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Member since: Fri Apr 15, 2005, 10:35 AM
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100 yrs ago my grandmother was afraid commercial flight would destroy heaven.

If too many planes flew through the clouds.

Maybe there's some truth to that. Has anyone gotten in to heaven recently?

Scientists warn about climate change and our response is... No! It can't be. 'Think about the impact on profits!

Not OK

I could see that the white man did not care about each other the way our people did.

He has grown with me.

Over the years, Jim Carrey has gained my respect.
This topped it off. Great comedian, great philosopher.

There is more time between the Stegosaurus and T-Rex than between the T-Rex and you.

Man = Meteor

Let's cut Corporate Welfare to Social Welfare levels!

Corporate welfare costs our country way more than social welfare and it effects far fewer people. Both are paid by us, through taxes.

Corporate welfare supports people who earn upwards of 200 to 300 times what the workers for these companies earn.

Many of these companies have workers that earn so little that they need social welfare to get by... even though the corporations are posting record profits.

This is double dipping.

Our taxes pay for corporate welfare and social welfare. Yet, these corporations make profits from underpaid employees. Record profits during these years that our country is struggling.

Forget my thread's title. It should be... "Let's cut Corporate Welfare".

Our priorities are so screwed up...

We cut entitlements but not military spending.

Increase military spending but cut support for veterans.

Cut spending on the nations infrastructure but boost corporate entitlements.

The Land of the Free has the highest proportion of it's population behind bars than any other country in the world. Mostly in private, for profit, prisons.

Throw drug users in jail but let CEO's that defraud our country remain free and and able to keep their jobs.

...there are many more examples of how we are not who we pretend to be.

Collateral Damage

Sounds acceptable but it's really the killing of innocent people without accountability.

We have become what our ancestors were afraid we'd become. Heartless murderers.

Republicans have it half right about Welfare...

Welfare, and similar programs, should not exist.

But, what they will not admit, is that these social programs exist to support businesses that pay below a livable wage.

This is not welfare for the poor. It is a giveaway to business. The poor are compensated by the government so that business may profit.

Business profits directly from the taxes we pay and the poor are blamed.

You're absolutely right. But...

Welfare and food stamps are needed by many because they are single mothers of four or they lost their job when the company moved labor overseas. Real needs.

The abuse of food stamps and welfare is not by the people anywhere near the levels claimed.

The abuse is by the corporations that pay so little that employed people need food stamps and welfare to live.

It's a subsidy so Walmart investors can make a killing.
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