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Member since: Thu Feb 9, 2006, 06:35 PM
Number of posts: 11,603

Journal Archives

Senator Roberts trailing by 7 against Orman Per PPP


PPP:Will have new polling on NC Senate race on Tuesday.

It's posted on there twitter they will have something to say about it at 7:00PM.Tonight

Very good analyst on 2014 election day from a Daily Kos person

Basically it's going to come down to the independents http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/09/14/1328522/-Election-Modeling-Round-1

GA.rethugs looking for an edge to suppress black voter turnout

RACIST FUCKS!! http://www.salon.com/2014/09/11/panicked_georgia_republicans_look_for_an_edge_suppressing_black_votes/

OH GREAT!! this should complicate things Syrian moderates make a deal with Isis

This war Obama is getting ready to start is not going to end well http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/12/isis-deal-syria_n_5814128.html

Brainrap:Time for democrats to play offense on the ACA


Mike Tyson BLOWS a fuse on Canadian TV over being called a convicted rapist

Why on earth would any sane person call Tyson a rapist in his face. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/mike-tyson-blows-up-on-tv-host-fck-you-youre-a-piece-of-sht/

Corporate democrats including Obama need to take. Heed to this


FINALLY!!! some good polling for our side on Michigan Senate and Governor


Bob McDonnell could possibly lose his pension

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