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rhett o rick

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Republicans desperate for a wedge issue look to religious freedom for their answer.

The Republicans are getting desperate and looking for wedge issues for the upcoming election. Issues that can be used to polarize voters, usually related to religion or dogma. They were more than happy when some Catholic bishops (not parishioners) objected to including contraception with their employee’s health coverage. The bishops claim this is violating their religious freedoms. The Republican candidates couldn’t wait to jump in. Forget the economy, the war in Afghanistan, and bailing out Bank of America, they must protect religious freedoms. But the government isn’t requiring anyone to use birth control only requiring the option (option means freedom to choose which Republicans are know to hate) to be included in health insurance coverage. Women would be free to make their own minds up (OMG, now I know why Republicans are against it). And in fact, over 90% of Catholic women disagree with the church’s dogma against birth control. And with almost 100% of American women using birth control, who is out of touch? If you guess the Catholic bishops AND the Republican candidates, you win.
Now some will argue that the Catholic church shouldn’t be forced to pay for something they don’t believe in (something the bishops dont believe in not parishioners) those that make this argument should be reminded that some of us don’t believe in the war in Afghanistan, yet our tax dollars (and a lot of them) go to fight this unnecessary war.

This post was inspired by Katha Pollitt, “Obama Stands Up to Bishops. Finally.” Feb 20, 2012, The Nation. She does a much better job of course.
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