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rhett o rick

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Gender: Male
Member since: Fri Apr 22, 2005, 01:05 PM
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Actually it's a genius of a strategy.

The red team has carte blanch to rape and pillage, the blue team strongly resists the red team on social issues. These are the issues that people closely identify with. But while we are watching the dog fight over gun control for example, both the blue and red teams are picking our pockets. Now some will rationalize that at least the blue team is helping us win some of the social dog fights and when they take our wallets they dont hit us in the head with a lead pipe, so it could be worse? Yes but when you get home and find your wallet is gone, your house is gone, your job, retirement and Social Security are gone, your freedom will soon follow. Then all the hard work for social issues will quickly be flushed down the fascist toilet.

When do you think the next bank bailout will occur? I'm think around 2015.

This opinion is provided free of charge with a money back guarantee.

Those that are so eager to denigrate others by calling them CT are often

living in a carefully guarded denial bubble. They know that if we really dig we will find corruption beyond imagination. They cant handle this, therefore they want everything wrapped up in a tight bundle. And they are willing to bully those that they think might unwrap the bundle. One DU member has suggested that CT'ers be automatically PPR'd. And I assume he thinks he should make the decision. Fortunately the Admin here is more open minded.

They have us exactly where they want us. Our "two party" system includes

one party that is so radical that many Americans would vote for anyone not so radical. That's exactly what the corporate overlords want. We get the choice between the do-nothing Democrats and the whack-a-doodles. Ralph Nader was wrong to say the two parties were the same. If they were the same the American people would recognize that we didnt have a democracy. But the overlords make sure we have the allusion of choice. A choice of a whack-a-doodle or corporate friendly. Neither choice will be progressive and we, at best, will make only baby-steps toward undoing the massive damage done by the Bush Crime Family.

Here's how I see the corporate-overlord game plan. They give us Georgie Bush and Mr. Evil. After eight years of disaster for the masses the overlords back off and give us Pres Obama. Things are better and some of the population are appeased and some of the population are discouraged by the lack of real choice. Pres Obama and Sen Reid seem to have their hands tied. They are letting the Republicans run all over them.

So what's in store for 2016? I predict the overlords will run a half-way decent (not a McCain or a Mittens) candidate that will take away many votes from the Democratic challenger. Republican voters that were revolted by the 2014 clowns and voted for Pres Obama or didnt vote. The Democratic challenger will most likely be a DLC type, corporate friendly and not willing to take on the big corporations and Wall Street. So it should be a close race and win-win for our corporate overlords.

Our democracy is only an illusion.
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