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rhett o rick

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Gender: Male
Member since: Fri Apr 22, 2005, 01:05 PM
Number of posts: 55,964

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Most Americans think they are free and dont you dare try to tell them otherwise.

Even many here in DU City live and love their denial. They should read Milton Mayer's, "They Thought They Were Free". But they either wont read it or deny it. After all, denial is painless, and essential for some to maintain sanity.

As the wealth is being sucked out of the lower class at an alarming rate, those in denial will point to Obamacare as proof things are getting better. Unless our election system is fixed, Obamacare will be gone in the first 100 days of 2016. Every advancement made in the last few years can be gone in an instant.

Some will say that revolution is the answer. No it isnt. It would be a great excuse for the Elite Fascist to tighten security, temporarily of course.

Is everything hopeless? Not entirely. According to Elite Theory, the Elites rule. Always have and always will. Kick out this bunch and they will be replaced with another bunch. The best we can hope for is that the Ruling Elite are benevolent. The USofA was lucky in the 1930's to have a benevolent Elite running the country. Italy, Germany and Spain werent so lucky.

Whose side is Penny Pritzker on? Will she trickle on us or let us have cake?
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