve: excess wealth.

Yet those are three things that today's rightwing Christian doesn't care about.
Massive greed? That's called "prosperity gospel" now. The parable of Lazarus? They root for the rich guy in hell.

Divorce? Adultery? Child Molestation? whoopsey-daisies. No big whoop.

But gays and abortions? That's where they burst arteries! Two issues Jesus said NOTHING about. Both of those things existed during His time. If they are the epitome of evil, you'd think they'd at least warrant a mention. But nothing.

So what about actual sins that are specifically mentioned and given no leeway at all in the Bible? Meh.

In fact, on Mike Huckabee's old cheesy talk show five years ago he featured Ashley Madison's CEO to tell "his side" of the story. Yes, Mike disagreed with what Ashley Madison was doing but then added "I could be wrong".

Seriously, go to 11: 43 of this video. That's what he said:

There is no ambiguity in the Bible about adultery. And yet, while the Bible says nothing about abortion, here is Huckabee defending Paraguay's awful decision to force an 11-year old raped by her stepfather to bear a child. Here is a man who said he would not be against using federal troops to stop women from getting abortions! Here is a man calling for mass arrests over gay marriage. This is the same guy who convulsed with anger over gays being allowed to be happy.

In fact, Santorum, Huckabee, Cruz, et. al have said nothing about the AshleyMadison scandal or a word of condemnation to their millions of subscribers. Maybe they are worried about alienating some supporters, but that means their virulent rants on nonissues become even more meaningless. It's almost like they are full of something....

Clearly there is no righteous, religious hate espoused for those who abuse or leave their marriages like there is for those who are in stable, homosexual relationships. Despite what the Bible says, these guys SWEAR to me that they know exactly who Jesus hates.

And I find it absolutely amazing that it always happens to coincide with their preconceived prejudices. Go figure.

I'll bet if Jesus said to love their enemies, they'd find a way around it. (Oh wait...)

So you will have to excuse me when I roll my eyes over your next meltdown. Where is the indignant condemnation now?

Where is your moral outrage against these sinners?

You'll rally like crazy against things not even in the Bible, but ignore and stay silent about AshleyMadison.

I guess it's hard to condemn something that you probably have an account with.


This One Weird Pic DESTROYS Ayn Rand

Tue Aug 25, 2015 at 04:06 AM PDT
This One Weird Pic DESTROYS Ayn Rand
by lapin

attribution: Elaine Thompson, AP
Snohomish County firefighter Ken Lawless, left, and Lt. Brandon Gardner being thanked by a man near Omak after firefighters saved his home from a wildfire.

The gentleman on the right, his shirt says "Lower Taxes + Less Government=More Freedom." Yeah, freedom to watch your home burn to ashes. Freedom to rebuild from the bottom up (or not depending on insurance, etc). I swear to g*d I hope these people see the intensity of the irony in this picture.

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