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Dumb Criminals: California Man Breaks Into House, Instead Makes Tater Tots And Sleeps On Couch

A Placerville man was arrested in Petaluma Thursday afternoon after he broke into a house, had himself a snack of tater tots and set down on a sofa to take a nap, only to be discovered by the startled resident, police said.

Around 2 p.m., the homeowner was minding her own business in an upstairs bedroom on the 1600 block of Caulfield Lane. For one reason or another, she decided to venture to the first floor, where she found a man — later identified as 44-year-old James Adams — peacefully snoozing on the sofa.

Seeing as how the man was a stranger, the woman retreated in fright back to her bedroom, where she locked the door and called police.


Dumb Criminals: British Tourist Arrested After Urinating In Hotel Ice Machine


A man from England has been charged after he was accused of urinating in an ice machine at Hard Rock Hotel, according to the Orlando Police Department.

The incident happened around 12 a.m. Tuesday at the hotel at 5800 Universal Blvd.

A security officer told police that he was approached by a guest in the lobby who informed him there was a very intoxicated guest in the hotel. The security officer was taken by the guest to the intoxicated person, identified by police as Andrew Wood, 41.

The security officer approached Wood and saw him urinating in an ice machine, the arrest report said.

Police said the security officer attempted several times to get the guest to identify himself and tell him what room he was staying in.

The guest refused to identify himself and became very uncooperative and combative, and was becoming very loud and disturbing hotel guests, according to Orlando police. That is when the security officer called Orlando police.


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Sees Sharp Drop In Approval Rating After Religious Freedom Law

April 16, 2015 Indiana Gov. Mike Pence spent the week telling reporters, "I think the difficult time that Indiana just passed through two weeks ago is behind us."

But a new poll released Thursday suggests the governor could have a tough time recovering from the controversy surrounding Indiana's "religious freedom" law.

The poll, from Howey Politics and conducted by a Republican-affiliated research firm, said that 46 percent of voters disapprove of Pence while 45 percent approve of him.

That approval rating is double digits below Pence's performance in other recent polls in the state. A January survey from Public Opinion Strategies conducted for Americans for Prosperity put Pence's approval at 66 percent, and a poll from February for the Indiana Association of Realtors had Pence at 62 percent.

Howey Politics editor Brian Howey described the hit to Pence's public profile as "significant, if not historic," adding: "In the 20 years that HPI has been publishing ... an Indiana governor has never experienced this kind of survey decline in this short time frame."


This law was an epic fail. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Dumb Criminals: Brooklyn Theif "Diaper Don" Caught After Scamming Stores For Thousands

Holy crap!

A 24-year-old Brooklyn man is accused of toddling off with thousands of dollars worth of diapers from area grocery stores, officials said Friday.

Kevin Hargrove was arrested for the dirty deeds at his Bushwick home Thursday, cops said.

He is accused of swapping the price codes on diapers inside Stop & Shop supermarkets on Long Island with tags from 99-cent items and then using the self-checkout.

He most often substituted the tag from a disposable pie plate, officials said.

“If I had to guess I’ve hit every Stop & Shop in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut,” an apparently unremorseful Hargrove told cops, according to court papers. “I’ve been doing this so long I can’t remember.”


First line of that article says it all!

Ayn Rand - How Is This Still A Thing?

John Oliver Compares IRS Budget Cuts To Zayn Malick Leaving One Direction

He does it again!

Dumb Criminals: Santa Cruz CA Police On The Lookout For "Mrs. Doubtfire" Robbery Suspect

Dubbed “Mrs. Doubtfire” by local authorities, the man is seen in security camera video near the entrance of a Rabo Bank with a purse hanging awkwardly from his left arm, his face partially masked by long, curly, blond bangs swept across his face and glasses.

His hair is a wig and his attire a set of navy blue medical scrubs pulled over a light purple, long sleeve undershirt, police said. He’s described as a dark-skinned man between 25 and 35 years old, weighing between 160 and 170 pounds and about 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

“We believe these are great photos of the suspect and somebody in the community has to recognize this person,” Santa Cruz police said in a statement.

Authorities said that on Friday the “Mrs. Doubtfire” bandit stood inside the Rabo Bank about 2 p.m. until he was confronted by bank employees, then left.


And for the "useless without pics" crowd:

Dumb Criminals: DUI Suspect Drove Home From Court House Drunk After Being Convicted Of DUI

GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. (AP) -- Authorities say a 44-year-old suburban Buffalo man was drunk when he drove away from a courthouse where he had just been convicted of driving while intoxicated.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office says 44-year-old J.B. Silverthorn of Orchard Park was found guilty of a DWI charge Monday night in Grand Island Town Court. Silverthorn was charged after he crashed his car into the Niagara River on Dec. 29. He was rescued by firefighters.

Deputies say Silverthorn was drunk during Monday's court appearance and told not to attempt to drive home.


The look on Larry's face is freaking classic.

Dumb Criminals: Florida (Obviously) Disney World Employee Arrested For Public Masturbation, Porn


A Disney employee was arrested after investigators said he was caught on surveillance video masturbating in a Kissimmee Walmart.

Deputies said Taylor Davis, 20, admitted to the inappropriate behavior after he was caught following a woman around the store while touching himself on Tuesday.

Osceola County deputies said he admitted to having a problem, saying he publicly masturbates at his job.

Davis said while in the store, he was listening to audio pornography on his phone and inappropriately touching himself inside his sweatshirt.


On the plus side, there's a new job opening at Disney World if anyone is interested.
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