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Member since: Thu Feb 9, 2006, 06:35 PM
Number of posts: 13,143

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I'm no fan of Fox News but I give them credit for not covering

The Trump speech which is more than I can say for MSNBC and CNN

Huffington Post trying to make an issue out of why Mrs.Clinton

Took so long to go back on stage.As I said in one of my post if this woman farts the mainstream media will try and make an issue out of it.I can't post the link but it's on Huffington Post.What petty bullshit the woman had to use the damn restroom

Most Bernie Sanders voters OK with Hillary Clinton winning according to new Monmouth poll


The President to speak shortly at the WH?

I though he was in Paris for the climate change meetings

For the last three days all Stephanie Miller has talked about on her show is Trump

Instead of talking about democrats getting out a progressive message for 2016

Daily Kos latest polling on both sides


Video of Russian Pilot shoot down being surrounded by Rebels

Professor Allan Lichtman's state of the 2016 Presidential and Senate elections


Have I missed something because the Corporate media acts as if this country

Was hit by terrorist instead of Paris.It's all about the President isn't doing good on terrorism.WHAT!! when we're we hit since Obama has been in office.I didn't see this kind of criticism after 911 in reference to Bush.I've decided to turn off ALL Corporate news channels for the next few weeks.And listen to progressive stations on radio only.

Watching the corporate news media you would have though we

We're hit by Isis instead of Paris.All I've heard are insults thrown at the President from these rethugs running for President.Tweety even called the President snarky because of his response to the foolishness of the rightwing.Even April Ryan was saying the President was wrong in his tone.
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