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Bye to all the good people here. Please, for the innocents - especially the children around the world, don\\\'t let the warmongering *\\\'ks blow it all up. Whoops, too late! Looks like it\'s a done deal with the blessing of the usual bomb first, cry about (the cost) later crowd. polly

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Africa’s Disputed Trees

Africa’s Disputed Trees
By Mark Hertsgaard


Source: Le Monde DiplomatiqueSunday, December 11, 2011

"At first the women weren’t sure they could do it. Or should do it. Many in the village agreed. Digging holes, planting trees, being leaders, weren’t these men’s jobs? “Everyone said we were crazy,” said vivacious Nakho Fall. We were in Koutal, a village in western Senegal where goats and chickens amble across sandy lanes that separate households. She was sitting under a shade tree with other women and their children; at 11am it was already very hot. (A month later the summer rains and humidity would make that day’s weather seem sublime.)"...

"So, defying local stereotypes, the women of Koutal decided to fight for their village. With seedlings and technical expertise supplied by the Senegalese government and foreign donors, they spent six years transforming 290 hectares of land from bare, crusted soil into a thriving agro-forestry reserve. They now harvest timber to sell in local markets and grow millet and other crops to eat. Incomes and food production have risen substantially, and they look to the future with a new confidence. “We are very proud that our children will benefit from this land,” said Adam Ndiaye, a grandmother. “And they will know this work was done by women.”"....

"Africa will suffer first and worst

The famine in the Horn of Africa is the latest reminder of what scientists have been saying for years: Africa will suffer first and worst from the extra heat and drought from climate change over the coming decades. Famine is not the only reason that 750,000 people — half of them children — are likely to die in the Horn soon, according to the United Nations: Somalia, the epicentre of the famine, has been plagued by civil war and a non-functioning government for years. But this famine was brought to a head by the worst drought in 60 years, which has caused deprivation and hunger in neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia, both more stable countries."...

I'm really going to miss the old DU homepage.

I originally loved the setup here and all the new features, but going back and forth between here and DU2 has been making me sad .... the old homepage had everything .... videos, journals, greatest ... all the news. It was all the best of DU in a single click, and felt like home. This feels sort of like moving from a tight, urban community to the burbs.

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