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Member since: Mon Jan 16, 2006, 07:55 PM
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Sanders received 15 hard-pledged delegates in NH. Clinton received 9 hard-pledged delegates.

Months before last night's primary results were known, 6 of the soft-pledged superdelegates stated they would back Clinton. A 7th superdelegate, state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, stated she would wait until after the primary to endorse. The 8th superdelegate, NH Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley, was prohibited from supporting anyone in the primary. He is now free to support who he wants.

So, as of right now, the delegate count is tied at 15 to 15, as long as each of the 6 unpledged superdelegates continues to back Clinton all the way through the convention. That is an unlikely scenario, as, in previous primaries, superdelegates have changed their support to mirror how their constituents voted in the primary. So these are the actual combinations that could now occur:

Sanders - Clinton
15 -------- 09 (all 8 superdelegates abstain)
15 -------- 10 (7 superdelegates abstain and 1 remains soft-pledged to Clinton)
15 -------- 11 (6 superdelegates abstain and 2 remain soft-pledged to Clinton--etc down the list)
15 -------- 12
15 -------- 13
15 -------- 14
15 -------- 15 (the last 2 available superdelegates abstain)
15 -------- 16 (1 supports Clinton, 1 abstains)
15 -------- 17 (both support Clinton)
16 -------- 15 (1 supports Sanders, 1 abstains)
16 -------- 16 (they split the 2 remaining superdelegate)
17 -------- 15 (both support Sanders)
18 -------- 14 (both support Sanders and 1 also defects from Clinton to Sanders)
19 -------- 13 (both support Sanders and 2 also defects from Clinton to Sanders--etc down the list)
20 -------- 12
21 -------- 11
22 -------- 10
23 -------- 09

So, in 2 scenarios they tie, in 2 scenarios Clinton wins NH, and in 14 scenarios Sanders wins NH.

I'm liking Sanders' chances of a win at the convention...

Posts that call Bernie supporters BernieBros have no place here.

It has become an almost racist term that labels all of his supporters as white priviledged "alpha male idiots". It's being used in an attempt to silence dissent and criticism of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton.

I've objected in the past to posts that refer to Clinton using derrogatory and misogynist term, such as "chick", which are meant to devalue her as a woman and devalue her appointment as U.S. Secretary of State. They have no place here either.

But use of the term BernieBros, with its very specific racial undertones, constitutes a broad brush attack on all of his supporters here and is beyond rude. That is against DU's TOS. Its use is unacceptable and every instance of its use here needs to result in a TOS alert. I intend to do so.

It's going to be the year of the underdogs!!!! Broncos and Sanders!!!

Both of them slogging it out and winning!

Whoo hooooooo!

Entrance polling per the ABC link.

The crowds shown on MSNBC do NOT have many Millennials!

So far, it's overwhelmingly older folks at this particular location they're at.

But the turn out is incredible! The location they are at is hosting both the Republican and Democratic Caucuses.

MSNBC has probably picked a location that has an older population at its core. If not and it's a location that has a young core, they are not showing up.

Ooooh, they are now showing a location in Iowa City that is a university location and it is overwhelmingly Millennials!

Yeah...NO or little SNOW tonight for Iowa Caucuses, at least in Des Moines

and Debuque according to Accuweather's hour by hour forecast.

Please add below Accuweather's forecast for tonight for other Iowa cities and areas! Thanks.

Who else is Not Too Cool To Feel The Bern? Tell us here.

Susan Sarandon to start with!

Add yours on!

Bernie is an amazingly spry guy...for any age! n/t

Then WE need to raise it...the rank and file progressives...

and get back our Democratic Party from the third way corporatists/DINOs who have had a hold on for at least 25 years.

Sickening. Clinton waves the "I can take it, but you're attacking Obama..." flag

Blatantly pandering to the Black audience.

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