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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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I am interested in politics & history, and social justice.

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Yes. But they also don't want to be connected to the middle class in any way.

And certainly not the poor. They need an uber class. Cause money has to be the only reason why people have access to healthcare or power. Otherwise when someone invents a pill to stop aging, and not everyone can have it, and if power is left to the middle class the Maya Angelous of the world would be the ones chosen to live forever, not the Koch brothers.

There was an election in Ontario in 1995 that neoconservatives won. They made workfare

out to be a jobs program. I had clients come into the social service office I worked in saying..."I voted for the neoconservative, he is going to make sure I get a job". People hear sometimes what they most want in the world and they don't take the rest of the platform into consideration. Within about a month of being elected the neoconservatives cut shelter allowances and created a huge crisis for the unemployed. The very same people who voted for him because they 'heard' he was going to get them a job. To tons of young males out there hearing the Koch brothers are on their side, the side of pot smokers and dealers, will equate to pot being decriminalized. These are low information voters. All the right needs is a small percentage of them to get out there and vote for Republicans on that one very narrow issue.

This is branding. Nobody would believe it if they called it "compassionate conservatism"

They know they have no choice but to run to the middle. To totally imitate Hillary Clinton down the line with their copying and 'replacement' of programs. Shadowing her narrative at every policy position. Trying to make her platform look impotent. Stopping any connection forming between independants and Clinton. Trying to make her look ineffective. Then, if Jeb wins, it will be a bait and switch. I hope Jeb gets trounced in the primaries by the kooks.

Taxpayer money goes to support churches who in turn don't have to teach science. Why would

universities that are not specifically religious have to teach religion or business or anti-enlightenment stuff unless you are studying in that department?

Trudeau is a big picture kind of guy. Today's

CONSERVATIVE talking point is that Trudeau is vague. I'd rather have someone good at the big picture than a Harper who doesn't know why he is doing things. Case in point Harper slowly tries to kill the cbc to stop independant of corporation thinking in the public. But he is afraid of the USA taking over so to stop that he funds commercials regarding THE WAR OF 1812. So thinking independantly of the US involves getting rid of actual critical thinking with cuts to the cbc of billions and replacing that with men(and one woman) in dressup clothes fighting the war again that all tolled must have cost 1million. Harper obviously thinks that will work. He doesn't seem to understand that the worst of america is already in Canada in the guise of his own dam self (Harper is a graduate of the "Calgary School“ of Economics started by Americans as an outpost of the Chicago School of economics). Harper wants scientists looking for grant money to find a corporation to sponsor their research before his government will consider funding the research. How is Harper himself independant of the USA when all of his thinking and actions spoonfeed corporate america. That is what he is doing. And he doesn‘t have the ability to see that his whole transformation of the country is not going to make the country better. At best, if Harper has his way, we will be a clone of the US South.. were people are spoonfed lies to keep power in the hands of the 1% while the people lead lives full of venom and hate in darkness. Harper is blind. He can‘t see the forest for the trees. He‘s clearcutting everything. The whole ecosystem is his target.

Thanks for posting that GOP talking point that Justin is vague. Really got me thinking.

Afraid of becoming new Brownbacks and responsible for undoing trickle down with evidence

that tax cuts repeatedly don't result in more revenue.

I was in economics class in the mid eighties

and was given a whole other lecture on why supply side worked. I had no way of testing out that theory. It was presented as a great theory (it didn't focus on the laffer curve). I believed it. I'm guessing that many bought in. But the powermongers at the top knew it was just a way to get what had been denied to them in the 20th century so far (more money and power). I think probably many more people were (are) duped, than knew the truth. I believe there are many truths the GOP are hiding from the public. Whereas the Democrats always want to share with the public when they figure something out. With the exception of national security of course. Cause knowledge is power. Democrats want the people to be powerful and the GOP don't. These days I'd love get a look-see at what the GOP and 1% are sitting on knowlwdgewise.

The Gift of Dyslexia: Chapter One



Having dyslexia won't make every dyslexic a genius, but it is good for the self-esteem of all dyslexics to know their minds work in exactly the same way as the minds of great geniuses. It is also important for them to know that having a problem with reading, writing, spelling, or math doesn't mean they are dumb or stupid. The same mental function that produces a genius can also produce those problems.




Dyslexic Geniuses


"It is about a difference in perception," explains Gloria Davis, a California-based teacher of dyslexics (those who have a difficulty in reading or using language). "A lot of geniuses are dyslexics who solve problems through visual imagery and have problem communicating their ideas in conventional terms."

Genius and disorders seem to go hand in hand. Da Vinci, was a dyslexic, who wrote most of his theories in reverse script. General belief says that troubled souls have heightened creative powers, which makes for great literature, music and even science. From John Lennon and Agatha Christie to Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday, Pablo Picasso and Walt Disney, dyslexics have spun images in their heads, played with them, and have created some of the most spell-binding inventions and discoveries.

In fact, a list of the better-known dyslexics reads more like a who's who among the world's greatest geniuses. Let us take a look at some of the mind-boggling minds of all times and their inner battles..

Albert Einstein

On 14 March 1879, revolutionary scientist Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. His birthday is celebrated across the globe as "Genius Day". This versatile physicist was dyslexic and could not speak till the age of three and couldn't tie his own shoelaces till he was 13. In school, his teachers hardly had anything good to say about him. He was poor at multiplication, couldn't read well and his spellings were in a sorry state. Einstein's headmaster was heard lamenting to his father that it did not matter what the boy chose, he'd never be successful in anything. Anything known perhaps, which is why he chose to change the way we looked at the universe, forever.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a slow learner in school. He was shy and spoke with a stutter. He would pronounce the first word of a sentence with a slight stammer, especially words starting with a 'w', when confused during a conversation. He would find it difficult to phrase his thoughts unless it was a topic related to his research.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill once remarked: "We are all worms" and was quick to add, "but I do believe that I am a glow-worm". Churchill called it his "black dog" periods of depression. He was believed to have suffered from cyclothymia, a condition marked by mood swings from misery to elation. He would avoid standing on the edge of station platforms to beat a strong of a train. And when in a good mood, he had an overwhelming belief that he had been singled out for some supremely heroic task and went through manic phases of intense activity.


Most pure geniuses had dyslexia and didn't always do too well in school.

I imagine these kids have high IQ, but geniuses? That takes being dyslexic and thus grounded in 'form' not 'language'.

In regards to dynamic scoring the republicans want at the Congressional

Budget Office, my understanding of 'dynamic reasoning' is that you have to study the past in order to come up with processes into the future. So where is the past example of trickle down economics actually working GOPers? Because one cannot call it dynamic, or make certain assumptions, if it ignores the past track record.

....................... I'm waiting

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