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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 08:14 PM
Number of posts: 42,685

Journal Archives

MSNBC leaked editorial memo: replace all nouns with "Trump"

In a startling Trump, Trump announced that from now on, all Trump will be Trump at Trump.

Some Trump close to the Trump speculated that Trump might not be appropriate for Trump. However after Trump met with Trump, all Trump agreed the best Trump would be Trump.

Veteran (Cayman) MLA calls homosexuals evil

In case you were considering a visit to the Cayman Islands, there are some things about the place you should know.


(CNS): One of the oldest sitting members in the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly, Anthony Eden, has derided rights for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community and warned that the next step would be bestiality, as “people demanded the right to make love to their animals”. Debating a private member’s motion asking government to preserve “traditional marriage”, Thursday, the 23-year political veteran was vehement in his condemnation of homosexuality, which he said was “evil”, and launched an outright attack on LGBTs.

In a speech focused on the Bible, he said Satan was working through educators and others, including the media, who used words to describe “deviant behavior” in a way to convince people it was acceptable.

“A social and moral evil is being promoted as normal behavior,” he said, adding that those who believe in the Bible are accused of hate speech.

Existence of Flying Spaghetti Monster Confirmed!

I'm surprised I haven't seen this here....


Workers at the oil and gas company BP videotaped this strange-looking animal while collecting video footage some 4,000 feet (1,220 meters) under the sea with a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). Not knowing what the noodle-armed creature was, the BP crewmembers named it after what they thought it most resembled: the deity of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Would you want this Confederate flag removed?

I might make an exception for this one.

August National Poll

American Research Group, Aug 9-12

Hillary Clinton 36%, Barack Obama 21%, John Edwards 16%, Bill Richardson 7%

Pretty much over at that point.

About "white supremacist liberals"

Expect to hear more of it.

The right has long been putting together a "liberals are bad for African Americans" schtick, which includes:

1. The Civil Rights Act was championed by Republicans. This one is true in the sense that, yes, at that time southern racists were quite at home in the Democratic Party. That, of course, has long changed, but it doesn't get in the way of the story.

2. Contraception and abortion are means to limit the black population. This one relies on various feats of quote mining and plays well with various religious nutters, as does LGBT equality (prop. 8 passing while Obama carried California by a wide margin demonstrated that)

I'm sure there are other bits and pieces of this narrative, but this isn't the first time, nor is it the last time you'll be hearing about those "white supremacist liberals."

Torn about whether Trump is an act?

One of the following is true:

1. The Trump phenomenon is a natural consequence of his horribly flawed personality and the dysfunctional GOP allowing the inmates to take over the asylum.


2. The Trump phenomenon is a masterwork of political engineering, no doubt devised in a Gotham City lair that would shame Batman (the Adam West batman)

There is an episode of the old Batman, by the way, where Penguin runs for mayor. If you haven't seen it, please do.

The thing is:

It doesn't matter. It simply doesn't matter. The functional result is the same.

(Edit: whoa, big mistake with an image search for a meme. Oops.)

Graham says Trump is inflicting permanent damage on GOP


“It’s just like driving by a car wreck without rendering aid," Graham said.


“He’s a bully," Graham said. "He intimidates people by calling them bad names. Like every other bully, he’ll meet his fate only when good people say, 'Enough.' Donald Trump, enough already. Take your ball and go home.”


Rubio's "essence of the American Dream"

Apparently involves coming out of the backroom of a bar to a televised debate.

An Oldie But A Goodie - Ted Kennedy At Liberty University

With introduction by Jerry Fallwell, his very own self:

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