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cui bono

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Gender: Female
Hometown: SoCal
Member since: Wed Nov 2, 2005, 02:57 AM
Number of posts: 19,926

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Careful What You Wish for: Hillary’s Allies Rigged the Primaries

Careful What You Wish for: Hillary’s Allies Rigged the Primaries

By Michael Sainato • 06/08/16 9:36am

For the duration of the Democratic primaries, party leaders have broken or bent the rules in order to benefit Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The worst culprit: Clinton’s 2008 campaign co-chair, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But at state and local levels Democratic Party leaders have also tipped the scales for Hillary Clinton.

In Puerto Rico, the Sanders campaign recently accused local Democratic Party officials of fraud, after they refused to certify campaign officials to help inmates vote, yet all of Hillary Clinton’s officials were granted certification and given access to prisons. In California, Los Angeles City Council member, David Ryu, a Hillary Clinton supporter, intervened to force the Bernie Sanders campaign to change venues for a concert at the last minute.


Former Congressman Barney Frank and Connecticut Gov. Daniel Malloy, two Clinton supporters who have been frequently cited in the mainstream media for attacks on Sanders, serve as co-chairs of two panels at the Democratic National Convention. Sen. Harry Reid intervened before the Nevada caucuses to call in favors from casino owners to give their employees time off to support Clinton at the state’s caucus. Shortly after the caucuses, Sen. Reid formally endorsed Hillary Clinton and has publicly spoken out against Bernie Sanders on several occasions, especially after the controversial Nevada State Democratic Party Convention. Sen. Barbara Boxer, whose daughter was married to Hillary Clinton’s brother, defended the former first lady amidst the recent controversy at the Nevada Convention. Since then, Sen. Boxer has been an avid attacker of Bernie Sanders preceding the California primary. Several pro-Clinton superdelegates have attacked Sanders and defended Clinton’s deplorable record, from the private-email server controversy to her troubling ties to Wall Street.


After the way the Democratic Party has treated independent voters and Democratic voters who support Bernie Sanders, they don’t deserve their support in the general election.



When swiftboating is more important than democracy itself.

What a sad time we are in when ardent supporters and surrogates of one candidate - who represents half of the Democratic Party - feel it is more important to smear supporters (with a lie, I might add) of the other candidate - who represents half of the Democratic Party - than it is to stand up and make sure democracy is working.

What happened in Nevada is on video. We can all see it and there is no dispute that it happened. This was not democracy in action. This was a manipulation of an election to benefit one candidate at the expense of what the people voted at that moment. That is corruption of democracy.

People rightly got angry and booed and caused a commotion. There was, however, NO chair throwing. Yet Hillary surrogates and supporters spread that meme as far and wide as possible, they talked down to Bernie supporters, scolding us if we are children having a tantrum for not being allowed to eat up an entire 7-11's worth of candy. They knew they didn't have proof of a chair being thrown and yet they STILL TO THIS DAY continue to catapult the propaganda.

There has been no discussion about the corruption itself, just a massive "outrage" about the response to the corruption.

So my question is this. What are people supposed to do when they witness the corruption of democracy right before their very eyes? Are we supposed to sit there politely and say "thank you"? Is that what Hillary supporters think democracy is about?

Democracy is supposed to be of, by and for the people. It is supposed to be a govt that governs at the consent of the people. How can that happen if the people are not heard? If the people are ignored? If the people who get angered and point out the corruption are the ones who get smeared?

Why do Hillary supporters think so little of democracy that they would rather allow the corruption and get mad at the response to the corruption? To the point where they exaggerate it so much they make up things that never ever happened? And then when it is discredited they still continue to push false story?

I have been disheartened by the corporate takeover of our govt for quite some time. I am now sickened by its takeover of the Dem Party to the point where the behavior of its members proves that too many in it no longer care about the very core values of our Founding Fathers.

This election cycle is both a sad time and a hopeful time for me. Sad to see how ruthless and unprincipled the Dem Party has become and hopeful because I see the change coming and the people who are fed up with corruption and lack of a voice and representation are fighting back. And we will fight for democracy and representation and no one will shut us up. Especially not with lies.


So are the people who brought you this:


Why, yes, alert stalking. You boasted about it on the Clinton Cave.

You can see the following screenshot in this post:

Couple your prodding and alerting with you Clinton Cavers' manipulation of the jury system on DU and we see that all the complaints about alert stalking and biased juries on here from Hillary supporters are just one more example of projection. Look a little more than half way down this pic to see Chae posting about your jury's successful a hide:

Play innocent all you like George, but the truth about you Cavers came out long ago. And that truth is some nasty shit.


Your post illustrates exactly what Hillary supporters do not understand about this primary.

This isn't a team sport.

It is not about winning or losing to those of us who support Bernie. It's not about Bernie being a winner, as it is with you guys with Hillary. With Bernie supporters it's about the movement, it's about finally having someone who is uncompromised by money, who is fighting to get back to a real democracy where the govt is of, by and for the people, not corporations. It is about getting control of our govt back to the people rather than the corporations. It's about the very soul of our country, our democracy.

You don't realize that if Hillary wins, we all lose. We will all win eventually because this primary has shown people that it is possible to dream again, it is possible to have a candidate with integrity who will represent us and so the movement will continue. It may not be possible with this two party system we have now, but if Hillary wins I'm not sure the Dem Party will survive as she embodies all that is wrong with politics today and simply does not represent the hopes and dreams of the youth. They do not identify as Dems and are registering as Dems solely because of Bernie. Many of them will not vote for Hillary because she is just business as usual and they know that does not work and has given them little promise of a decent life, what we used to call the "American Dream".

And the GOP may not survive Trump or Cruz since they are nuts. Trump is probably acting crazier than he really is in his business dealings, he loves to put on a show and be in the limelight, but Republicans hate him just as much as many Dems hate Hillary.

At a time when the two people with the lowest likeability ratings ever to run (I believe that is correct, if not the bottom two, certainly among the lowest) are the best that we have to choose from, it's pretty clear our country and our system is in a very sad state.

So I don't know what you think you're winning with Hillary when all we're getting is someone with an incredibly low likeability rating, an abysmal trust rating (deservedly so) who alienates the youth, independents, half of the Dem Party and who will never get any crossover Republican votes.



We already have that. It's under "Democrats".

Actually, there's two of them. But one of them should be called "PoliTiger Beat".


My Report from the Feel the Bern Rose Parade March!!! (pic heavy)

Finally able to post this... I was so exhausted afterwards from not sleeping enough the last two nights and walking 7 miles and hanging with some people I met there afterwards that I came home, ate and fell asleep on the couch watch local news. Not before seeing the local ABC news cover the Berners though!!!

Just over 300 people RSVP'd to the event. We met at a park near the beginning spot of the parade. There was some prep going on, decorating the small float, practicing a song a couple guys were going to sing during the march and then a rally.

The Bernie Sanders campaign endorsed this event and sent a representative, Becky Bond, to speak at the rally. Here is a link about her: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-becky-bond_5617c573e4b0e66ad4c75d6b

It was really incredible to do this march. It made me feel so happy. What a great idea! And there was still thousands of people there since we were right behind the parade and they saw us and were mostly receptive to us. We got a ton of high fives from those right up at the street and got some shouts from people up in their houses at the beginning of the route and then from people up in bleachers later on. RVs were honking their horns and some people joined us along the way so our numbers grew!

So it was the parade, then tow trucks then a couple trucks with sheriff dept officers then us. Well there were a few religious fanatics at the very front as you'll see in a couple of the pics. I saw one of the officers taking video of us with his cell phone at one point!

Oh yeah, there were a ton of Iowans there since Iowa was playing in the Rose Bowl so I was making a point of yelling "Go Iowa!" when I passed them. One time there was a woman in full Iowa clothing who yelled out asking if someone had a button for her. Immediately several people handed her a button and some bumper stickers. And throughout the parade we had small flyers that we were handing out to people as we walked by.

I can't tell you how great it felt to have so many people yelling Bernie back to us and "Feel the Bern". I really think this is going to happen. More now than ever. The people LOVE Bernie! They lit up smiling and cheering!

And as I briefly mentioned above, the local Los Angeles ABC news covered this! It was short but sweet and they showed video. So that's cool!

So on to the pics (all take by me but I'm going to find and add one that's from high up so you can get the perspective of what people were seeing)...

I got there around 7:30am, my view upon arriving:



(he performed his Bernie song at the rally with his sister)



On our way out there were three people dressed in what appeared to be Native American or Central American attire drumming and burning sage (?) on opposite sides of the street as we walked between them to get to the parade:




Thanks for checking this out. If you haven't gotten involved I highly recommend it. It will make you feel so good!!!

Here's a pic I found that's the view of our group from higher up:

Found it here, where you can see even more pics and video:

Find an event near you here:

We need people to phone bank for Iowa so please, sign up and do that! But definitely go to a rally! You'll meet the nicest and most positive people ever!




Adding my post to my journal so I can find and steal your pic and link.

And maybe even the yawn!


Replying and entering in journal so I can find your links later.

Oh, aren't you coy.

You hide all the evidence in the secret basement and then invite everyone to come look in the living room as proof that there's nothing to find. You really do think we are stupid over here, don't you.

That's rich. We all know you hid the worst of it from public view. It is astounding that you think no one knows what's going on. Like a 7 year old lying to their parents about something that they clearly know about.

Also if you think it's a hate site, please I beg you report it to the SPLC. Then this matter of a "hate site" can be cleared up.

Now you're really showing how immature you are.

Okay... jury... he asked for the links and the evidence... Drumroll please...

(thank you)

Start here:

That'll keep you busy.

Then go here:

This one is good:
http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=626601 <--- screenshot here
http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=626526 <--- screenshot here
http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=626590 <--- be sure to read this post about "your" juries

Here's an OP started by one of your favorite DUers:

If that doesn't convince you... well even if it does, you'll never admit it. But thanks for getting me to put them all in one place. Now I can add this post to my journal for reference.

<--- right back atcha!

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