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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 08:14 PM
Number of posts: 42,636

Journal Archives

Now the mosques are spreading Zika virus?

I heard on the radio that Zika virus is spread some kind of Egyptian mosque.

That sort of thing should be stopped.

Punxsatawney Phil did NOT see his shadow, which means...

Hillary gets another state delegate in Iowa!

Palin Endorses Trump - the Hee Haw Remix

This one is pretty catchy.

World's Oldest Man Dies Again

This is one of my favorite news tropes, right up there with the venerable "bus plunge".

The "World's Oldest Man/Woman" dies every couple of months, but unless you actually think about it, then you like apparently many news editors might think it is an unusual event.

You never see "World's Youngest Person Born", because it happens more frequently (many times a day) and is one of the few superlatives that pretty much everyone held at one point in time, however fleetingly.

The real trick in being the "World's Oldest Man/Woman" is not so much in attaining the title, but in how long one holds on to it. Alas, few do for more than a few months.

Farewell, Yasutaro Koide.


"The world's oldest man, a Japanese, died Tuesday at the age of 112 after suffering chronic heart problems, officials said.

Yasutaro Koide had said his secret to a long life was not to smoke, drink or overdo it."

As always, the story includes the "secret" of the individual involved, which tend to be all over the map. The actual "secret" is more along the lines of "not dying for a long time", given the range of those sorts of things. Here the admonition not to "overdo it" is sort of self-defeating, as it is clear that by reaching extreme age, one has overdone it at least in some sense.

Wife of wealthy hedge fund manager lies about Sanders

...and this surprises anyone?

#BlueTarpGuy Lavoy Finicum - also a deadbeat

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
District of Arizona (Yuma)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 0:02-bk-00722-RJH

Assigned to: Judge Randolph J. Haines
Chapter 7
Previous chapter 7
No asset
Date filed: 06/06/2002
Date terminated: 10/23/2002
Date discharged: 10/09/2002
Deadline for objecting to discharge: 09/30/2002

SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-0467

Trump: Return the Oregon land to the Indians

...and then the Indians can build a casino, hotel and a golf course!

Clinton Advisor Lobbies Against Sanctions Based on Uganda Anti-Gay Law

Meet Erick Mullen:


"Erick was a consultant to Bill Bradley's presidential campaign and Hillary Clinton's first campaign for the Senate."

And his charming wife, Kelly:


"Craighead is the president and managing director of the exclusive, invitation-only Democracy Alliance, a clearinghouse that connects liberal billionaires to a select group of endorsed organizations, such as the Center for American Progress and the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA, without threat of disclosure.


Craighead has no need for anonymity. She served as a top aide to former First Lady Hillary Clinton and later worked for her U.S. Senate campaign. The Secretary of State even presided over her wedding to Erick Mullen, a top aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.)."

Among the things Mr. Mullen is paid to do is this:


"Uganda Hires D.C. PR Firm Following Sanctions Over Anti-LGBT Law

The $600,000 contract with Mercury LLC is to monitor coverage and lobby on behalf of President Yoweri Museveni and Uganda."

That story refers to the original $600,000 one-year contract.

The current contract with Mercury LLC is for $150,000 per quarter, on an advance paid basis each quarter:


This is really cool - get Hillary Clinton to preside over your wedding, and get paid to protect the interests of people who want to kill LGBT persons.

"Asian Schoolgirls" on Netflix

Like leftover kimchi,revenge is a dish best served cold, and after spending an hour and a half on this gem, you might be looking for some revenge of your own.

A fascinating study of the impact of the Uber economy on human trafficking, this film is about exploitation on several levels. But given the other choices on Netflix, aren't you really the one being exploited?

The lackluster cast is almost redeemed by a guy who kind of looks like Vin Diesel and by a guy who kind of looks like that guy who was In a bunch of other movies. And it's hard not to think of other movies when you reflect on how you might have otherwise spent your evening.

That said, this film delivers more than it promises, but after all, it only promises two things - Asians? Check. Schoolgirls? Well, okay, that's part of the movie magic which psychologists call "suspension of disbelief". But it does tick both boxes and four, oops, three times! Think of it as quadrophonic stereotypes. As they study, dance, and kill their way into your heart, Your disbelief will get a pretty good workout.

There are moments of decent soundtrack and cinematographic flair including a clever homage to Hitchcock, in what is best described as the shower scene from Psycho without the psycho. Or at least without one on screen. Your condition at that point may vary. Frankly, this film will not appeal to all viewers. But if you're the kind of viewer who would watch something titled "Asian Schoolgirls" on Netflix, then this is the sort of film you'd watch.

Did Fiorina say, "I buried a child" at one point?

When she was doing her "I ate through the umbilical cord and raised myself better than wolves" routine, I thought I heard her say, "I buried a child."

While I certainly hope the child was deceased at the time, Carson then launched into "I cut kids' heads open" in response to whether he would bomb Syrian cities.

What's next, Marco Rubio claiming he eats them?
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