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Name: Rak
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Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2005, 07:56 PM
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consider: if Trump is elected,

he will tweet his way through the presidency, repeatedly exposing his ignorance, seasoned by his racist, sexist, and fascist positions.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Sun Sep 18, 2016, 02:46 PM (12 replies)

Read the transcript, watched Lauer's crappy interview, read about his love of Putin

I think that there are three and only three choices.

a. Trump is trying to lose because his only plan was to promote himself and his upcoming TV/news/Cable/info-taint-ment company with the help of Roger Ailes.

b. He is insane.

c. This is all a deliberate hoax. He is thumbing his nose (and other body parts) at the general public and is secretly laughing his ass off at how gullible a large minority of the American population is so dumb, so uneducated, and so predictable that no matter what he says or does, they still support him.

Can someone help me out on determining which of the three it really is, or if there are other choice, let me know what they are?

Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Thu Sep 8, 2016, 01:24 PM (3 replies)

Spent 48 minutes cancelling digital election spam this morning.

From both Dem candidates in the Florida senate race, to Minnesota pleas for money. From NJ begging for 1,2,or even 5 dollars, to multiple DCCC and DSCC requests. From Nevada to Arizona. From Indiana to Texas. They all look the same, they all have the same scent of desperation, they all appear to be created by the same group of fund-raising folks. I actually lost count how many times I unsubscribed. And that is just from democratic candidates.

My reaction to all this fund-raising crap? I am sick and tired of their emails and pleas. So I unsubscribed from them all (and STILL get stuff from a few of them.) I am sure I am not the only one to feel like this. But too much is too much. I will give, mainly to Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, but on my terms and at my leisure, not because of 20+ ever more hysterical emails.

They HAVE to change the way they operate. They are beginning to turn people off.

Unfortunately, I am now starting to get GOP requests, probably because I lurk at the AFA and Horn, reading what the enemy has to offer. (It is like reading Mein Kampf, but without the logic).

Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Thu Sep 1, 2016, 04:18 PM (3 replies)

Trump announces fix of East Chicago's lead problem

East Chicago has suffered from serious lead poisoning, a fact known by the District EPA since 2006. Yet, it did nothing, not until citizens began doing their own tests. Finally, the EPA began test results from 2014 In some cases, dirt 6 inches deep has lead levels more than 30 times the maximum permitted level. The EPA admitted that its 2008 plan to remove some contaminated soil without displacing residents was an utter failure.

The Trump campaign immediately pounced on what they called another failure by the Obama Administration: "Yet again, the racist, incompetent Nasty Obama administration fell down on the job. I have a solution, one that will permanently fix this problem.

"People, I've told you before, and I'll tell you again, only I can fix every problem this country faces. In East Chicago, the solution is easy. I'm going to raise the lead standard. In fact, I will raise standards across the country on every issue. Raising standards will lead to solutions! Right now, our stupid, stupid EPA has issued lead standards of 0.015 mg/L. I am raising those standards to 0.15 mg/L. Not only will this solve the problem of lead in East Chicago, it will help communities and businesses across this country. Higher standards are good for everyone!"
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Wed Aug 31, 2016, 08:52 AM (11 replies)

Captain Kirk, losing his enterprise.

Kudos to our senatorial candidate for calling out his Obama is a drug dealer in chief comment.

He really is on some bizarre orbit around this flat earth, and not fully grounded in our reality.

I have known many stroke victims, I have watched them struggle as they recover and regain their abilities, but I have never seen a senator stay in office when he clearly is physically and mentally disabled.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Wed Aug 24, 2016, 10:15 PM (4 replies)

"I'm from the trump campaign and I am here to help."

I channeled Sir Ronald of Raygun while listening to Teh Donald while he was filmed grabbing 2 boxes of aid and handing them to the next person. His words? "The devastation is terrible, until you see it, you don't know how bad it is. I am here to help. "

How, Donald? How?
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Fri Aug 19, 2016, 05:11 PM (1 replies)

Is it evil for my icy cold heart to experience schadenfreude?


If there were any asshole more deserving of a biblical flood, I cannot think of one. Tony Perkins has destroyed more lives and brainwashed more folks than most people still living. While his body count does not approach ISIL, Boko Haram, or others, he has caused endless pain and suffering simply because his poor interpretation of a badly translated, irrational, contradictory, and mostly stolen two part work of fiction says (to his mind) that he should.

Frankly, I hope those storm clouds follow him around much like a character in a that dude in a Douglass Adams book.

A home owned by the head of a “family” group that has claimed that the LGBT community could bring about human extinction has been nearly destroyed in a flood.

In 2015, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins interviewed extreme Messianic Jewish pastor Jonathan Cahn, who suggested that Hurricane Joaquin, which devastated Hawaii, was a “sign of God’s wrath” against abortion and the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on same-sex marriage. Perkins agreed, saying that while “those on the left like to mock these things,” American leaders have historically viewed hurricanes as signs that “God is trying to send us a message.”

A year later, however, it’s a much different story. On Tuesday, Perkins said he and his family had to escape their Louisiana home in a canoe over the weekend because of the state’s devastating ― and record-breaking ― floods.

“This is a flood of, I would have to say, near-biblical proportions,” Perkins told listeners on his “Washington Watch” radio show, as heard in the audio snippet below. “This is unlike anything we’ve seen before... It’s a matter of picking up the pieces.”

So, is it bad for me to smile, even a little? I usually feel empathy for anyone who suffers. Not in this case. Here is but one example of the blitherings, blatherings, bullshit, and beastly statements:

Perkins returned to the topic later in the program, once again linking sexual assaults in the military to the policy allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly and linking porn viewing by government employees in general to the “sexually charged environment” promoted by Obama.

“Of course, the military has been ground zero in the president’s sexual agenda, first repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, women in frontline combat … and guess what’s happened?” he said. “I know this will surprise you, but sexual assaults have gone through the roof.”

“That’s the result of this sexually charged environment, the results of policies of the Obama administration,” he said. “So we shouldn’t be surprised that every other agency is having these issues.”
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Thu Aug 18, 2016, 03:34 PM (7 replies)

I can outrun David Rudisha

If he is encased in 15th century armor, is carrying two huge water tank water bottles (full), and is dragging a deployed parachute behind him.

Maybe. Maybe not.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Mon Aug 15, 2016, 10:00 PM (6 replies)

Today's London Review of Books explains Trump phenomena

Last issue had a review involving the selection of Trump and his unbelievable rise. A GREAT letter to the editor contains this priceless gem:

"If Eliot Wienberger still finds himself perplexed by the Republican Party's deletion of Donald Trump as its presidential candidate, he need look no further than the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) for an explanation:


1. Deceit, fraud, imposture, trickery. Obs.

2. Something of less value than it seems; hence 'something of no value,trifles'; worthless stuff, trash, rubbish.

b. Applied to abstract things, as beliefs, practices, discourse, writing, etc: nonsense, 'rubbish.'

c. Applied contemptuously to religious practices, ceremonies, ornaments, etc.; regarded as idle or superstitious.

d. Showy, but unsubstantial apparel, worthless finery."

I had no idea the OED used Teh Donald as a template for some of the definitions contained therein. Their unerring accuracy is almost scary.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Fri Aug 12, 2016, 04:30 PM (0 replies)

The RNC doesn't get it. Teh Don will "win" this meeting.

This is the $#|¥ he thrives on. A private meeting, on one side, the RNC with its desperation seeping through the walls. On the other, Teh Don, ready to "negotiate" a deal. No matter what happens, the RNC will walk away quietly, and teh Don will proclaim victory. That is how he operates.

The idea that the RNC has a spine under these circumstances is simply wishful thinking. They will be spinned, bent, cut, torn, spindled, mutilated - and they won't even know it.
Posted by ChairmanAgnostic | Fri Aug 12, 2016, 08:31 AM (3 replies)
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