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cui bono

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Gender: Female
Hometown: SoCal
Member since: Wed Nov 2, 2005, 01:57 AM
Number of posts: 15,975

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Replying and entering in journal so I can find your links later.

Oh, aren't you coy.

You hide all the evidence in the secret basement and then invite everyone to come look in the living room as proof that there's nothing to find. You really do think we are stupid over here, don't you.

That's rich. We all know you hid the worst of it from public view. It is astounding that you think no one knows what's going on. Like a 7 year old lying to their parents about something that they clearly know about.

Also if you think it's a hate site, please I beg you report it to the SPLC. Then this matter of a "hate site" can be cleared up.

Now you're really showing how immature you are.

Okay... jury... he asked for the links and the evidence... Drumroll please...

(thank you)

Start here:

That'll keep you busy.

Then go here:

This one is good:
http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=626601 <--- screenshot here
http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=626526 <--- screenshot here
http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=626590 <--- be sure to read this post about "your" juries

Here's an OP started by one of your favorite DUers:

If that doesn't convince you... well even if it does, you'll never admit it. But thanks for getting me to put them all in one place. Now I can add this post to my journal for reference.

<--- right back atcha!

WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!?!??????!!!!!!!1

Thanks to PoliticAverse for the youtube link!

WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!?!??????!!!!!!!1

Thanks to PoliticAverse for the youtube link!

Hm... we're gonna have to make a new "rear view mirror" pic soon.

I COMPLETELY agree with you. I said that because that's the accusation made to anyone who points

out that Bernie is an unknown when they are explaining why Bernie has low polling across the board. We are then accused of saying that PoC are stupid and uninformed. Thank you for proving that is not what we are saying at all.

The fact is that Bernie is not a household name as Clinton is. If he were he would be polling much higher among all racial groups.

Yeah, well, apparently the new talking point is that it doesn't matter what someone did 50 years ago

I've seen that several times in the last couple days.

So then who cares who becomes president if their record means nothing? It's a bullshit talking point. One person I saw say it may be saying it out of anger, but I believe this whole attack on Sanders that has been going on since before the BLM incident is a calculated attempt to take him down on his strength. Swiftboating. Look at how rabid Hillary supporters keep going on about this issue with Bernie. Look at how those who are 'undeclared' in their support never go after Hillary about racial issues even though she ran an ugly race-baiting campaign against Obama. No wonder "the past doesn't matter" is the new talking point.


replying so I can add to journal and find your post.

I responded directly to your post.

You abhor progressives. Got it. That was crystal clear from your last post. And that is the biggest problem. Centrists think they own the Dem Party and if we don't accept what you are willing to allow us we are called whiners. Well, the history of this country is full of rights that were won by those you think will never be satisfied. That's a good thing. As soon as you get complacent the corporatists come in and take things over. And the fight is far from over. Look at all the systemic racism/sexism/homophobia in this country. Should we settle for that? No! We keep fighting. Look at the income disparity. Should we settle for that? No! We keep fighting. That's what democracy is about. You want to sit back and be happy with a few bread crumbs, have at it, but don't chastise people who are continuing to fight for equality and justice for all and who continue to fight for our constitutional rights.

You tell us we will never be satisfied and then tell us we have to be part of some larger movement. We are part of a larger movement. But you resent us for it. I believe it's because you are fine with corporate/RW policy. Progressives are not. Progressives seem to never be satisfied because we have a Dem POTUS who is enacting/enforcing/FIGHTING FOR Republican corporate policy. Why should we be satisfied with that? We should not be and so we continue to fight for what is right for the American people, not for global corporations.

You don't have to beg us to join, we're here, you just happen to be ignoring us. You are so willing to defend Republican policies that we have to kick and scream to even get noticed. You yourself were defending the TPP. That is complete conservative/corporate policy. There is not one thing about it that smacks of the Democratic Party.

If you are going to let the term "woo" upset you enough to discount progressives and dismiss progressives as people who don't volunteer to campaign, etc, then you are doing exactly the opposite of what you claim you want to accomplish. You can't ask us to just fight for what you want, things like the TPP, you will NEVER get a progressive to fight for that. Centrist/RW policy is NOT okay.

We don't want you to beg us to participate - we ARE participating - we want you to stop working to enact centrist/Republican policies and start fighting for what the Dem Party used to stand for, the people. And stop telling us to STFU as Rahm did, and stop telling us we want too much. Fairness and equality and justice are never too much.

It's worse than pathetic. It is vile.

Trying to associate a pic like that to Sanders? She knows damn well that someone who glosses over that OP is going to think he had something to do with that pic.

Fucking disgusting.
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