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rhett o rick

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Member since: Fri Apr 22, 2005, 01:05 PM
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Do not feel too harshly towards those that need the comfort of their denial bubbles.

We see it here in DU as a reflection of our society. People form denial bubbles because they cant (or choose not to) deal with certain challenges to their realities. I think we all live in bubbles with different boundaries. Some challenge the bubble boundaries (usually not conservatives) while others, not only dont challenge their boundaries but lash out at anyone that might dare to suggest they make the challenge.

Seems that some of us, when faced with a horrific reality, seek to rationalize or minimize the horror. To think that an organization was capable of plotting and carrying out the assassination of a popular president can be overwhelming. And to add to that, the idea that part of our government could have been involved can be way too much reality for some.

To some it seems to be more comfortable to rationalize that a lone nitwit could defeat the security surrounding the president. And since he was conveniently silenced, the case is closed and should never, ever be discussed again.

IMHO humans conspire at all levels.

Do not blame the businesses.

If you dont restrain capitalism, this is what you get. In spite of what Justice Roberts says businesses are not human and do not have morals. In a capitalistic system the goal is to gain as much wealth as possible and morals get in the way of that goal. Some will argue that we have humans running the companies. Sure we do, and those humans that use morals to run their businesses soon find out that they "gain" less than the companies that are not guided by morals and they are soon replaced.

Bad analogy time

Let's say we are going to have a football game and someone says "Hey we have too many regulations. Let's eliminate the regulation on how many players can be in the game." So Team A fields 11 players and Team B fields 20 players and proceeds to kick Team A's asses. Team A complains that it wasnt fair or moral for team to play with more players. Team B responds that the goal is to win the game not be the most moral.

The goal in capitalism is to gain wealth not be moral. If we want morality we must force it on the corporations, not sit back and expect them to see the light and voluntarily become moral.

I think this is a profound article. But first Happy Nude Year to all.

At least as I read it.

I truly believe we are doomed. What I mean is that peoplekind can not continue long in the direction we are headed and I see no stopping us. Those humans that lived in concert with the earth have long been wiped out leaving us that desperately want to increase our standard of living and are willing to do so at the expense of others. We have our bubbles to isolate us from this reality.

If we said that we could end poverty in America today if everyone of us cut our standard of living by 25%, how many of us would do it? There are certainly some that would and I believe Occupy gave us a glimpse of what would happen to those that tried. If you wonder why decent people will stand by and watch peaceful protestors, wanting only freedom and fairness, get brutalized, it's because the protestors dare to try to drag us out of our bubbles.

We may make some remarkable efforts for correction, but the greedy seem always to win out and they are more than willing to kill the goose laying the golden eggs.

In spite of this I vow to fight for freedom, fairness and equality, harder than ever this year.

Posted by rhett o rick | Tue Jan 1, 2013, 11:48 AM (0 replies)
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