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Member since: Sat Jun 18, 2005, 10:17 PM
Number of posts: 13,418

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Hello Women,

Still here. I haven't posted here in a very, very long time. But I did read from one of the many that I've placed on my Ignore List that I am the one who has given feminists a bad name...and anyone who is a 'friend' of mine is 'bad' as well.

I have no friends here. No one ever emails me unless to say, "Oh femrap, I agree with you about such and such, but of course I can't say that on the board."

I will go to my grave believing that the Superman comic posted by our sweetest of sweetest dudes (SSD) was sexist. And I didn't think it was funny. And that wasn't Lois Lane. Lois Lane has flown. Goddess, here I am explaining f*cking comics. I always hated comics...I guess because they were all dudes. Does Wonder Woman fly? I can't remember and I watched her TV show. Yes, I'm old. And I don't think The 3 Stooges are funny either. Does that make me a pariah, ninny, asshole, etc? I gotta say I hadn't heard that word, 'pariah,' for a while. It's got a nice ring to it.

I liked SSD's animal pictures....but has anyone else seen a photo that did NOT involve animals? I'm just curious, because I don't remember.

I posted the emails I received about our SSD because I didn't want to hide anything...plus I'm tired of explaining my self and summarizing. Plus I'm tired of typing. I'm just plain tired. Here's the emails, read them, try to form an opinion that doesn't reflect mob anger.

I don't know why Patiod or SSD used their real names, but they did, Blanche. And I guess I'm supposed to correct their errors. WTF?

I've emailed Skinner saying I'll take a pizza (tombstone, whatever...PPR????) to go. And of course I just sent the dude a check which I told him to tear up if I'm 'pizza-ed.'

What a f*cking junior high. And if one can't see that SSD didn't get enough attention as a child, well, you're not paying attention. I guess he's already cracking and is coming back after his feet have been slobbered over. Goddess help my exhausted soul.

Right now I have bigger troubles than worrying about DU. Since I had to move closer to my mom's house, I now have neighbors who have decided that I need to go since I've complained about their 24/7 TV/stereo. "We gonna beat the ever loving crap out of you. We gonna get rid of you." Do you know how heavy a gun makes your purse? My back hurts.

So being called names by people I don't know is way down on the list of what is important. But I have to say that the the smell of hatred is very sweet in the morning when it comes from people who don't know who you are or where you live....and I can put them on Ignore.

Anyway, I saw the 'self-deleted' posts. I kinda get a slight feeling of how the victims of McCarthy felt....but not really since I'm not dependent on DU for income. But I gotta say that the mob frenzy of anger and hatred was truly amazing. WOW. No wonder I like animals better than people.

Oh, never and I mean NEVER use a female name on The Internets. What was I thinking back in 2005. Meet JoeSlade...who takes shit from no one. Got it? Femrap...I was just asking for it.

So go ahead and alert or delete or whatever this 'democratic' place does. McCarthy would be so proud....not really. He didn't care what women did....we're not important.


Everyone looks back and

sees something different...I was 10 in 1962 living on a farm with clean air and eating corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake. I was lucky to live where schools were highly regarded as well as teachers. It was unheard of to drop out of school. The music was great, bullies were few, (the worse they did to me was call me fat...I swiftly kicked them in the shins).....too much corn on the cob, I guess.

My mother was divorced and was the breadwinner....and yes, if she got pregnant, she would have been fired from her job. I was not allowed into certain homes because my parents were divorced. Only Liz and Richard got divorces in those days.

What I remember is civility and manners. And not so crowded. No road rage. Children could walk the streets and ride their bikes without helmets. We spent our summers at the local pool with our transistor radios. And The Beatles were coming and everyone started to look at the world differently. Peace became something desirable and even possible. I still had Hope....lots of it.

Unions were strong and no one resented them. People cooked. Eating at McDonald's was a rarity.

I'm glad I'm old. I would hate to be a girl growing up in today's technological 24/7 MSM propaganda where beauty and Hollywood fame is all that matters.

And we are still listening to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Stones, Janis Joplin, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix...and the great Soul Music out of Detroit.

Now I look back at the days of Watergate and Tricky Dick (who is the model for RobMe's campaign...just keep changing your story until it fits whatever the political middle is) and see he was just a soft Teddy Bear compared to the Evil we are faced with today.

And Corporations knew their place in society. We still shopped at mom and pop stores.

The only hope I have these days is that the Mayans are correct and come the end of this year, we see a shift in this destructive, macho, competitive paradigm to one of cooperation and equality.

I wouldn't mind one iota if Mother Earth shrugged and turned on her axis throwing the Greedy into outer space or deep into the ocean. This happens every 26,000 years....I always thought I'd be here to experience it. It's time to hit the Reset Button.

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