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Member since: Fri Apr 15, 2005, 10:35 AM
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War profiteering used to be considered immoral yet today it is who we have become.

"...U.S. foreign arms sales, which surged 36 percent to $46.6 billion in fiscal 2015 and look set to remain strong in coming years, a top Pentagon official said."

They'll remain strong since we are creating terrorists at a record rate. Collateral Damage is the key to success. Just keep killing children and families and we can ensure more profits for years to come.

Where have our morals gone?

Everything Bernie Sanders says comes down to one thing...


It's in your own self interest.

If America has a record turnout, Bernie will win by a landslide despite rigged counts, corruption and media bias.

Bernie is the people's candidate. If our Democracy is a Democracy, Bernie will win.

Neocon 101

Professor: What did we learn from Vietnam?

Student A: The draft brings it too close to home. It creates intense rebellion.

Professor: How did we overcome this?

Student A: We cut back on entitlements and increased college tuition. We made it nearly impossible for many young people to survive, let alone get ahead.

We made military service one of the only ways to get an education without incurring significant debt. Proudly, we built an all volunteer army.

Professor: And how do we sustain this?

Student A: Continual warfare. Collateral Damage on a grand scale insures more terrorists promoting our continual wars.

Professor: Right.

Student B: The goal is to rid the world of terrorists, one at a time.

Professor: Wrong. The goal is to maintain the level of MIC business. To sustain our military commerce at current levels or better.

Student B: Military commerce? What does commerce have to do with the military?

Professor: Everything.


It's time for our country to change direction. We need to protest like this is the Vietnam War.

Our nation and our allies are about to start WWIII.

For the sake of our kids, Revolt!

Elizabeth, Bernie then Martin.

These are the three people I would vote for and feel like I was placing an historic vote.

It's been many years since I have seen such true Democrats. If we don't take this opportunity, we may not see this opportunity again. It may be too late.

I'll vote for Hillary if she wins the primary. However, it's a vote for a 3rd way Democrat.

Elizabeth is not running but for me, she was the first to spark the populist opportunity to turn America around. I love Elizabeth and her fire.

Bernie has my vote. This man built his campaign from grassroots donations. He is his own person. He speaks for the people that paid him (so does Hillary and every other politician but "people" is loosely defined).

Martin is very intriguing and I think he has points over each of the other two. I'm less familiar but still educating myself. Who knows, he might win me over.

We have two great Democrats that encompass the best of Democratic values.

I know this will not be a popular statement but, please don't vote for Hillary in the primary. Take the opportunity to bring real change to America. Vote for Bernie or Martin because we need to change before global warming forces change. We need to change before WWIII. We need change before corporations leave us all in the dust.

This is an unprecedented opportunity. Vote in your, and your children's, best interest.

An America of the people, by the people, for the people.

Guess Who Wins the Presidency According to School With 100% Prediction History

Western Illinois University, home of the Fighting Leathernecks, has been engaging with political prediction polls for decades. And since 1975, the school has managed to accurately predict the winner of every single Presidential election in a statistic that is likely to make even Nate Silver jealous.

So with the newest installment tallied and in the books, who does Western Illinois University believe will be taking the stage to declare victory the night of November 8th, 2016?

None other than President-Elect Bernie Sanders, with Vice Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley right by his side.

The students at the school have predicted that Sanders would defeat Hillary Clinton in 22 out of a possible 26 primary states.


Declare War!

...on the indiscriminate killing of millions of people by America's War on Terror.

I'm a Dove and, although we are nearly extinct, we still have a voice.

Does anyone remember when we used to say that "Sending doctors, teachers and engineers will turn enemies into allies faster than a bullet"?

How can you vote for Hillary and justify the killing of millions of innocent people in the name of war profits?

You can't. It's a sin.


Don't tell me Bernie supported... He's not perfect but much better.

And, my hope is that we can make "Peace" an important topic during this election.

I'd love to hear Hillary flip-flop on this. "Stop the killing" needs to be an American priority.

Here are our current American Priorities:

Being a hawk.

There are other issues but I really respect Hillary. However, I am bothered by the fact that she has a record of supporting military action.

But, hey, I wish Bernie and Martin would come out stronger against killing innocent people in the war on terrorism. However, they are better here.

I'm a proud dove. We're nearly extinct, you know?

Hillary supporters, how can you justify this?


I am so sickened by our killing of innocent lives in the name of the American people.

Bernie's view is one Americans can be proud of.

“We live in a difficult and dangerous world, and there are no easy or magical solutions. As President and Commander-in-Chief, I will defend this nation, its people, and America’s vital strategic interests, but I will do it responsibly. America must defend freedom at home and abroad, but we must seek diplomatic solutions before resorting to military action. While force must always be an option, war must be a last resort, not the first option."

Here are our current American priorities plain and simple:


One big reason I support Bernie's revolution.

GMO's use increased amounts of pesticides and they are killing more than pests...

Monsanto makes RoundUp.

The issues are clearly linked.

They Profit, We Die: Toxic Agriculture and the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health and the Environment

Let's Be Clear. Hillary Does Support Monsanto & GMO's

Nice article by Manny letting us know that Hillary is not on Monsanto's Board of Directors:

But, don't let this suggest she is not in support of Monsanto and GMO's. She very much is.

People like to say "GMO's are healthy for us - there is no evidence they are not" However, the World Health Organization in March (2015) declared Roundup a probable human carcinogen.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has this to say:

What they really want to avoid discussing is their effect on the planet.

Here's a good article that Art_from_Ark found:

There are three glaring problems with Clinton’s promotion of GE drought-resistant crops. First, drought-resistant seeds and crops are still in the experimental stage and make up a miniscule portion of GMO crops on the market. More than 95 percent of GE crops are corn, soy, alfalfa, canola and sugar beets, used in animal feed and in processed food products, such as high-fructose corn syrup. These crops are engineered to produce their own Bt toxins in every cell or else to withstand massive doses of herbicides, such as Monsanto’s Roundup, which are sold to farmers as companions to their GMO seeds.

Second, attempts to engineer seeds to thrive during droughts largely have failed. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Monsanto’s DroughtGard, the only drought-resistant crop approved by the USDA so far, produces “only modest results, and only under moderate drought conditions.”

Third, according to experts at global organizations, such as the Food & Agriculture Organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty, a transition to sustainable, regenerative agriculture — not genetic engineering — is not only the most practical way to feed the world but is absolutely essential if we want to slow and eventually reverse global warming.


It's time we take a stand and work towards a better solution that is sustainable.

Creating Tastier and Healthier Fruits and Veggies with a Modern Alternative to GMOs

Say what you want but, the whole world seems to be coming to the same conclusion.

GM acceptance in decline as global crop cultivation falls

The biggest reason why so many argue for GMO's... profit.

Planet Earth will take care of itself. We spray poisons on food so it will bring in more profitable harvests. Problem - Resolution. Earth rebounds.

Let's think about the future and care about what we are leaving our children.

Hillary, and our current corporate overlords, have other priorities.

We, as a people, need to take this opportunity to change the status quo and begin working towards a better world. 2016 is the opportunity to begin taking a different path.

For the sake of our children and the world, I hope we do.

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