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Member since: Sun Jul 24, 2005, 07:01 AM
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I care about the oligarchy and their boot on the neck of the 99%.

I care that my son has a shit-ton of student loans and nothing to show for it. He works a minimum wage job here in SF because it's all he could find and the banks want a total payment of $6K a month. I care that my daughter and husband have decided not to have kids because they can't foresee ever being able to afford it. No hope and it breaks my heart.

I care deeply about the shit black Americans deal with on a daily basis. No hope and it breaks my heart. Katrina put me in the hospital with a GI bleed. Sandra's death in police custody is outrageous. All the harrassment, disrespect, and death is horrifyingly to me. No, I don't want a cookie. I'm just an ignorant privileged white girl that cares deeply about something I can never really fully understand. I get that.

I'm voting for Bernie because I trust him. He's as constant as the day is long. I know it will take more than that, that it will also take a progressive Congress. But at least I KNOW Bernie is not beholden to the MIC or Wall Street. In my opinion, he's the best shot we've got to right the wrongs some Democrats including Bill Clinton and the GOP have inflicted on this country. Things that have caused a lot of heartache and suffering.

Off to work now. We live in different worlds but if nothing else know I give a shit. Peace.
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