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Profile Information

Name: Manny Goldstein
Gender: Male
Hometown: Greater Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Remulak, as far as I can tell
Member since: Tue Aug 30, 2005, 09:44 AM
Number of posts: 28,567

Journal Archives

Only the sick, the poor, and the aged can fix Washington gridlock!

It's in the air again... Strengthen It Fever!

Boehner and Jack Lew both on the TV talking about the need to slash the pittance that the unfortunate receive to keep them off the streets. I heard another Serious Republican, a Senator, on the radio today saying that the Tea Party crazies were crazy: realistically the way the parties are going to have to solve their impasse is through "entitlement" "reform" said the good Senator.

Yes, folks, after a 30 years of reaming Americans into poverty, there's only one thing that all of the Predators agree on: more blood from those who have the least to give. I guess the less-fortunate can't offer lawmaker's (or law-executor's) daughters jobs in hedge funds, so they're in the kill zone.

No. Go to Hell. Fuck you.

It's ghastly, sick, sociopathic thing to do, or even to suggest, and I've had it with this shit.

Sincerely yours,

First-Way Manny
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Tue Oct 8, 2013, 07:36 PM (3 replies)

Eagan: Elizabeth Warren poses a tough choice for 2016

From the Boston Herald

Eagan: Elizabeth Warren poses a tough choice for 2016

Hillary just walloped all comers in a new Quinnipiac poll, coming in first at 61 percent, ahead of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whom John McCain now refers to, deliciously, as “whacko bird.”

Warren finished a distant 7 percent, third among Democrats behind Joe Biden. But if you think that means Warren has zero chance in 2016 — and zero interest in running — consider below...

Nationally, she was a virtual unknown just months ago. That was before she got on TV and trashed bank regulators for refusing to regulate big banks, a crusade with appeal both to young voters stalled in this shaky economy and older moderates who blame Wall Street for their shaky 401(k)s. Public Policy Polling just reported that Warren has quickly become the most popular politician among Massachusetts voters, beating both Obama and Deval Patrick.

Another Quinnipiac poll in early August measured passion toward a candidate. That poll had Warren finishing third behind only Christie and Hillary but ahead of Obama, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Ted “whacko bird” Cruz and Biden.

Posted by MannyGoldstein | Tue Oct 8, 2013, 01:19 PM (19 replies)

Just remember: if Democrats cave now, Cruz and company will look like geniuses,

saviors of their party.

Democrats are making the right noises now, which is GREAT! And I don't particularly expect them to cave his time. But if, God forbid! they do, it will be even worse than normal after the dust-up that's happened. The Cruz wing will have shown that they alone among the GOP had the temerity to fight Democrats mano-a-mano and win.

It wil suck - the crazies will be in full control of their party.

There is NO backing down now.

A little bit of trivia - most Germans thought Hitler was perilously crazy when, against the Treaty of Versailles, he re-armed the German military than starting grabbing territories from other countries. "Surely the Allies will attack us!!!" They thought. But the attacks never came, the territory was held, and Hitler became viewed by Germans as a genius of super powers who could pull off mayhem and stare down the Allies.
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Mon Oct 7, 2013, 11:46 PM (23 replies)

If the Koch brothers are truly the driving force behind the Congressional Anarchists,

then Obama and Congressional Democrats must attack them directly. Attacking their useful idiots in Congress will do nothing - because they're idiots. They don't excel at rational thought.

Americans need to know who's driving this mischief. We can vote with our pocketbooks.

And the President should invite the good brothers to the White House for a discussion. A discussion about how he'll dance on the graves of their companies if they don't cut the bullshit immediately. And how Holder will divert resources from busting medical marijuana growers to investigating the shady international dealings of their companies. Might lead to criminal conspiracy charges, wouldn't that be a shame?

We know that Presidents can do a lot of damage to people behind the scenes, e.g. the TPP and unlimited banker bailouts with no strings attached. They can do stuff to the 1% too, I understand, when needed. It's time.

Posted by MannyGoldstein | Sun Oct 6, 2013, 11:19 PM (34 replies)

I just want to say: the President's doing a good job on handling the GOP right now

Many of us here disagree on how things got to be the way they are.

But right now, I think that almost all of us agree that Obama's doing the right thing. There's a good ways to go before we're out of this particular briar patch, but if Democrats hang tough we've a much better chance of getting out in one piece.

Posted by MannyGoldstein | Thu Oct 3, 2013, 11:16 PM (129 replies)

Um, this has more to do with 20+ years of Third Way Dems appeasing real crazies,

than it has to do with the fantasy that Liberals stayed home in 2010.

When you appease crazies, they just push it further next time. And after enough go-rounds... well, here we are.

Hey, ConservaDems, cut the BS. You played with fire, we all got burned. Own it.

The time grows near for FDR Liberals to crawl out from under the bus, dust ourselves off, and get FDR results.


First-Way Manny
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Thu Oct 3, 2013, 02:19 AM (184 replies)

Looks like No-Drama Obama gets to pick his drama

Seems to me that his choices are one of the folowing:

1. Default on US debt
2. Ignore the debt ceiling, but have Fox News say mean things (and poosibly lose in court, but not likely)
3. Grand bargain the 99% further into our grave in exchange for a few more months of breathing room - might not work, Syria and "Toonces" Summers demonstrate that he doesn't have good control of Congressional Democrats anymore.
4. Hope that there's a revolt within the Clown Car. Don't hold your breath...

All are a big #%^*ing deal.

2. is the way to go.

Good luck to all of us!

Posted by MannyGoldstein | Thu Oct 3, 2013, 12:16 AM (9 replies)

If some parts of America gleefully elect these shitheads to Congress...

Is there any realistic chance that the whole country can move forward together?

Getting those people to vote in their own best interests will be like teaching quantum physics to Beavis and Butthead.


Hopefully I'll be less despondent in the morning.
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Tue Oct 1, 2013, 12:26 AM (2 replies)

If Democrats cave now, do you *really* think things will *ever* get better?


Reversing course means first stopping the plummeting. We can argue motives, but what's happened is indisputable: For 20+ years, Democrats have been appeasing and capitulating. And the 99% have plummeted.

Appease, capitulate, plummet. Repeat.

Until we end this cycle, the plummeting continues. Does anyone think that's not true? Does anyone think that the Radical Right will suddenly become decent people who value peace, prosperity, and love for all?

A government shutdown will be painful to many, but we must not trade away pain today in exchange for far more pain tomorrow.

I ask that all Democrats, both the right and the left, join together in rock-solid rejection of negotiations. Any negotiations. No clever words, no "common sense bipartisan changes that make our government better", no nothing.

The beginning of the end of this garbage must come now.


First-Way Manny
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Sun Sep 29, 2013, 11:12 PM (111 replies)

A government shutdown will suck

But we must hope that our Democratic political leaders hold tight and do the right thing.

No deals. No clever word games. No "practical, common sense changes to government that both parties can agree on."

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

We are here thanks to 20+ years of appeasing a band of desperados, thugs, idiots and lunatics. As in all other known cases of appeasing people with awful intent... well, here we are.

It must stop, or else it will only get even worse.

The end.
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Sat Sep 28, 2013, 11:33 PM (38 replies)
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