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Profile Information

Name: Taylor Selseth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ulen, MN
Home country: US
Current location: Moorhead, MN
Member since: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 10:42 PM
Number of posts: 52,715

Journal Archives

DAMN, the French swimmers delivered up some Karma from 2008.

I was for sure we were gonna get the gold, then the french guy just BARELY beat us, the opposite of 4 years ago. FUCK!!!

I'm watching Water Polo, US vs. Montenegro, right now. Fun!

This is fun to watch, it's like a cross between hockey and soccer.

I'm amazed by these women weightlifters who can lift over twice their body weight.

I just watched a Chinese woman lift 110kg, that's like 230lbs. DAMN!

Cool, Dr. Ben Spock won gold in rowing in the 1924 Olympics.

Read that on the London2012 site.

Yi Shiwen just anhililated the world record in the Women's 400m Medly swim

It looked like the American Liz Beissel was going to win the gold, and then Yi comes out like a super-woman, wow!

The Chinese men gymnasts are choking.


UGH, they had to show Mitt and Ann!

The Brits are honoring the NHS, take that, wingnuts!

Guns are not the problem. a CULTURE OF VIOLENCE is the problem.

We Minnesotans and North Dakotans love our guns, but our rates of violent crime are as low as Western Europe. Why? Because we do not have a culture of violence. The most violent places in the country are:

1. Poor inner city communities infested by gangs.

2. Areas of the Deep South in which a violent "honor culture" inherited from Planter aristocrats and Scots-Irish ruffians runs deep.

Outside of those areas the rates of violent crime are much lower.

I call for a moratorium on the use of "-tard" as a suffix.

It is as insulting to the mentally disabled as "that's gay" is to GLBT folks and should NEVER be allowed on a PROGRESSIVE message board. I am sick of seeing the term "freeptard" and libertard" and similar words being used, and almost every time I have alerted on them the jury lets it go.
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