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Doesn't everyone know this is true

I went to church in Jordan, it was quite assumed by all that the Fella was the same. And since the Muslims made up their stories some 500+ years after the Christians made up theirs, it stands to reason that if they accept Bible as canon, it is.

Yeah Spanish Christians don't worship a different god because they call him Dios, either.

Other Davis statues in the news

Maybe not the latest one


story about the statue bottom of page 4 and top of page 5

dude did not realize that it was the same question

He did not change his position. He is just not knowledgeable enough about the Constitution to connect the catchphrase of the day to the 14th Amendment.

Walker: (They said it! There is the word I was told to look for!) "YES" (better add some corporate speak so I don't get gotcha'd..)"Going Forward"

Walker: (That's like triple negative, I can't follow it at all. Play it safe!) "NOT SURE"

Walker: (What? The Constitution? I know this one, Supposed to revere the Constitution, people like that. Heh they like hearing it anyway, doesn't matter what we actually do.) "NO"

I have no doubt he does not consider these questions related

"how is this different..

from Japan killing porpoises?" Well not much at all. Presumably the pilot whale is a bit more intelligent then those particular porpoises, but it just a matter of degree.

Yes slaughterhouses are awful, and yes we are meat-eaters and certain sacrifices are made to economies of scale. Probably too many.

Killing (for meat) horses, cetaceans, monkeys, dogs, cats, and probably some others I haven't thought of is cruel because they are social animals and highly intelligent animals. They deserve at least a proportion of the consideration we give humans. As has been pointed out, though, there is a great deal of work to be done at that level too. Progress in one area reinforces all the others, so this isn't a case of "we need to do this first!" Do what ever you are able and moved to do about it. This is going to take some time, maybe centuries more.

Mercury Pluto Luna Mars Ceres Venus Earth

are all far more similar to each other then Earth is to Jupiter. Its outrageous to have this debate while overlooking the mastodon in the room.

Need to sign up?

I understand it is good to do so, just want to know if it is acceptable to just show up at these things

edit:still want to know, but I did sign us 6 up


I picked up a book of his poetry at a book fair, never did more than glance through it. A decade or so ago, when my oldest daughter was 14, she happened to find and read it. She didn't realize who he was to most of the world, either. When she finished it she showed it to me and said "It's like he looked in my heart and read everything there."


Last Updated: 15 minutes ago]

PHOENIX - Estimating an even higher number than initially thought, Secretary of State Ken Bennett said Thursday there are more than 631,000 early and provisional ballots statewide that have yet to be processed and counted.


Arizona's counties have until Nov. 16 to verify and process the remaining early and provisional ballots. A state canvass to certify official election results for federal, statewide and legislative races is scheduled Dec. 3.

Voters who had insufficient identification when they went to a polling place were allowed to cast a "conditional provisional" ballot.

They have until Nov. 13 to return to their county elections office with proper ID.

* This article actually says the 14th, another said the 13th. Play it safe!

Many people had to vote provisional because they had received an early ballot and either did not mail it or bring it with them to the poll. (sometimes they were surprised with this info). These people should have to do nothing but wait. I did see somewhere--unfortunately didn't save the location-- that about 40,000 of these were being processed per day and should be close to being complete.

For the "conditional provisional" (insufficient ID), they can probably assume many won't have the ID verified, so they won't have to count those. And they are waiting for that time to expire. If you voted (or know someone who did) provisionally - make sure they go down to the elections office with proper ID-- requirements are detailed here.

For Maricopa:
111 S. 3rd Ave., #103
Phoenix, AZ

Other Counties
Office Locations by County

Timing of Ads re Yaz ..contraception is dangerous..tricksy much?

Apologies if its been mentioned already, search found nothing..

I just recieved a robo call presumably from the law group representing Yaz victims. I've noticed quite a bit of advertising lately about this as well. Now class action lawsuits are no news, but cold calling to join them is a new one on me. Its almost as if they just want to plant the idea that contraception is dangerous, and perhaps incidentally they might have to let you join this lawsuit too.
Never a word in call or ads about what went wrong with Yaz, that is, basically corporate bribery and conflict of interests at the FDA.
No It's all about the dangers of birth-control. Repeated over and over.
I think it's a setup.
I called that place back. 1-317-559-5574 Indianapolis
A machine answered.
press 1 for removal from list.
press 2 for no obligation federal hardship programs.

that's it.

Just wondered if I'm alone in thinking this, or if anyone knows more about this.

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