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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 39,173

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Weird Thing About Boko Haram

Does it seem like they get really good dry cleaning service out in wherever they are, or do they keep a supply of fresh field outfits and gear showing no signs of wear for making videos?

Aside from their clothing and kit, there was a video of them on the news last night in front of a transport vehicle with no tread wear and no dirt on the tires.

These guys really seem to take an unusual interest in cleanliness, or they recently bought a lot of new stuff.

Mad Men - Bewitched, The True Story

And you might say, "No... but Darren was faithful to Samantha!"

Let's take a look at Darren and Samantha for a minute. She pledged she wouldn't use witchcraft (at least not during the daytime), and every episode turns on her breaking that promise to her spouse. So what do you suppose he's up to all day?

And, the first one... Sargent York or whatever his name was... He was a little less cleaned up than the other guy. And, hey, how in Hell did America deal with a show about a married couple in which she gets a new husband one season anyway, and pretends its the same one?

Would the NRA support this?

I was thinking about the recent controversy over the gun lobby attacking yet another device in the line of "owner only" fire mechanisms. Years ago there was, and maybe still is, a magnetic key based mechanism in the grip that is activated by a ring worn by the owner. The concept is nothing new.

But how about a technology that doesn't just detect presence of the owner, but one that takes a look at the target.

It could bounce an IR beam off of the target just as the trigger is pressed, but stops the hammer or locks the firing pin if, on doing some sort of reflection analysis it detects it is being fired at someone of the wrong skin color.

The device would have a skin tone threshold setting where you dial in a point from "Lily White", "freckled", "íHola!", "a little darker than that" and "really black". Then you set it to only shoot at people on one or the other side of that line.

The pitch is this - "Most people buy a gun to protect their family. But some tragically shoot members of their family by accident (1). If your family has more or less the same skin tone, then you can be sure when you grab it off the nightstand and blast away in the dark at wherever that noise came from, that Family Guardian technology will only fire at someone who definitely shouldn't be in your house at night."

Now, like I said, there's nothing racist about it, because the user can set it to shoot anyone of any race. We're working on one that can do religion too (well, you know, at least some of the time). With advanced compact image recognition, we might be able to set all kinds of conditions like "Wearing a hoodie" or "Has a mullet".

I can see how this would appeal to a good chunk of their market, so would I run into any problems with the NRA?

And yeah, I'll get all kinds of free advertising from all the people who think it's horrible, but I figure they'll sell like hotcakes.

FN(1) Less tragically so when on purpose.

If the GOP "draft Mitt" movement succeeds...

...it'll be the first time Mitt shows up for a draft!

Question about the Don Sterling thing

I don't follow every media outlet, but amid all of the commentary on this man's interesting racial opinions, has there been a word about the perhaps more immediate sexist context in which these comments were made?

Maybe I don't know the whole backstory, but this guy's treatment of women seems more directly abusive than any effect his attitudes may have had on his employees.

On edit: and no, I am not inviting nor making a "what's worse" comparison. I'm merely surprised that the well-roundedness of his odious character is being lost in the emphasis on one strand of it.

Liturgy SNAFU Accidentally Marries Former Popes

The Vatican press office quietly confirmed what many close observers had suspected since yesterday's unusual dual canonization ceremony. In revising the liturgy of canonization, which is ordinarily performed on one person at a time, priests had inadvertently cribbed portions of the marriage liturgy into the script read by Pope Francis before a crowd of over 800,000 of the faithful in attendance. Fortunately, read the statement issued earlier today, "most Catholics have no idea what is going on during a Latin mass" ironically due to the reforms instituted by Pope John XXIII, "so we're looking at it as a 'no harm, no foul' situation."

However, many Catholic scholars admit that by failing to actually canonize the two former popes, and by joining them together in holy matrimony, they are indeed now married as far as the church is concerned. As a safeguard, they have petitioned the Pope to grant an annulment as soon as possible, lest the now departed popes proceed to consummate the union.

"Searchers have not been looking in the right place" for missing aircraft

There were several reports to that effect yesterday - that searchers were disheartened to be told they "have been looking in the wrong place" for evidence of the missing aircraft.

My prediction is that they won't find anything until the end of the search.

It's like anything else - you never find anything you are looking for until the last place you look.

Why doesn't the Long Island Medium meet the MH370 families?

...and if none of their dead relatives check in, then the plane landed.

Surely, she can take some time from her busy schedule to aid this important humanitarian effort.

And, if need be, she can get a translator if the dead folks don't speak English.

Putin Joins Occupy Movement

While the Occupy movement had mixed results in other places, his new Occupy Crimea is off to a promising start.

Herman Cain Cautions on U-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan

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