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rhett o rick

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I choose to believe it. Yes I understand that it's partially because I "want to believe".

Those that dont believe, also do so because they "want not to believe". They dont believe that where there is smoke, there is fire. I dont have a problem as long as they dont use ridicule to try to change my mind.

IMO it is well documented that the presidential elections were stolen in 2000 and 2004. Many still refuse to believe it because it would shake their view of reality. They argue that the DoJ hasnt done anything therefore there isnt any evidence. The poor logic is used to protect their view of reality. IMO the DoJ hasnt done anything for the same reason Al Gore conceded in 2000. He was afraid that a serious challenge to the electoral system might tear the country apart.

Here is how I see it. Karl Rove is a "fixer". He has a documented history of influencing elections. Give him a blank check and I guarantee he will try to "fix" an election or three. That's what he does. In the last couple of years with all the distractions of all the nitwits running for the repub nomination, I kept saying "keep your eyes on Karl". He is up to something. I also believe that the oligarch overlords didnt worry about nominating a total train wreck because the fix was in.

As far as Anon, I believe it wouldnt be hard to monitor Rove's minions and interfere with their attempts to flip votes. I also believe that something went very wrong on election night. Karl's behavior indicated such.

Bullies come in different forms. We all know the leader bullies but the follower bullies

are just as bad. The follower bullies reinforce and enable the leader bullies to have enough nerve to bully. IMO bullies are by nature cowards, so they need an advantage before they will bully. Size is often the advantage, but so are numbers. I have seen posters in DU get bullied by a group of bullies that are brave in numbers. Also, some bullies believe they have God, the law or the rules behind them to justify their bullying. They are only trying to clean up the neighborhood or DU. I call them self-righteous bullies.

IMO calling out jurors or alerters because you dont agree with their decisions, is a form of bullying.

It is difficult to stand up to bullies. One needs the community and friends help to eliminate the bullies' advantage. I am not talking about retribution, I am talking about support. If you see someone being bullied at work, at school or anywhere, stand with them. A lot of times, that's all it takes.

Greed will be the downfall of the greedy.

With Citizens United behind them the oligarch overlords can buy whatever Republican candidate they want and maybe even buy his election. But instead of buying a moderate, half-way decent human being that might actually appeal to many Americans, they went for it all. They chose a robot. Someone they could completely control. Someone that is willing to give his soul to be called Mr. President. They thought with the CU ruling and their billions they had it in the bag. They over-stepped.

But donít celebrate too soon. It aint over and they are learning as they go.

The irony so far is that the Citizens United decision has hurt conservatives most. They have seen a whack-a-doddle and his backers literally (well sort of literally) buy the candidacy out from under them.

I cant feel sorry for the rubes that gambled on FB. It is so easy to bilk greedy people.

Wall Street is a gambling street. You place your bets and take your chances. The difference is that in Las Vegas, the odds are a lot better. I think it's about 95% on the dollar slots. That means if you bet long enough you will end up with 95% of your money. Not a good retirement plan. But, and I have no real figures, on Wall Street, I bet your odds are less than 50% against the "House". The House in Las Vegas is carefully controlled to keep them from bilking you. Not so on Wall Street where the House can manipulate the dice, slot machine, etc. Now some will argue that over the long haul Wall Street is a good "investment". What that means is that if the economy (nothing to do with Wall Street) is growing then your gamble may pay back a decent return. But most likely it is just a bigger bubble. You see Wall Street is all about bubbles. When you put your money on a stock you are hoping the bubble will continue and you can get out before it bursts. Trouble is that the insiders know when bubbles start and when they end and they get out before you can unless you are very lucky. Bernie Madoff wasnt doing anything that Wall Street doesnt do.

Wall Street uses sophisticated sounding terms like investing instead of gambling. People that would never be proud of gambling are all over themselves about their "investments". But think about it. You buy stocks from Fred because you think the stock price will go up and he doesnt. Then you sell it to Joe because you think it will go down and he doesnt. None of the money goes to a company to buy equipment. You are gambling. And we have seen evidence that all kinds of methods can be used to manipulate the stock price. In fact, CEO's have learned that stock price manipulation can be very lucrative. Even more important than building a good product.

I find it interesting to see relatively intelligent people that claim to be against the abuses of Wall Street, putting their money on the line so they might share the get rich dream.

Wall Street is a racket and the rubes always get taken.

Is Exxon a nation?

A nation is a group of people so I donít think Exxon qualifies as a nation, but IMO, they are definitely a strong, independent sovereignty.

Exxon has to be one of the most powerful entities in the world. They are not a ďUSofAĒ company, but an entity all of their own. They have zero allegiance to the USofA. They use our countryís resources, infrastructure and military, and not only donít pay for it, WE PAY them. We give them corporate welfare. We cover their risks while they keep the rewards. They are so powerful they have literally purchased some control of our government and have given themselves very large subsidies. But you wont hear anything bad about Exxon in the corp-media. Exxon pays the media large sums of money for ďadvertisingĒ and/or share the same people on Boards of Directors with the large media corporations. The advertising money yields favorable treatment from the media.

It looks to me like globalization means the formation or creation of corporate sovereignty's.

Trickledown - Have you received your trickle?

In the last 30 years the trend in the USofA was for the gap between the rich and the 99% to continue widening. If this trend continues, we will live in a Kingdom or Serfdom like Saudi Arabia. Let me repeat that. If we donít reverse this ďTrickledownĒ trend, we the 99% will become poor, peons, paupers, etc. Kiss the middleclass goodbye.
The Democrats are trying to slow this trend down but the Republicans make no bones that they donít want this trend to stop let alone reverse.

You can fool the American people some of the time, but you can fool the gullible Republicans all of the time. ďHonest, Charlie Brown, this time wealth will really trickle down.Ē

I apologize for the condescension above. I tried to write this to a gullible.

Edit: Had to correct "condensation" to condescension. Damn OttoCorrect.

Occupy is a movement that is part of a larger movement that started before Occupy.

I strongly support Occupy and would not suggest they change one iota. But there are millions of people that want to fix America that dont fit with Occupy. I dont know who is behind moveon but I havent yet seen any evidence that they are run by the enemy. We need to be united against the enemy, the oligarchs. They would like nothing better than to see us fighting among ourselves.

I will agree that moveon hasnt been successful, but that is no reason to exclude them. I have participated in moveon protests before Occupy.

Occupy isnt moveon and moveon isnt Occupy, but as far as I can see, we all want the same thing.

Be suspicious of those that would turn us against each other.

I think we might learn from Geraldo that the Treyvon Martin case is not just racism.

It's about authoritarianism (bullying) which of course includes racism. Geraldo may be defending Zimmerman, not because he supports racism, but because he supports authoritarianism. Zimmerman is clearly a bully and other bullies will come to his defense. There are of course leader bullies and follower bullies, but they stick together. The US media glorifies bullies.

The Republican Party has become the party of the bully.

IMO there are two kinds of bullies, the leaders and the followers. You were probably introduced to them in grade school. The leader bully likes to be tough with people he thinks are inferior to himself. He would never go up against anyone that might be a serious challenge. The follower bullies mistakenly see the bullying as strength and as they are cowardly themselves they follow along, egging the leader on and living vicariously thru him. And as I see it, the cowardly Republican Party of today look to the consummate bullies like Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh for their virility. What the follower bullies dont know, let me correct that, dont want to know is that the leader bullies are actually cowards. They would never take on anyone their own size and would never bully with out their audience of follower bullies.

Now that the Republicans are making it clear that they feel women can be bullied I think they are in trouble. I would recommend sending Lorraine Bobbit to pay Rush a visit, but I think she wouldnt find much to work with.
Posted by rhett o rick | Wed Mar 7, 2012, 05:36 PM (0 replies)

The challenge not be certain.

Ask an average child about Santa Claus and they will tell you they are certain that he exists. Their certainty comes from their reality. I think we would agree that the average childís reality is limited by their limited education and experiences. But then arenít we all limited in much the same way? Donít we each have our own unique reality? It may be similar to others, but each is unique.

This is not to say that some peopleís realities are better than otherís. But within our own reality we are tempted to be certain. I believe itís a natural tendency that helps us maintain our sanity. I believe that insanity may be a personís inability to handle their reality. They either believe in Santa Claus so strongly that they cant deal with evidence to the contrary or on the other hand, maybe they donít have the ability to believe in anything.

Although not classified as insane, I have met people that are so certain of their beliefs that there is no dissuading them.

I think that if you believe too strongly in the ritual you miss the message.

This is rambling, but any thoughts?
Posted by rhett o rick | Sat Mar 3, 2012, 12:16 PM (4 replies)
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