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rhett o rick

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Member since: Fri Apr 22, 2005, 12:05 PM
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There is a large part of the American public that is afraid of change.

They are good people but they just are afraid of changing the status quo. When you point out all their fellow citizens that are suffering, they dont want to hear it. They read and watch the corporate news even when you tell them the truth lies elsewhere. They are afraid the truth will compel them to do something. They hold on to the status quo like a favorite baby blanket. They have been indoctrinated in the meme that change can bring worse times. Struggle and you will get The Newt.

But these people (they prickle at any of the names given them, and refuse to identify themselves) know that in this fight between ThePeople and our corporate overlords, their inaction helps the overlords and yet they will eventually suffer along with ThePeople. These people see their fellow citizens represented by OWS sinking in the quagmire but they wont help. Some will offer the advice to "stop struggling", other just turn their backs, and some openly disparage the protestors, afraid they will bring the wrath of the overlords.

The movement is now. You can join or not, but either way the overlords will not appreciate you.

If you are tempted to answer the violence of the state with violence,

think again, please. Violence is an authoritarian tool to terrorize We The People into submission. Any violence by us is welcomed by the state to justify much higher levels of violence against us. A goal of protests is to awaken the public to the inequities and corruption of the current political and economic systems. Being violent obscures this message. Currently the state is careful not to “unjustly” imprison protestors and thereby possibly produce sympathy for the protestors. If protestors are violent then the state would be justified, at least in the minds of the public, to imprison them longer, and treat them with more brutality.

There is an excellent article about non-violence in the book, “Occupy: Scenes from Occupied America”, by Rebecca Solnit. The article is called, “Throwing Out the Master’s Tools and Building a Better House”.

From the article:
"The powerful and effective movements of the past sixty years have used the strategy of people power. It works. I changes the world. It's changing the world now. Join us. Or don't join us. But please dont try to have it both ways."
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