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Gender: Female
Current location: Home for the winter.
Member since: Mon Apr 25, 2005, 10:44 PM
Number of posts: 59,368

About Me

We May Never Pass This Way (Again) (Lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1973) Life, so they say, is but a game and we let it slip away. Love, like the Autumn sun, should be dying but its only just begun. Like the twilight in the road up ahead, they dont see just where we are going. And all the secrets in the Universe, whisper in our ears And all the years will come and go, take us up, always up. Dreams, so they say, are for the fools and they let em drift away. Peace, like the silent dove, should be flying but its only just begun. Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage. Sail our ships out on the open sea. Cast away our fears.

Journal Archives

I will always love the BeeGees more.

I haven't gotten 6 inches in a long time.

Syfy's 12 Monkeys is looking good.

New series started yesterday. They are replaying the pilot today.

I miss insomniac news on the weekend.

It's 10 degrees outside.
The dog is sleeping. Usually SHE wants out about now.
It's awfully quite.


This sticker is on my pilot car's bumper. I wonder how many truckers have laughed about it.

We've had a mild winter thus far. It feels colder.

Only 4 snowstorms that needed shoveling. The first one was about 6 inches the others were only an inch or 2. The snow from our last storm is still blindingly bright.

I stay in as much as possible, shopping for food once or twice a month. I grew up in Georgia and never learned to embrace sub-freezing weather.

I seem to remember singing in the sunshine ...

Darn! Not even if it's an

and then there's this:

Original promo video for "Afternoon Delight" from 1976.

oh, and I'm always in the mood for something sweet.

Happy Birthday McDreamy

Looks like a great breakfast.

Happy Birthday Joan Baez! You're Aging Well

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