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Member since: Thu Mar 2, 2006, 05:22 AM
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Just send me a bill

They got everything there, they can make sure its done right. I file appeals and amendments if there is a mistake, would cut quite a bit of overhead and delinquent payments.

Then hear another one!

Definitely happy to be seeing Colombian news. Sure I could go look for it, but DU is a place I go most everyday, and you pick some important stories. I lived in Bogotá for 2 years (1978-80). I was still in middle school then, and claim very little more political insight into Colombia than any informed American, but I loved my time there; used to climb the local mountains after school with my best friend all the time. Anyway, keep it up, and thanks!


warrant is what we have now, no legal changes are necessary. And even if there were a requirement - anyone interested in a personal vendetta, and/or planting evidence doesn't care about warrants. The mere existence of the door means it can be hacked, agents can use it off the record for personal business, it will eventually become the tool of anyone with the connections.

That said, I think this cat is out of the bag, and I will never get one of those phones anyway, with their stoopid tiny screens and speakers and soulsucking and whatnot.

eliminate all time zones, everyone just use GMT

time zones had place in history and is over. Digital forever. No more missed appointments, accident increases, etc.

This is where it started. the one World Time Movement. Right here. Right now.

@ 20160311072100

omg thats pretty huge difference

OP, did you not know this or were you being deceitful? Apologize, edit your post and maybe someone will grant you a shred of credibility with your other issues

The superdelegate system is an embarassment to the Party

makes the republicans look more democratic than we are. I would be all right with keeping their special status, but they only vote if no one has more than maybe 40%, or if no one wins after 4 or 5 ballots. I realize it's too late and would be ridiculously unfair to change the rules for this go around, but someone needs to start thinking about the potential for disaster in the future.

Nancy may have blown it in considering what's allowed "on the table," but she is quite right about this. The fact she makes a point to mention it, means at least some people in power have at least talked about the idea; it's a shame it is even a theoretical possibility.

want to self delete a hidden post

Can it be done? I am not seeing any links to do so and scoured the forums for any similar question with no luck.

Thanks for your help

All the more reason to reappoint Sandra Day O'Connor

Already vetted, already approved. If she accepts this will seriously damage Republican credibility in general.

not likely

Tuesday is packed with states favoring Hillary, Bernie has much more favorable contests coming up. It all depends by how much he loses ( or oppositely, even 1 upset victory could re-energize the whole thing).

Going all the way to the convention is smart even if the loss is a foregone conclusion, for many reasons. Here are some:

- Influence on Party platform statements.

- Insurance in case of some political or personal disaster to the front runner, at least we will have a nominee ready to go.

- Airtime for the candidate or cause for future and down-ticket contests.

- Airtime for the front runner of the party that they wouldn't have otherwise; having a foil would give the media a reason to give the frontrunner another chance to reach undecideds.

- Using up campaign donations in the manner best fitted to fulfill the implied contract with--and the intentions of--the donors.

Doesn't everyone know this is true

I went to church in Jordan, it was quite assumed by all that the Fella was the same. And since the Muslims made up their stories some 500+ years after the Christians made up theirs, it stands to reason that if they accept Bible as canon, it is.

Yeah Spanish Christians don't worship a different god because they call him Dios, either.
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