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Name: Rak
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2005, 07:56 PM
Number of posts: 27,679

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What Lewandowski's firing means for the Trump Campaign

Like many folks, I first treated Donald Trump's entry in to the GOP campaign as a joke. Then, it struck me that he was precisely the guy to excite the nuttiest nuts in the nut factory. About March, April, I was convinced that he was going to win the nomination.

But, at the same time, I always felt that his whole campaign was a joke, a put-on job, an ego-stroking, masturbatory effort at selling his personal brand. And, I was convinced that he was going to find some escape route, a means to quit while gaining the maximum amount of free coverage.

Like any PT Barnum apprentice, Trump instinctively knows what will create media attention and grab the short attention spans of the functionally illiterate, the willfully ignorant, and those morons who actually believe that the Tea Party was started as a ground roots movement. He has been a master at it, and has achieved an enviable success. Considering just how few Tea partiers remain, and how lucky we are to have a small, demented, but extremely vocal minority of imbeciles, morons, anti-intellectuals, and flat-earthers, Trump's success is almost unbelievable. Considering that Trump got 14,000,000 votes throughout the campaign (and I would suggest that 4,000,000 of those were protest votes, sarcastically cast, or used to protest our gamed economic and social systems) that means that Trump acheived the unthinkable.

If the net percentage of America's population were broken down into mental capacity, knowledge, experience, and relative "sanity" groups, this means that Trump earned 85% of ENTIRE moron vote in America. That is an astounding figure.

Given the growing hatred of Trump, especially on GOP side of the aisle, I had expected him to concoct some lame, unprovable excuse, and retire from politics. He just would not work as president, and the demands on his time would drive him crazy.

Unfortunately, all of my predictions, ideas, and predictions about this race just went out the toilet. Down the window? Something like that. Lewandowski had two things going for him. He was as rude and arrogant as his boss, and he had the ultimate insider's respect and reliance that Trump had deigned to award him.

This was, under Lewandowski, a loser's campaign, run by a loser, organized by a loser, promoting a loser, in a race that the loser was going to lose. By any measurement, the Trump campaign was a disorganized, bundle of inane, often contradictory, and pointless decisions made by one person - Trump - and put into action by his closest aide, - Lewandowski.

What his resignation means is that Trump took to heart some advice from someone within the GOP monstrosity, someone got his attention, and gave him strong advise on what he needs to to do campaign successfully. Given just how little Trump likes or takes advise from others, I suspect it was an interesting meeting or conversation.

The upshot is that Lewandowski is gone. It also means that Trump is in it to the end. It means that Trump now wants the presidency. Bring out your popcorn and fasten your seatbelt. It will be a hell of a ride for the upcoming months.


On edit. It looks like the folks who got TRump's attention were adult family members. Either way, the prediction that he would withdraw was just plain wrong. With his family supporting his presidential campaign, he has wrapped himself into a bubble chamber in which he can do no wrong. And that means he is running for president.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Mon Jun 20, 2016, 01:50 PM (28 replies)

any polling data on the Illinois Senate race?

Tammy Duckworth has been in the background for a bit. Pity, some of Rauner's talks (out of one side of his mouth in Chicago, out of the other downstate) should give her fodder for free press.

Kirk made a big splash with his post-support of Trump with his refusal to support him.

One thing Trump has taught us, the media is like a school of dumb fish. Flash a shiny object in front of them, and they dash for it, ignoring everything else.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Mon Jun 13, 2016, 03:03 PM (1 replies)

One possibly bad impact caused by this despicable event?

Trump wins the presidency. I am sure is already planning how to capitalize on this. I only hope he goes too far and pisses all of America off,

We know the NRA is meeting and planning a response. We can be sure Mitch McConnell and John Boe . . . Paul Ryan are plotting on how to keep gun control off the legislature's agenda. And we know that the vast portion of America are in tears and mourning.

What a fucked up time to live in.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Sun Jun 12, 2016, 02:19 PM (13 replies)


Years ago, I took a grad level psych course about how organizations, partnerships, and corporations got stuck in making really bad decisions. A combination of "group think," a perceived need to please the boss, and a fear of retribution all contributed to making a potentially bad choice into a really, really bad decision.

The Tribune Media Corpse decided to remake its image, stress how hip and modern it is, and to set a new, flashy, and "with it" reality as it moves from paper to plastic. Oops, that was the grocery industry from the 1980s. From paper to online services news reporting.

Someone at the Tribune had already came up with the cost cutting idea of replacing a couple of dozen national and international reporters with purchased content from the pseudo news paper, USAToady. That village idiot probably failed to check the content of its local Chicago rival, the Chicago suntimes, that had done just that a few years ago. What a brilliant idea - beat the competition by cutting staff and having the identical national and international content from a third party.

That village idiot just made things worse. They renamed Trib (at least the name maintained some semblance of a decent rep) TRONC. I KID YOU NOT!

According to the urban dictionary, tronc means:

Someone/thing that is very old and archaic trying to act young and hip

How fitting.

I don't know the details of how "tronc" was chosen, but it has all the earmarks of all those factors I studied years ago in that psych class - with that same laughable result.



Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Fri Jun 3, 2016, 07:35 AM (5 replies)

Who Hillary would appoint vs. Bernie vs. trump

For Veep, Bill
For secState, SYdney Blumenthal
For sec def, robert kagan
For treasury some exec VP from Goldman
For chief of staff, Huma
Ambassador to UN Nuland (Kagan's wife, and Hill's go to moron in Europe and Ukraine)

For VEEP, Warren
As for the rest, I don't know

Trump has already picke several loathsome critters, including a racist, flat earth Christianist.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Fri May 27, 2016, 12:20 PM (1 replies)

Emails? Publicists? What is happening to this election?

On one side, you have Donald, who was clearly pretending to be his press agent decades ago, who is about to explode, implode, or just quit.

On the other side, it seems as though actual violations of federal law did take place, and Hillary will be forced to testify or give a statement about an unbelievable failure to protect very secret information, communications, plans and even intentions and goals.

Bar none, this is the weirdest election cycle I have ever seen in my short life. (I am only 5'9") There is a possibility that neither TRump nor Hillary will be available at the time of their parties' conventions.

It almost seems as though political life has become a multiplayer video game, where you have no idea where the goals lay, or what the rules are.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Fri May 13, 2016, 08:59 PM (1 replies)

Paul Ryan has first, good original thought.

It stuns the constant observer of the House. He actually had a really good idea, both self-serving and devious, at the same time.

Ryan agreed to withdraw from the position of The GOP Convention leader should The Donald demand it of him.

He agreed to, should the request be made. This gives Ryan a huge edge.

A. It endears him to those GO pee-ers who hate trump
B. It gives him an out to avoid the taint of what will be a bloody, if not deadly GOP convention
C. It allows the Donald to own everything about this election
D. It keeps Ryan's presidential hopes alive.

Amazingly brilliant, for an ignoramous whose economic ideas would destroy the world economy.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Mon May 9, 2016, 10:13 PM (4 replies)

Assuming she wins the nom, who would be in her cabinet?

Huma, obviously, as chief of staff.
Sidney Blumenthal, either as SecState, head of the NSC, or head of the CIA/NSA?
Victoria Nuland as UN ambassador
John Bolton as special advisor on the Middle East
David Koch in charge of reforming Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid
Jamie Dimon as SecTreas
Rahm Emanuel as health and human services
Don Blankenship as head of the EPA

Who else?
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Wed Apr 27, 2016, 07:52 AM (69 replies)

One News Now

is the webshyte for ultra-conservative christians who prefer to have their facts mangled, chewed, distorted and whitewashed before being fed to them. 24 hours ago, Kasich and Cruz apparently had a plan to cooperate.
Today, that bargain between less than equals already collapsed.

So, this afternoon, what did the AFA write:

A pair of political analysts agree that political tag-teaming by Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich might succeed against Donald Trump.

On Sunday, the two presidential campaigns issued coordinated statements outlining an agreement: Kasich will withdraw his campaign efforts in Indiana, and Cruz will do the same in Oregon and New Mexico.

The strategy is to help the two candidates pull delegates from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who is inching closer to 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination. But will it work?

Sandy Rios"If Cruz carries Indiana and gets those delegates, and Kasich Oregon and New Mexico and gets those," says Sandy Rios, "they will prevent Donald Trump from getting enough delegates to win on the first ballot."

Rios, a radio-talk show host for American Family Radio, has privately endorsed Cruz.

When their very premise is DOA, it is fun to watch their teeny brains start smoldering before they catch on fire.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Tue Apr 26, 2016, 01:30 PM (0 replies)

So multiple polls show Bernie tied or beating Hillary across the country.

Got it.

But the argument from Team Hill we hear most often is, frankly, specious and hollow. She loses to Cruz, Trump, and Kasich. Bernie beats them all. And then there is this:

Where Trump is viewed favorably by 34.5 percent of the likely voters, Cruz is viewed favorably by only 22.3 percent. Trumpís fav-unfav rating of negative 26.1 looks positively sunny compared to Ted Cruzís rating of negative 48.0.

She loses to those bozos? With such bad negatives? Oh, right. Not only does she share many policy positions with the GOP, she shares in the same net negative ratings.

Tell me again why she is inevitable?

Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Sat Apr 16, 2016, 08:01 AM (24 replies)
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