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rhett o rick

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Member since: Fri Apr 22, 2005, 01:05 PM
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I cant feel sorry for the rubes that gambled on FB. It is so easy to bilk greedy people.

Wall Street is a gambling street. You place your bets and take your chances. The difference is that in Las Vegas, the odds are a lot better. I think it's about 95% on the dollar slots. That means if you bet long enough you will end up with 95% of your money. Not a good retirement plan. But, and I have no real figures, on Wall Street, I bet your odds are less than 50% against the "House". The House in Las Vegas is carefully controlled to keep them from bilking you. Not so on Wall Street where the House can manipulate the dice, slot machine, etc. Now some will argue that over the long haul Wall Street is a good "investment". What that means is that if the economy (nothing to do with Wall Street) is growing then your gamble may pay back a decent return. But most likely it is just a bigger bubble. You see Wall Street is all about bubbles. When you put your money on a stock you are hoping the bubble will continue and you can get out before it bursts. Trouble is that the insiders know when bubbles start and when they end and they get out before you can unless you are very lucky. Bernie Madoff wasnt doing anything that Wall Street doesnt do.

Wall Street uses sophisticated sounding terms like investing instead of gambling. People that would never be proud of gambling are all over themselves about their "investments". But think about it. You buy stocks from Fred because you think the stock price will go up and he doesnt. Then you sell it to Joe because you think it will go down and he doesnt. None of the money goes to a company to buy equipment. You are gambling. And we have seen evidence that all kinds of methods can be used to manipulate the stock price. In fact, CEO's have learned that stock price manipulation can be very lucrative. Even more important than building a good product.

I find it interesting to see relatively intelligent people that claim to be against the abuses of Wall Street, putting their money on the line so they might share the get rich dream.

Wall Street is a racket and the rubes always get taken.

Is Exxon a nation?

A nation is a group of people so I don’t think Exxon qualifies as a nation, but IMO, they are definitely a strong, independent sovereignty.

Exxon has to be one of the most powerful entities in the world. They are not a “USofA” company, but an entity all of their own. They have zero allegiance to the USofA. They use our country’s resources, infrastructure and military, and not only don’t pay for it, WE PAY them. We give them corporate welfare. We cover their risks while they keep the rewards. They are so powerful they have literally purchased some control of our government and have given themselves very large subsidies. But you wont hear anything bad about Exxon in the corp-media. Exxon pays the media large sums of money for “advertising” and/or share the same people on Boards of Directors with the large media corporations. The advertising money yields favorable treatment from the media.

It looks to me like globalization means the formation or creation of corporate sovereignty's.

Trickledown - Have you received your trickle?

In the last 30 years the trend in the USofA was for the gap between the rich and the 99% to continue widening. If this trend continues, we will live in a Kingdom or Serfdom like Saudi Arabia. Let me repeat that. If we don’t reverse this “Trickledown” trend, we the 99% will become poor, peons, paupers, etc. Kiss the middleclass goodbye.
The Democrats are trying to slow this trend down but the Republicans make no bones that they don’t want this trend to stop let alone reverse.

You can fool the American people some of the time, but you can fool the gullible Republicans all of the time. “Honest, Charlie Brown, this time wealth will really trickle down.”

I apologize for the condescension above. I tried to write this to a gullible.

Edit: Had to correct "condensation" to condescension. Damn OttoCorrect.
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