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Name: Home Boy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Hell, Michigan
Home country: The Great Satan
Current location: I don't know.
Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2006, 11:49 PM
Number of posts: 23,137

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We are not known for being a nation of peace!

I wish we were. Wars, prisons, gun deaths, capital punishment, corporate destruction and pollution of nature for profit ...we are vicious nasty mean destructive murders imperialistic plastic shallow stupid ...and it's too late to change now. It's no wonder they (not we) keep putting corporate war lovers in office. Has any country ever been all about peace? Damn hippies!

For the working class a good job is the bottom line.

Nothing else is more important ...unless you can live fine without money. Fuck war ...fuck policy ...fuck the fed ...fuck religion ...fuck the police ...fuck the NSA ...fuck the sociopath billionaires. We the working class people should demand good jobs and settle for nothing less from any political candidate and office holder.

Here's my idea ...and not just mine. It's an old one. Tax the fuck out of the rich! What this will do is force them to work more. The only way to make up for a loss because of taxes is to produce more volume. Producing more volume requires more people jobs. When the rich were taxed a lot more this is what they had to do to keep making their money. What we see now is the rich trying to make as much money as possible with as few people involved as possible. We must change that. We must also change the short term profit methodology. This is very bad. For a corporation or company it says "we don't care about the future" ...get in and get out ...Romney style. We need those long term jobs from companies that plan to stay in business for decades. Without that there never will be a middle class again. You can go making 6 figures for 5 years and then end up without a job and never get a job again so what good did making 6 figures do for you? Better to have that 20< year job and have a steady dependable life style. The Romney types are part of what is killing us.

Sad thing is that we can't keep using traditional forms of energy and expect a clean environment.

There is no alternative energy that can replace what we use and what we use is not a finite source. We can't live in this structure without transportation and that demands oil. We can't all live in the north without heat and its sources of energy. We blame the suppliers when they screw up our environment but we demand the supply ...and we can't solar our way out of this without a mass die off of the population via wars, starvation and exposure. Take one huge problem ...water. What are we going to do ...run pipes from Lake Michigan to the entire nation? Truck water nationwide?

Not that I want this to happen but when fracking ruins the drinking water supply for NYC people will wake the hell up somewhat ...then go back to sleep ...because there's nothing anyone can do about finite resources and the means necessary to acquire them. The train has left the station.

The NSA is evidence that the terrorists have won ...and some people are fine with that.

So when Bush calls the Constitution "just a piece of paper" it's a bad thing ...but when the NSA under the control of a Dem POTUS violates that Constitution then it's a nice generic response like "spying has always been going on ...did you just realize that?" These people deserve the penalty they are receiving ...I just don't want to suffer the same penalty along with them. A wise person will respect the wisdom of the forefathers of the Constitution ...the stupid will discard it as if it doesn't apply anymore ...just because that was then and this is now. History should be valued and its warnings heeded lest the same mistakes be made once again.

Our sociopath gov has made war clean to keep us from seeing what our vote gets us.

Democracy fails when who ever you vote for goes along with and or expands the corporate military program. Democracy itself does not foment peace nor does it provide jobs or food. Democracy does not give you human rights but it can assist the removal of them. Corporations and the military are NOT democratic.

"They shipped our jobs out of the country" Dude if only that was all.

I am alone here. I find it totally unacceptable to favour increasing the military budget while at the same time trying to reduce SS. What real Democrat can vote for that? That alone is enough to make any person with morals and integrity leave the Dem party. It's obscene how much is spent on the killing machine while our fellow citizens loose their jobs so the greedy can hand out jobs that don't even pay a living wage. It's sick and sociopathic.

Here's IMO a real good thing to think about. Why did they choose the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre to attack? They are symbols and the centres of world corporations and the world police. The 3rd way centrist wing of the Dem party is married to them. It's only the left that cares about jobs, taking care of our elderly, fair taxes, reducing the military, single payer health care, infrastructure, good public schools, open transparent government, legalizing weed, stopping privatization of natural resources and prisons, protecting the environment, reducing global climate change, keeping the gov and church out of our womens bodies, etc. Oh and how about we actually let the free market forces do what they should have done ...let the banksters fail and prosecute them like the greedy criminals they are. Clearly there is now laws for them and laws for the little people. We need corruption free justice.

So IMO the 3rd way centrists only point is that if you don't vote or don't vote (D) then the repukes will be worse. Sounds like an admission to being not as bad but bad none the less. Well in that case then why even bother to discuss it? Just vote (D). Gawd ...is that wrong or what. Speaking of Single Payer ...this whole ACA thing is an unholy prostitution of our government with insurance corporations. If only we did not spend a totally out of proportion amount of money on the military we would have enough for Single Payer without whoring out to more corporations.

Message was hidden by jury decision.

3rd way centrists are the prostitutes of the Dem party to which they are married to. They are adulterers as they sell themselves to corporations after the wedding. Dem candidates speak their marriage vows during their political campaigns and then turn their backs on those vows as they prostitute themselves for that next round of campaign funding ...and future lobby job that awaits them in Vegas where marriage and divorce is quick and easy.

Why be anti left Dem? What is it that causes Dems to move right instead of left?

Did not the left push for equal rights and win? Didn't they push for womens rights and win? Didn't they help stop Vietnam? I just don't get it ...why are they so willing to attack the Dem left? The attacks are not going to bring the left over to the Dem right. Asking or telling them to leave the Dem party certainly will not get their votes. It's gotten so bad that even FDR is being thrown under the bus. What's next? War, low pay jobs, more money for big corps, making those on SS suffer, etc? Yea many of the GOP have moved away from the teabaggers ...so far away that they have somewhat joined with far right Dems. Who knows how many have actually re-registered as a Dem. What could go wrong? One big ass party ...and two little parties with no chance of success? Republidems, Lefties and Teabaggers. Is that really what the centrists and 3rd way want? Maybe they don't want that for the sake of keeping the good cop bad cop game going on. I'd rather have a Dem party that is very clearly identifiable and distinguished from the right ...by their actions. I want to know who I am voting for and be able to vote for them with a clear conscience and integrity. Is that being too left?

Fuck the NSA and HLS and the MIC ...and the fucking CIA!

Making money from bloodshed and bombs ...working against the Constitution ...stealing from the poor to enrich the 1% ...turning people into neighbourhood spies ...funding the largest fucking military in the world while people starve ...what's not to like about who ever is the POTUS or SCOTUS of the moment? Oh yea they know better than you or I and they are protecting us whether we know it or not ...and freedom isn't free ...and you can say what you want because we went to war over something or other ...all the fucking romanticizing of war and killing is a core rotting sickness infecting society that will never know peace thanks to these megalomaniacs who love power, money and war.

We could do sooo much real good with the resources we still have. We could be good to people.

Principles of The Progressive Party


Do you even know? I read a lot of talk but I doubt many have a total grasp of its principles or values and history which starts around 1912, peaked with FDR IMO. The Progressive Party was a factor in the presidential campaigns of three men Theodore Roosevelt, Robert La Follette, and Henry Wallace. There were a few Progressive Party organizations spanning this period of time but after the 1952 elections, they disappeared entirely.

By the 60's politics became glamorized with JFK and Nixon sweating during a televised debate that I remember watching. It became a matter of who talks the best talk and looks the most presidential ...Howard Dean screams and awkward Al Gore stance and wimpy Kerry flip flop are proof of that. It's even a matter of tv ad value ...which candidate gets more viewers ...like some stupid American Idol show ratings. Yea that was over 50 years ago and wow have we come a long way ...and I wouldn't call it a better system now.

IMO we are going to see a big fight here soon over what the Democratic party is or should be or isn't. I'm seeing it everyday on DU. That big tent could shrink drastically should it be perceived that the 1% has selected the next Dem POTUS candidate. People have had enough of corporate rule and being lied to and being taken for fools. Occupy is a harbinger of what is to come. I highly suggest that you do some soul searching and read up on the history of Progressives and then look at the Democratic party and figure out where you believe the Democratic party should be.

No one who serves in an office of the US government, its military and SCOTUS should ever be held above legit criticism nor should the dissent and protest of said persons policy or actions be barred or treated like domestic terrorism. I would add ...that also applies to one's own chosen political party.
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