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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 10:20 PM
Number of posts: 19,920

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Today's Google Doodle: USA! USA!


Today's Google Doodle: Fourth of July

Google Doodle Brings Out Lawn Chairs to Celebrate 4th of July
Dan Stewart @thatdanstewart 8:34 AM ET
Inspired by memories of Independence Days past

Google has brought out a set of lawn chairs — and a couple of pets — for its doodle celebrating Independence Day.

The artist, San Francisco-based Brian Kaas, explained the illustration was inspired by his own memories of July 4 block parties. “I spent a lot of my summers sitting on a lawn chair with my neighbors, friends and family,” he said. “When we would get up, the neighborhood pets would often steal our seats.”


Pull up a chair!

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but if they could just put the word "video" in the subject

line.... Well, that would be appreciated.

I used to complain about this when I was a newbie and still had dial-up, but no one every paid any attention, so I gave up.

Thanks for bringing it up, LiberalEsto. It is annoying, IMO.

And I do have a couple of posters on ignore who post nothing but long sequences of music videos.

I saw Paul McCartney last year.

He still puts on a great show. He's 73 years old! It's amazing he can still belt out those songs and rock and roll. The venue was sold out and there were people there of all ages, not just geezers. LOL

I can add one to your list though: Kenny Rogers. I saw him last fall and he can barely sing anymore. But the songs are still wonderful and he was very entertaining.

I agree with you. I think there is too much being said about the flag in the media.

It is like a "quick fix". Just take down the flag and everything will be OK. As much as I despise those "yahoos" with their huge confederate flags (we have them here in PA too), I fear that they are just dumb enough and gullible enough to think it is worth defending. I know plenty of those people because they live all around me. And they are armed.

I am not saying to leave it up--- let's just stop all the clamoring about it as if this is the solution to racism.

Who is watching PBS' new Sunday night lineup?

"Poldark" --- gorgeous!

"The Crimson Field" --- WOW! Loved it!

What a feast they both are.

Today's Google Doodle: Happy Dad's Day! (cute!)

Thank you to dads everywhere, for carrying us until we've learned to stand on our own, and sometimes even after.
Olivia Huynh, Doodler

I'm not, unless you count the marauding hordes who ravaged central Europe ages ago.

All four of my grandparents were from what is now the Slovak Republic. Two were from the same village.

"Aquarius" and "The Whispers"

Aquarius is OK, nothing great, but I like David Duchovny. I like The Whispers so far. I forgot about Wayward Pines, but I was watching it earlier.

Looking forward to Zoo and the return of Under the Dome.

I have been watching a lot of Netflix. I just finished Homeland (seasons 1-3) and I'm currently in the middle of The Bletchley Circle, which is wonderful.

Today's Google Doodle: Lady Liberty's arrival

When Did The Statue Of Liberty Arrive In New York Harbor? Google Logo Marks Its 130th Anniversary
Designed by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, Lady Liberty was packed in 214 crates for its journey from France to the U.S.


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