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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 37,991

Journal Archives

What I would like to see as a US response to the Gaza situation

Would be to park one of these offshore:

and to provide medical aid to those in need.

Best Freeper reaction to $99 Sarah Palin Channel...

"The WWE network is 9.99 a month"

Let it not be said that gentleman is not a fine steward of his entertainment budget.

So let's talk about some more war!

Let's go kill some of them, and they'll kill some of us, cause if we don't, then they'll come kill some of us and then we'd have to kill a whole lot more of them!

Think about how easy it is to extinguish a human life with the twitch of a finger or the push of a button. Poof! It's gone.

But while you are rooting for the ease with which we can do that, do think for a moment about the enormous effort it took to bring that life into the world.

Us, them, everybody all came into this world pretty much the same way, more or less. Mostly like this:

It's not easy. But there we are.

None of us came into this world fixing to kill anybody. Our reasons - we call them reasons - for wanting to kill somebody or other came later on. Maybe if we thought about how that happens, because it seems to happen a lot, we'd figure out what it is that is wrong in this world that makes anyone think war is a good idea.

Where did the Baby Jesus hide from King Herod?

Only on DU...


Open Carry Supporters, Check In Here

If it could blow his head off, there would be a Constitutional right to carry it in the open.

Please ignore

Nothing interesting here. I just needed a place to dump my breastfeeding pitbulls


Do you support open carry? I do

If it could blow his head off, there'd be a Constitutional right to carry that in a restaurant.

Cantor paid about $180 a vote

You know what? I think I'd be fine with unlimited money in politics, if they just offered to pay voters directly.

You go to the poll, you see how much each side is offering, you vote, and you pick up your dividend check on the way out.

Sayonara, Asshole!

I realize the other guy is no bowl of cherries but, Allah be praised we are soon done with that sanctimonious shithead!

Fine, I'll say it, if elected, Hillary should be impeached

Because, damn.

I'll leave it to someone else to come up with the reasons. I just want to be the first to call for it.
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