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The alternative to fervent nationalism isn’t corporate liberalism – it’s social democracy

By Jake Johnson

In his 1946 essay reviewing former Trotskyist-turned-reactionary James Burnham’s book “The Managerial Revolution,” George Orwell made several observations that resonate just as powerfully today as they did when they were first published.

“The real question,” he wrote, “is not whether the people who wipe their boots on us during the next fifty years are to be called managers, bureaucrats, or politicians: the question is whether capitalism, now obviously doomed, is to give way to oligarchy or to true democracy.”


The so-called “ignorant masses” understand that “there is too much power concentrated in the hands of a few big companies,” and that “the government doesn’t do enough for older people, poor people or children.” But it is elites whose entrenched interests undercut any attempt to remedy these trends.

There is, in short, an appetite for social democracy in the United States, but it is elites — economic and political — who stand in the way and insist that such an appetite is the result of excessive imagination.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/alternative-fervent-nationalism-social-democracy/

After Dallas shootings, former congressman threatens Obama

Former U.S. Republican Congressman Joe Walsh reacted to the murders of five policemen at a protest against police brutality on Thursday by declaring “war” on President Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Snipers from rooftops in Dallas targeted police officers in the city’s downtown, killing five and wounding six more in an attack that police said was a premeditated ambush. It is one of the deadliest attacks on police in U.S. history.

Police arrested three people and a fourth gunman killed himself with a gunshot, according to local media. The fourth gunman had warned of bombs planted in the city but authorities are yet to comment on the validity of his claims.

"This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out Black Lives Matter punks. Real America is coming after you," he tweeted following the attack, before later deleting the post.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/dallas-shootings-former-congressman-threatens-obama/

NATO could be at its most critical point since the Soviet Union broke up

When President Barack Obama touches down Friday in Poland, he'll land on a continent roiled by the British vote to leave the European Union, but he is there to confront the critical juncture facing another Western institution: NATO.

The 28-nation military alliance is contending with a confluence of challenges, including Russian incursions in the east, attacks by Muslim extremists on European capitals and the threat of cyberwarfare. Together, they are testing whether NATO is capable of reshaping itself for 21st-century battles, or at risk of becoming a Cold War-era relic.

Even the Republican seeking to succeed Obama, Donald Trump, has openly questioned NATO's relevance and capacity to serve U.S. interests.

"There hasn't been another inflection point like this for the alliance since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in '89 to 1991," said Ambassador Doug E. Lute, the U.S. permanent representative to NATO.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/nato-critical-point-since-soviet-union-broke/

American Islam: A view from the suburbs

On June 10 Americans celebrated Muhammad Ali as a paragon of athletic prowess, dignity in the face of suffering and patriotic dissent.

But his fellow American Muslims more commonly find themselves cast as a “problem” for American religious pluralism and a threat to American security. They join a long list of religious groups who have faced discrimination and public suspicion on account of their faith. Catholics, Jews, Mormons and many other communities have, at one time or other, been labeled as dangerous outsiders.

In response to this scrutiny and to affirm Islam as an American religion, some American Muslims are turning to emerging institutions that, because they are neither home nor mosque, are known as “third spaces.”

These communities include support groups for converts, virtual communities on social media and blogs, communities centered on devotional practices, book clubs, artist and writers’ collectives, and study circles. Third spaces vary in size. Some have been in place for decades, while others last for a short time. During my fieldwork, I encountered at least 30 such spaces in the Chicago area alone.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/american-islam-view-suburbs/

Thailand’s top female monk hacked the system to bring women into the fold

Dhammananda is a self-described “rare species.” She’s a monk. She’s also a mom. And in the eyes of her homeland’s Buddhist establishment, she’s a feminist insurgent.

Each day, she and her female disciples wear the same clothing: flowing robes the color of ripe mangoes. Their heads are shorn down to stubble. Their possessions are limited to flip flops and little else.

In other words, their day-to-day lives are largely indistinguishable from that of any upstanding Buddhist monk in their native Thailand.

But because they are women, Dhammananda and her flock of 15 female monks are shunned by the state-backed Buddhist hierarchy. This powerful all-male order, known as the “sangha,” regards them as imposters.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/thailands-top-female-monk-hacked-system-bring-women-fold/

The corporate media’s huge blind spot regarding terrorism

By Jim Naureckas

Shortly before the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote, the shocking murder of Jo Cox — a member of parliament and a vocal Remain supporter — exposed the racist roots of elements in the victorious Leave campaign.

That much you may have heard.

What you might not have heard about were the suspect’s ties to a neo-Nazi organization based here in the United States. Accused shooter Thomas Mair, The Washington Post reported, “was a longtime supporter of the National Alliance, a once-prominent white supremacist group.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Post explained, “Mair bought a manual from the organization that included instructions on how to build a pistol.” Cox, it adds, “was shot by a weapon that witnesses described as either homemade or antique.”

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/medias-blind-spot-regarding-terrorism/

Obama urged to pardon Snowden before leaving office

Edward Snowden‘s lawyer is renewing a push for clemency for the famous NSA whistleblower from the White House before President Barack Obama leaves office in January.

“We’re going to make a very strong case between now and the end of this administration that this is one of those rare cases for which the pardon power exists,”said Ben Wizner, head of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project and Snowden’s legal advocate.

“It’s not for when somebody didn’t break the law. It’s for when they did and there are extraordinary reasons for not enforcing the law against the person,” Wizner said.

Wizner discussed his plans with the journalist Andrew Rice for a New York Magazine cover story about Snowden. Although Snowden admits that “much of Washington remains hostile to him,” according to Rice’s article, he “is optimistic that he will find a way out, somehow.”

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/obama-urged-pardon-snowden-leaving-office/

By riding the tiger of populism, Tories may have destroyed the UK

By Charles Lees

It’s a familiar cliché that the Conservative Party is the most successful political party in the democratic world. Once called the natural party of government, it has been in power for most of the last 150 years and, for good or ill, has shaped modern Britain. The UK is a conservative country in all senses of the word.

But the past four decades have demonstrated that the modern Conservative Party can no longer be trusted in its role as the guardian of British institutions.

The revolutionary free-market zealotry of the Thatcherites and their successors not only put the social fabric of Britain under severe strain, but also undermined the credibility of the UK’s constitutional arrangements. Of the three pillars of High Toryism; church, state and monarchy, Britons only seem to still like the latter.

The decline in Tory respect for British institutions has also been on full display, not least in David Cameron’s willingness to risk the union’s survival twice – first in the Scottish Independence referendum, and then, probably fatally, in the EU membership referendum.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/riding-tiger-populism-tories-may-destroyed-uk/

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How neoliberalism’s moral order feeds fraud and corruption

Corporate fraud is not just present, but is widespread in many neoliberalized economies of both income-rich and income-poor countries. Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal is perhaps the most recent and most startling example, but the automobile industry is only one of many sectors, including banking and the arms industry, where scandals have become commonplace. Certain practices and norms that many people in the global North considered shocking only a while ago have become routine in public life.

The financial industry, whether in the US, UK, or Germany, has become characterized for years now by extensive and escalating fraud. Arguably, bankers have never been as unpopular as they are right now. It is not difficult to see why. The most vulnerable in society have suffered the most as a result of public sector cuts in western Europe. You can draw a straight line between these cuts and the post-2008 bank bailouts and market-saving interventionism of governments.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/neoliberalisms-moral-order-feeds-fraud-corruption/

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