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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 40,017

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Wile E. Coyote - Super Genius

Watch Rick Perry pardon himself...

Bet me he doesn't try.

And then watch all the Konstitooshinal Skolarz back him up!

At least the Yazidis have enough stones up there to kill their women


Strangers, political opinions and tips

There was a thread that touched on "sharing political opinion with strangers" the other day, and I had a weird moment a few weeks ago that I've been turning over in my head and just can't figure out.

I was coming back from a trip abroad, and my assistant had arranged for a car to pick me up from the airport and get me home.

I live in a townhouse on a little loop of a road, and it's hard to see the house numbers. But since I have a red Smart car that sticks out like a sore thumb, I usually just say, "Pull up to the Smart car and you'll be there. That's my car."

The guy pulls up, pops the trunk, I get my stuff out of it (since I feel kind of dumb having someone else unload luggage I'm going to be carrying into the house anyway), and as he's standing there looking around he says, "There's one thing about that car that's not very smart."

"Oh, what?"

"The Obama bumper sticker, ha!"

Whatever. Now, this is something like an $85 town car ride, and I usually tip around 15 bucks, but sometimes my assistant pre-pays the tip on the card and doesn't tell me. So, I pull out my wallet and ask, "Did my assistant pay a tip?"

And he says, "Yep. No problem. I'm taken care of."

"Okay, thanks."

And, I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to give him a cash tip immediately after he'd made his comment, just to see if there would be any sign of him thinking "Hmmmm... maybe I shouldn't insult people when I'm expecting them to pay me for good service."

I mean, I'm in a service occupation too, and I have clients with all kinds of crazy opinions all over the map. They're entitled to them, and if they want to go on about them while paying an hourly rate, that's fine with me. If they ask mine, I usually say, "Oh, I'm to the left of Che Guevara, so you don't want to really hear about it" as my general "I'm not going to get into politics unless you really, really want to" line.

I liked the ride a lot, since the last couple of times I've had drivers who were just chatty as all get out, and I usually just want to take a nap. This guy wanted to listen to a baseball game, and that was fine with me since I could just tune it out and nap.

But I couldn't help thinking, "Is it normal to essentially say 'I think you are stupid' to someone who just billed $100?" I'm thinking if I was a limo driver I'd pretty much keep my opinions to myself and concentrate on getting the luggage in, keeping the passengers comfortable, and sending them off with a "Have a nice day!"

I'm thinking I should tell her not to pre-pay the tip anymore. It's a convenience because I don't always have cash, but I'm also wondering if the fact that he'd been tipped already gave him a license to do that.

My other awkward driver-tipping moment was when my driver turned out to be one of my neighbors down the street. Odd thing was I had loaned him ten bucks at a local bar when he was short one night, and he'd never paid me back. Not that I lend money with the thought of it being re-paid, and not that I would chase down a neighbor over ten bucks, but at the end of the ride, I had a quandary over whether I should tip a guy who owed me ten bucks.

I went ahead and gave him a generous tip. I figured if he couldn't pay me the ten bucks back, then he probably needed more anyway.


Situation 1: Would you have asked for the charge receipt and taken the tip out? Or just leave it be?

Situation 2: Would you tip the guy who owed you ten bucks?

Or am I just an idiot?

Best part of Boehner lawsuit nobody has discussed...

Never mind that it will die an early death on preliminary motions, there is an unanticipated thing which will happen.

Wait until you see the motions to join.

All of the wild and wooly "legal scholars" of the far right are going to want to hitch a ride on this wagon,

What I would like to see as a US response to the Gaza situation

Would be to park one of these offshore:

and to provide medical aid to those in need.

Best Freeper reaction to $99 Sarah Palin Channel...

"The WWE network is 9.99 a month"

Let it not be said that gentleman is not a fine steward of his entertainment budget.

So let's talk about some more war!

Let's go kill some of them, and they'll kill some of us, cause if we don't, then they'll come kill some of us and then we'd have to kill a whole lot more of them!

Think about how easy it is to extinguish a human life with the twitch of a finger or the push of a button. Poof! It's gone.

But while you are rooting for the ease with which we can do that, do think for a moment about the enormous effort it took to bring that life into the world.

Us, them, everybody all came into this world pretty much the same way, more or less. Mostly like this:

It's not easy. But there we are.

None of us came into this world fixing to kill anybody. Our reasons - we call them reasons - for wanting to kill somebody or other came later on. Maybe if we thought about how that happens, because it seems to happen a lot, we'd figure out what it is that is wrong in this world that makes anyone think war is a good idea.

Where did the Baby Jesus hide from King Herod?

Only on DU...


Open Carry Supporters, Check In Here

If it could blow his head off, there would be a Constitutional right to carry it in the open.
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