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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 37,400

Journal Archives

"That Kind of Girl" - On Netflix

What comes around definitely goes around in this surprisingly watchable cautionary film about syphilis which, we are told, was approved by the British Medical Board - the film, not the disease, although it's a close contest. Before there was a Jerry Springer Show there was the cinema, and this lushly shot tour of London, its clubs and nearby countryside is Jerry Springer done right.

This is the film that dares to ask, "What do you think of Hitler?" It was either a popular pick up line in the early 1960's or a code phrase used to activate post-war Austrian agents to attempt to bring Britain to its knees one more time.
There are worse things than syphilis or Hitler, and this film is not one of them. But if you wondered why Wargames' "Professor Falken" (John Wood) gave up on humanity, you'll soon find out, since it was apparently among his early jobs to hand out "You've got the clap!" greeting cards for British youth to send to their loved ones and not-so-loved ones.

The main causes of syphilis appear to be creepy ad executives, jazz, nuclear disarmament, and upper glass girls who won't have sex with their boyfriends. But wait, how does not having sex lead to syphilis, you ask? Simple. Because if girls who don't have VD refuse to have sex with their boyfriends, then their boyfriends will have sex with girls who do have VD, so that when you find out and have sex with him to get him back... you'll get syphilis. You'll also get pregnant. Which leads to the signature catchphrase of the film - "Iíve never been to the doctor to tell them Iím an unmarried mother and the man who got me pregnant has VD!Ē Well, there's a first time for everything, and vice versa.

Unlike US films of this genre, in which everyone goes blind, mad, and disgraced, this film proceeds to a happy ending - the other kind - with a bit of the British stiff upper lip and assorted other organs. By the end, you'll be rushing out to make sure you have enough postage stamps to support an active sex life.

Of interest is that many people do not know the origin of the "peace" symbol as the stylized acronymic logo of the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Among the many little surprises in this film, aside from the primary one, we are treated to a look at the goings on of the CND of the time.

Historical Revisionists Attack Megyn Kelly

What is the matter with folks here?

Not only is Santa white, the whole dang holiday is:

The handshake was followed by a Kennedy-Kruschev reference

I'm kinda surprised nobody seems to have caught that reference putting the Kennedy-Kruschev relationship into an observation of how long ago that was.

I can't wait for the TV commercials for this new drug

Yes, folks, science has conquered Peyronie's disease.

How'd you like to be the guy THAT one was named after, eh?

Sounds like an Italian menu item, "I'll just have the Peyronie's today."


There's Now A Drug To Fix A Bent Penis

The FDA just released an announcement that might make you blush.

They've approved the use of a drug called Xiaflex to treat curved penises.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/xiaflex-treats-bent-penis-from-peyronies-disease-2013-12#ixzz2mjimhEbL

Healthcare.gov website, another anecdote for the pile

My first account, which I started back in October, never managed to get out of "pending verification" limbo, so I started a second account last night. Took about 20 minutes, worked like a charm. I can definitely see why there are reports of "large numbers of accounts, much fewer enrollments" since, given the various options, we are definitely going to take some time to decide.

Overall, it looks like my spouse and I will be paying a little bit more than the estimate we got from the healthsherpa.com tool, which suggested we'd be paying less than we are now. We currently pay a combined total of around 1K a month for separate policies from different companies due to quirks in eligibility for various policies the last time we shopped for insurance (we are self-employed). So, I can see where the lack of finer age categories for healthsherpa.com can produce inaccurate results.

That said, both of our current policies are shot through with exclusions due to the fact that we both went for stints without any health insurance before buying what we could a couple of years ago. So, on balance, while we are going to go from around 1K a month to around 1.3K a month, what we will be getting for our money will be coverage that is a boatload better than what we already have. But to make a final decision, we have to do some thinking about what we want to trade off in terms of deductibles, co-pays, prescription benefits and so on. That's a much better situation than where we were before which was, "can we get anything at all".

But, as far as the website issues go, it worked like a charm. Coincidentally, though, today I got a call back from my support inquiry of a couple of weeks ago about the first account I had opened, and told them that it didn't matter anymore. So it also looks as if they are catching up on the backlog of support issues with older accounts.

The US Patent and Trademark Office Website Is Down Today!

Damn you Ben Franklin! I KNEW the patent system would never work!

Merkel and Obama

Here's what I don't get....

Chancellor Merkel called President Obama on the telephone to request that he not listen to her telephone calls.

Why didn't he say "Okay" and hang up the phone?

In point of fact, the US has not been tapping her phone.

They've been picking up her conversations by concealed transmitters that were cleverly and surreptitiously installed just below her ears:

Your Friday Afternoon Art Challenge - Jeopardy Style Edition

CTYankee is busy this week, so I've been put in charge of shaking up the Friday Art Quiz.

This time it's "Jeopardy Style"

I'll post the answers, and you have to post the pictures!


#1 - Oh, I've seen that before, but can't remember it

#2 - Definitely Not Caravaggio

#3 - It looks like something in the Sistine Chapel, but instead it's from somewhere you never heard of.

#4 - The Dutch Guy!

#5 - Wasn't that one stolen from somewhere in Norway?

#6 - I'm pretty sure its a Mucha, but it might not be.

House Stenographer Flips Out During Vote

As noted in earlier threads, there was a woman who took the podium during the vote, started yelling something, and was removed from the House chamber.

She was apparently an actual House stenographer, and not an infiltrator. Reports from Twitter suggest she started ranting on about Jesus, Masons, and the House doing the work of the devil.

Is anyone still stuck in the Obama Caves?

Everyone please check to see if your spelunking buddy is safely out, or we'll have to send in a search party.

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