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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 10:20 PM
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It is 82 degrees here and I have to close the windows!

A perfect day, partly sunny, low humidity. The day we have waited for for six months ..... and some a-hole is out there burning garbage.

It isn't just "merit pay", there is more to it.

Districts are adopting horrific evaluations systems that are being hawked by the likes of Pearson, ETS, and Gates. There is a lot of money being spent to get rid of teachers who have become expensive to keep on, in terms of salary and retirement benefits. Veteran teachers seem to be targeted for unsatisfactory evaluations after years of receiving excellent ones.

I would love to see figures on what it costs to implement one of these evaluation systems vs. what it costs to keep veteran teachers on the payroll!

I don't know where Permian is, but I can assure you that this is happening nation-wide.

I am in Pennsylvania and our new state-mandated evaluation system is being used to force retirements and resignations. "Hit list" is an excellent term for it.

I know this because I see it happening in my own district.

This is the part that drove me out of teaching:

"A teacher assessment system requiring teachers to document their success, which is time-consuming and involves arbitrary ratings."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/susan-sluyters-resignation-letter-sums-up-common-core-concerns-2014-4#ixzz2y2G1ZemH

I would add that the evaluation system is conducted by clueless bureaucrats who in some cases have never taught in a classroom.

The schools are really f*cked up, people! I'm glad I don't have young children anymore.

+ 1000

Evaluating teachers by test scores, which is one of the big principles of these corporate reformers, has been a disaster. There are many cities and districts that have ended up firing the teacher of the year. There are many teachers-- we are having, in fact, a huge crisis in teaching because so many teachers are leaving the profession. There’s almost a full-frontal attack on the teaching profession so that whereas it used to be 20 years ago that the average teacher had 15 years experience, it's now down to one or two years experience.

Teachers are leaving the profession, because they hate this being evaluated by test score business, because it’s-- what the research shows now overwhelmingly, is that it’s inaccurate, it’s flawed, and good teachers are getting bad evaluations, because they’re teaching kids with disabilities. Or if they’re teaching kids who are gifted, they also get a bad evaluation, because the kids are at the ceiling, they can’t go any higher. So, everything that these guys are pushing has actually failed already. They’re not making schools better. And you can't fail your way to success. But that's only one reason why we're winning.

I predicted this long ago.

The rest of the field is a bunch of clowns. He is the only one who seems "sane".

What "next steps"?

Putin just wants US approval, not negotiations. Unless he plans to withdraw and return Crimea, there are no "next steps" worth talking about, IMO. I hope Kerry and Obama do not blink on this.

Pittsburgh: Remembering Thor, the stolen Siberian Husky

Memorial service held in South Side to remember euthanized dog


A memorial service was held Sunday in the South Side for a dog that was euthanized after allegedly being stolen from a terminally ill neighbor’s Spring Hill yard.

The service was held at the Hot Metal Bridge, where those who attended threw flowers into the Monongahela River for the Siberian husky named Thor.

Thor’s owner, Mark Boehler, had been looking for him since he disappeared in November, only to learn he had been euthanized in his neighbor’s home in February.

That neighbor, Giselle Paris, is scheduled to appear in court on April 24.


This is one of the saddest stories I have ever seen on local news. Thor's owner is dying of cancer and wanted to see his dog one more time. The woman who took the dog had him euthanized and is facing charges. Some kind-hearted Pittsburghers helped the owner say goodbye to his best friend. More at link:

Do you work for ETS?

Not that it would seem to matter to you, but I highly recommend you visit the DU Education Group to gain some valuable insight into what is really going on in the schools today.

Link: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=forum&id=1124

Are you serious?!

As an "older" teacher, I resent that remark intensely.

The truth is that CC and the new evaluation systems are being used to force veteran teachers-- with memories of what public education used to be-- out to pasture. Their goal is to hire a bunch of lower-paid newbie-bots who are so grateful to have a job that they will obediently jump through Gates' (et al.) hoops. The younger principals, as "True Believers," are at the forefront of this "coup".

I thank God that I still have a pension in place and can finally retire, but I really feel for the teachers in their 40s and early 50s who are pedaling as fast as they can to keep up and are being run over by the corporatists. And most of them don't even realize what is being done to them yet. But they will find out in the next couple of years.

I'm glad you could afford law school as an alternative.
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