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Profile Information

Name: Manny Goldstein
Gender: Male
Hometown: Greater Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Remulak, as far as I can tell
Member since: Tue Aug 30, 2005, 09:44 AM
Number of posts: 32,675

Journal Archives

"Obama and the End of Greatness"

Decided to read the New Yorker tonight. Always love the writing, although the writers have gotten pretty stiff, could use some time at Burning Man. Or maybe it's the editors. Editors can turn wonderful prose into dreck, too.

In any case, Obama and the End of Greatness sounded pretty important, so I read it. The short story is that a former Clinton speechwriter tells us that Obama can do little more than show up and shrug, and that's OK. That we can't expect greatness anymore.

What have we become that we acquiesce to acquiescence? This stuff drives me $&@#ing nuts.

We can do much, much better, but only if we demand it. Indeed, we need a revolution. Hopefully one that's calm and without bloodshed, but the difference between what we expect and what we need is a grand canyon, and crossing it will be a bear.
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Sat Oct 25, 2014, 01:13 AM (54 replies)

Terror hiding in every corner of our country.

Except for the corners with Ebola, more of those every day.

Scary, scary times.

Meanwhile, about a thousand Americans committed suicide this week, about another thousand died from not having health insurance, some huge number died just from being poor (those losers have a much shorter life expectancy), and more children are homeless then ever.

Hey... anything good on cable?
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Fri Oct 24, 2014, 09:49 PM (4 replies)

Wow.....How Many Threads in GD Decrying The Nonexistant

decrying of Democratic GOTV?

I don't think I've seen a single post on DU decrying GOTV efforts. Have you seen any?

Perhaps only an occasional threat to not vote by a frustrated Democrat who's tired of being mooned by the folks we put in office. And some complaints from a few people who think fundraising efforts should be non-imbecilic. (Look, I like like doggies in super-hero costumes as much as the next guy but... as the focus of political advertising?)

It's pretty clear to everyone on DU that even awful Democrats are way the @#$% better than today's bat@#$% crazy Republicans. I expect that virtually everyone here will vote with gusto, and will urge everyone they know to vote Democratic as well.

Once we're past the elections, perhaps we can get up off of our asses and take our party back. But until then... it's what we got, and it's critical that we do the right thing here.
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Wed Oct 22, 2014, 09:23 PM (111 replies)

A thread in support of Dr. Howard Dean

I don't always agree with Dr. Dean, and in particular I'm weirded out by his recent cozying to the First Couple of Wall Street - perhaps he smacked his head hard on the bus's undercarriage, not much clearance down there.

In any case, Dr. Dean was the only DNC Chair in the past several decades to win back both houses of Congress, and had he not been launched from that post (in a most humiliating, unwarranted, and ungrateful fashion) I think that things would be looking much brighter for the looming elections, despite his likely avoidance of fundraising emails yammering about doggie halloween costumes.

I wish you were leading us, Dr. Dean!

(And please read the following thread: Pushing Dean Out And Ending 50 State Strategy Was A BIG Mistake For Democrats.)
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Wed Oct 22, 2014, 03:56 PM (84 replies)

I hope to God that someone was really, really stoned.

Or was hired as part of a support program to get jobs for idiots. Any alternative explanation is too awful to consider.

An email today from Rep. Wasserman Schultz, titled One really super dog:

Manny --

Lately my kids have been asking if they can dress our dogs up for Halloween. I can't blame them, either. I mean, wouldn't Demmy look good as a superhero?

Unfortunately, (or fortunately for Demmy, who doesn't want to wear a costume) Democrats don't have much time for an extended Halloween celebration this year. This election is going to be a close one until the very last second. We're neck-and-neck in important races in states like Wisconsin and Georgia, and we need to make sure we finish strong.

So Manny, will you chip in $3 or more right now?

If you donate $200 today, you'll be on the list of our best supporters we send to the FEC. If you've saved your payment information, your donation will go through immediately.


Thanks, Manny -- from Demmy and me both!


Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee

I'm trying hard to reduce my whining in the weeks before this upcoming election... but holy @#$%...



Posted by MannyGoldstein | Tue Oct 21, 2014, 10:59 PM (125 replies)

Relax. FDR Dems have *more* reason to GOTV than Third Wayers

WE know what will happen if a bill to cut Social Security benefits implement the blessing of chained CPI gets passed by Congress.

WE know what will happen if the fabulous TPP gets passed by Congress.

Things suck badly - but they could suck much worse.

Enough of this crap about the Left suppressing Democratic voters: Any real FDR Dem is getting everyone they know to vote. Even awful Dems are better than Republicans - let's get through this, then we can work to win our party back for the 99%.


First-Way Manny
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Mon Oct 20, 2014, 11:32 PM (4 replies)

Would this really lose an election today?

I don't think so. I think it would win big.

Posted by MannyGoldstein | Sat Oct 18, 2014, 12:41 AM (12 replies)


Whisper app: "Anonymously share your thoughts and secrets"

The Guardian: Revealed: how Whisper app tracks Ďanonymousí users

Posted by MannyGoldstein | Thu Oct 16, 2014, 06:43 PM (0 replies)

The Left must realize that Bernie Sanders isn't reasonable

And that's we Lefties must be Ready for Bernie.*

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

- George Bernard Shaw, Socialist (and writer)

*or Elizabeth
Posted by MannyGoldstein | Thu Oct 16, 2014, 06:08 PM (13 replies)

Leon Panetta is a scary, scary man

Listened to a podcast today, of Leon Panetta on the Diane Rehm show.

Holy $&@#.

Rehm made a full-frontal accusation that Panetta threw the President under the bus. Panetta responded that he wished his critics would read the book. Then Panetta criticized the President for giving up against the Republicans.

Speaking of people who might not give up... Panetta made sure that Benghazi got discussed, and to tell us that it was a tragedy but we did the best we could. I think he was working that in for Hillary, to complement the "we need tough leadership that won't give up" meme.

But for me, the highlight of the show was Terra! Terra!

Apparently, we have a terrible Terra! problem. ISIS is truely the worst worst-enemy-ever. An even-eviler and better trained foe than al Qaeda, and it's metastasized so it can be anywhere.

Terrible, terrifying Terra! It will require 30 years to defeat our newest most-terrible foe, and boots will be needed on the ground, but definitely not US boots. Someone else's. Hopefully someone else will step up to do it, that's not a bunch of savage scoundrels themselves. But it has to be done. Hell, Obama should have done it long time ago. Then whoever offs ISIS can go on to off Assad.

Panetta's got big plans for decades of bloodletting.

Now, I'm not a licensed therapist of any sort, nor have I stayed at any chain of hotels that imbue me with great intelligence... but I think that Mr. Panetta is dangerously crazy. What has this country come to, that people with such a bias for blood and death run large swaths of our government?

It is a sickness.

We need to say no.

Posted by MannyGoldstein | Wed Oct 15, 2014, 08:13 PM (76 replies)
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