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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 08:14 PM
Number of posts: 45,868

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Sooner or later, Trump will screw up and say something atrocious

Like Romney's 47% remarks, I'll bet someone is going to come up with a recording of Trump saying something awful.

Someone should follow him around with a microphone - a working one, not one of those phony-baloney debate decoy mics - and make sure that if he ever says anything stupid, we'll get it on tape.

As I was going to St. Ives...

I met three men who had nine wives...

...and in their sacks were packs of lies.

Packs, sacks, creeps and wives, how many were going to St. Ives?

Gosh - Trump is finally proven to make a charitable donation, and look what thanks he gets...

Man oh man.

Here you have Trump Hotels paying $68,000 for a charitable trip to Cuba, and people STILL aren't happy.

The medical reason Trump sniffles is Microdigital Xeromucosis

In layman's terms, his fingers are too short to pick his nose.

Russia is not hacking us, and NATO sucks

Gee, no way that guy is working for Putin. I mean, what would be the first clue?

"Whisper down the lane" in action - alleged firebombing in North Philly

So, this story was published by The Mirror (UK), and caught my attention because none of the local media in Philly have anything about it:


'There you go, Muslim' says thug as firebomb thrown into car while driver is still sitting inside'

The story includes a periscope video of the guy telling his story to the person who then posted it.

Give a careful listen to the actual video of the guy telling his story.

Contaminated Skittles Probed After Two Hospitalized

This was a while back, and people still eat them.


Two people who ate from a package of contaminated Skittles required hospital treatment for burning throats, cramping and diarrhea, Indiana authorities said Wednesday night.

The Indiana State Department of Health said in a news release that preliminary tests showed that packages of Skittles sold at a Marathon Food Mart in Richmond had some kind of chemical substances, though what exactly those substances were has yet to be confirmed.

So, fed up with TV news, I thought I'd turn on a mindless game show...

Good lord

The Secret Origin of the Birthers

For those remaining puzzled over "where did birtherism begin", this is the definitive reference:


And that rumor first appeared in the early hours of Saturday, March 1, 2008, on the conservative web forum, FreeRepublic.com. In a thread entitled “FR CONTEST: Pin the Middle Name on the Obama,” where posters were offering various ‘funny’ middle names for Barack Obama in lieu of “Hussein,” a poster named “FARS” posted this non-sequitur:

I was told today that Obama swore in on a Koran for his Senate seat. I do not believe he did. Can someone clarify this for me? I am under the impression only a Congressman has so far sworn in on a Koran.

Also that Obama’s mother gave birth to him overseas and then immediately flew into Hawaii and registered his birth as having taken place in Hawaii.

Again, any clarifications on this? Defintely disqualifies him for Prez. There must be some trace of an airticket. While small babies are not charged air fare they do have a ticket issued for them.

Long time ago but there may be some residual information somewhere. Good ammo (if available and true) BEST USED AFTER he becomes PREZ (if that occurs) and it’s too late for Dems – except accept the VP.

Most of the essential elements of the rumor are here, from the immediate flight to Hawaii for registration to the eligibility concerns. All that is lacking is a specific reference to Kenya, which we’ll see was remedied shortly thereafter. He acknowledges that Obama’s public biography states that he was born in Honolulu, and he alleges that the public biography is false. He actively endorses the idea of Obama’s family covering up a birth in Kenya, and as such, is proposing a conspiracy theory.

Importantly, despite being the first person, anywhere, to report this rumor, he cites no source for it. No news report, or broadcast program, or website. Only “I was told today.” The fact that it appears alongside the oft-repeated and equally oft-debunked false rumor that Obama took his oath of office on a Koran illustrates the level of FARS’ willingness to factcheck rumors before repeating them.


More at link

Clearly there is something interesting happening this morning

Would someone care to describe whatever it is that so many people are posting cryptic reactions about?

Like, start from the beginning and pretend that the person to whom you are writing is not watching TV next to you?
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