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Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2005, 11:37 PM
Number of posts: 5,404

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Bernie Sanders SHUTS DOWN Andrea Mithcell, Po-Clinton

The facts are Andrea,Bernie Sanders is the stronger Candidate...Hillary is buying her way into the nomination...take a look at her corporate Contributors..Think she really represents the Working Class?

About the Brrnie Sanders supporters

Demanding a recount of Delegstes in Nevada
.....and the State Democratic Chairman and the threats?? She is lying,DWS Is lying and the State's DWS puppet is reading Debbie's script and so is MSNBC. DWS is no different than Karl Rove.

Bobby Knight has lost it.

if you've ever seen Bobby Knight on one of his speaking tours you probably vowed that you would never ever waste you money for a ticket to hear him again and his "all about me,and wasn't I the greatest and everyone else is a piece of shit" theme

He might have been a decent Basketball Coach in the 70's and early 80's but he kept slipping to evolve into this.
Here is the video Bobbly Knight demonstrates through this absolutely non intelligent answers what so ever and his reasoning why he supports Donald Trump

Today Hillary Would HATE 90s Hillary

Hillary fans you really need to watch this

As active as Hillary was in the 90's one has to really wonder with all the issues that Hillary had a big part in during Bill's Presidency,the Universal Healthcare,NAFTA,etc..One has to wonder is this really Hillary's 2nd try for her 3rd term?

While Bill was entertaining interns was Hillary really the one running the Country?

If this would happen within the Bernie Sanders campaign,the media

would be all over him to drop out of the race..Instead Hillary gets a Ha,Ha
very funny. Guess the Clinton's just dont have any boundaries and get get away with anything they say and her campaign(as Republicans do) just make excuses and her supporters buy it.


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New York Times Urges Hillary Clinton to Release Her Wall Street Speech Transcripts

No one in 2008 on the Obama team was yelling about Hillary "it over,its over in Feb.

In fact the the Primary went into June. I really don't recall all the Corporate Networks in the tank for Hillary then either.
For the first time in years Indiana actually had a say in the Primary Process.

2008 Democratic Primary results.
Don't remember the Networks or the Obama team declaring it was over in February.

Note: Scroll down to the Primary dates and results

"No.. Hillary Clinton did NOT call Black Children "Super Predators" Wrong!

Once again a Hillary supporter posted this in the Hillary Group so the Majority of Bernie Sanders supporters can't respond because we have been banned So here is my reply to that post

Hillary Clinton did NOT call Black Children "Super Predators" ?????

And what usually happens is the Hillary supporter will not take the time to watch the video and responds with another campaign talking point.

Bernie Sanders tough on Crime

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