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Profile Information

Name: Taylor Selseth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ulen, MN
Home country: US
Current location: Moorhead, MN
Member since: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 10:42 PM
Number of posts: 52,674

Journal Archives

Something really annoying about technophobes I have noticed...

Is that the woo-woos and technophobes ALWAYS conflate a technology with unscrupulous misuses of that technology. One sees this in discussions about nuclear energy ("nuclear weapons are bad, so nuclear energy must be banned!"), and with GMOs ("Monsanto is full of greedy assholes, so GMOs should be banned!!!")

It seems like all the old female names of 100 years ago are coming back.

I've run into a lot of little girls with names like Evelyn, Emma, Lilian, and Anna. What next, are they going to bring back Mildred???

It pisses me off when the wingnuts bash government, and then when disaster strikes...

...they are usually the first to whine and moan about government not helping them fast enough, or blame the government as being incompetent because some idiots died because they ignored mandatory evacuation requests!

I saw a "Republicans for Obama" bumper sticker, yesterday.

Robme is so screwed!

Looks like Sandy is becoming extra-tropical.

That line of clouds projecting to the east of the storm is a warm front.

It's strengthening because it is now getting energy from temperature contrasts rather than purely from tropical convection

Posters that try to justify being offensive jerks need to be watched.

I have noticed that on "Teh Internetz" most people who try doubling down to defend offensive language like the C-Word are Libertarian and Teabagger men, usually of Generation X, who do it because they see it as a "fuck you" to what they see as the "Liberal Academic PC police".

Sliding van door FAIL.

LOL, the 'Baggers are saying Obama was "condescending".

It's hard NOT to be when the other guy is a fucking IDIOT!

At work today folks were making fun of Mitt's binders.

My boss is a good Dem and she joined right in!

Anyone else fascinated by The later Roman Republic?

More than any other place and time period, the history of Rome from the end of the 3rd Punic War to the assassination of Julius Caesar just fascinates me to no end. There seems to be something about a politically decadent republic that has come to rule an empire that causes it to produce a lot of colorful historical figures; Scipio Africanus, The Gracchus brothers, Gaius Marius, Lucius Sulla, Lucullus, Marcus Livius Drusus, Pompey, Cicero, Marcus Crassus, Sergius Catalina, Clodius Pulcher, and Julius Caesar; among others.
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