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Profile Information

Name: Taylor Selseth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ulen, MN
Home country: US
Current location: Moorhead, MN
Member since: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 09:42 PM
Number of posts: 49,246

Journal Archives

It's official, petty larceny while Black = Death Sentence

All the racist, privileged while males who dominate places like Reddit and 4chan are going on about how Brown would not have been shot of he didn't steal cigars, implying it is OK to murder a young black male for a petty crime that probably doesn't even warrant jail time. If Brown were white he would have gotten off with a few hours of community service.

Note to Republicans: Opposition to immigration is UN-AMERICAN, period.

Unless you are Native-American, you are either an immigrant of a descendant of immigrants. All of these "illegal immigrants" are doing the same thing our own ancestors did, looking for a better life and an escape from shitty things going on in their home countries. How many of these GOPs are descendants of Germans who settled in the Midwest following the failed Liberal Revolutions of 1848? Or descendants of Irish people fleeing the Potato Famine?

My own ancestors on my dad's side came here from Norway, escaping poor harvests and a collapse of the cod fisheries of the north Atlantic and hearing that the Red River Valley had the best soil in the world for farming. My ancestors on my mom's side were Prussian German peasants (probably the Germanized descendants of the original Baltic Prussians) who were were stuck in a quasi-fedual situation and wanted a better life.

A large % of these anti-immigrant bigots are of Scots-Irish ancestry, their ancestors didn't give a damn about coming over without notice, heading out to the Appalachian back-country, slaughter Natives, take their land, and settle on said stolen land.

If you want to lose the Millennial vote completely, nominate Hillary Clinton.

I'm 28 and all most all of my peers DESPISE Hillary. Many of them say that of Hillary is the nominee they will either vote Republican, Green, Independent, or just not vote. The only people I see crowing for Hillary are middle-aged women, Boomers and older Gen-Xers, who want her president because of the symbolism of the first woman president more than anything substantial.

We done fucked up.

Only 12% of the people who voted were of my Millennial Generation, and turnout was dismal in general. Why? Because the Democratic leadership is either incompetent, compromised by "Third Way" corporate infiltration, or both. There was nothing that really energized the average left-leaning person, and the Dem Establishment is ignoring the issues people, especially my fellow Millennials, find important because they are scared of angering their corporate donors. Things like Net Neutrality, Student Loan forgiveness, Marijuana legalization, long-term unemployment and underemployment, the militarization of the police forces, and privacy. Instead we get meaningless platitudes of "middle class this" and "middle class that".

My generation feels like, besides Bernie and Liz, nobody is listening to us.

Meanwhile the Pukes were energized by bigotry and MSM scaremongering.

Haven't been here in a while, this election is depressing.

Prick Scott got reelected? A puke won in Mass.? Udall lost in Colorado? Fuck, it even looks like the GOP is taking control of the Minnesota House just 2 years after we crushed them.

Fuck this world...

Today I learned that Gandhi's great grandson is a Kansas state legislator.

Unfortunately, he's a Puke.


Looks like a good old-fashioned Fargo blizzard, outside.

Snowing like crazy, snow drifting around, and winds of 35mph.

Gonna be -30F on Monday morning.

Why do wing-nuts always call the president "Barry"?

I know that was his nickname when he was a kid, but why does it seem like it's only wing-nuts who call him that now? Is it a dog whistle of some kind, a way of calling a black man "boy"?

It is really getting on my nerves.

This galaxy looks like the Milky Way's twin

I found this pic on the Hubble's website:

It's almost identical to artist's renderings of the Milky Way I've seen. It's even got the same major arm vs. minor arm pattern as the Milky Way.

Since when is tax cuts for 98% of Americans a bad thing?

I've seen several posts moaning about this as a legitimization of Bushism. Which is really fucking stupid.

Tax cuts for the 1% takes money OUT of the real economy.
Tax cuts for the 99% is a Keynesian stimulus that puts money BACK INTO the real economy.
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