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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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37% of 140,000,000 voters is 52 million voters. If they spend an

average of $100 on Trump gear, networks, books, dvds in the future that is $5.2 Billion dollars. But Trump voters are not the richest fish in the sea. That is why Trump going to Connecticut jumps out at me.

Trump just says: "the only way Hillary Clinton wins in Pennsilvania is if she cheats" CNN

He's building his brand for the after-election exploitation to make billions IMHO Why else would he go to Connecticut? To grab all the followers he can, to then monetize them in the years to come after he loses. He doesn't seem to care that he can't win the election there. That there is no electroral point to go there. But people in connecticut have money to spend on Trump books and dvds and networks into the future. Is he pulling a complete con on the GOP? And if Trump supporters across the country believe Hillary cheated to win the election, well that is the great hook to keep them as followers after his major loss.

The GOP is in full gaslight mode right now. They've always been spinning

BS, but not like this where the exact opposite is true. All day. The end of the great con is near. Trump has assaulted all minorities and the GOP has raped the middle class and working poor on the behalf of the rich who do not want to pay taxes. This will not end well. We can only hope the pain is limited to the GOP political class who layed the foundation for Trump Manafort Putin to be running for president, and for Trump and his team. I wish enough pain on the racist Trump followers that they do a little soul searching on why they need scapegoats in their daily life and if there is not a better way forward. I am assuming of course that Trump and the GOP will lose. And American will bloom again under Clinton.

Trump is skimming. He is hitting his saturation point. Things are no longer novel

for him in these politics. He is getting gummed up by details. Why he didn't take a closer look at that video showing Iranian hostages being released in Switzerland and assumed it was the $400 million coming off a plane in Tehran. If Trump was in this situation in his life as a businessman, he could pivot to another project after a year, to keep things fresh. He is not. He is running for president and he is saturated and all gummed up. He is not paying as much attention to the tv. He's zoning out. Dyslexics like Trump (and me) are at their best in new situations where they can creatively problem solve. Not so smart in a situation like a campaign when it is no longer novel.

The difference between Putin and Trump, the first a sociopath, the second

a salesman: when some former American football player showed Putin his superbowl ring, Putin tried it on and then kept it without asking. When Trump is offered the purple heart of a us serviceman to keep, he keeps it. It was thoughtless to accept it. Trump is narcissistic but not nearly as mind bogglingly weird as Putin. Trump is laughable. When you laugh at Putin's behaviour it is because it scares you in places you did not know could be scared.

Apparently when Putin tried on the ring he said "I could kill somebody with this ring" then pocketed it and was surrounded by KGB as he left. ............ I guess they are alike because Trump said I could shot somebody and not lose any supporters. The difference is Putin said it to scare the beJebus out of the owner of the ring and freeze him, while putin left. Trump was just metaphorically bragging. The difference is Putin does kill people.

I'm not insulting dyslexics. We do some things better than regular people:

think in 3D, keep narratives separate, interconnectedness and dynamic reasoning. And seeing things others miss. It is simply a different way of perceiving the world. And a blank slate makes for great scientific observation.

What part do you not agree with? Dyslexics with high iqs make up a big

part of both NASA and MIT. I'm not saying Trump is one of them. But he is the typical businessman with dyslexia. Good at reading a crowd. Good at politics like other dyslexics like Churchill, Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, Reagan, and both Bushes. Some of them were smart enough to think for themselves and do great stuff. Some of them, the Republicans, were spoonfed trickle down by the Right. As Trump will be.

Dyslexics like Trump learn things or figure them out. Then they relive them

with different assumptions. I'm sure Trump has been briefed about crimea being annexed by Putin. Or possibly he remembers it from the news in 2014. Then he looked at the situation with a blank slate or with other assumptions at the time he was being interviewed. So he forgot about crimea. It is what makes dyslexics so creative. They look at things at different times from different angles and with different assumptions and sometimes with a blank slate. Then, over time, we synthesize all these different takes to get a 3 D big picture. We toss things over in their minds in a three dimentional way. That makes us creative. And good at seeing things others miss. Good at science, business, arts, etc. But wrong at times. But right in pulling down the fictions of hypocrites: Trump pulled down the GOP fictions thay 1) the GOP is not racist 2) that the GOP economic platform of low taxes and no regulations helps workers. Trump should be a muse (as I'm sure his role in his empire is) or a second set of eyes. Not a president.

I predict more Republicans will be saying it. It is not just that Trump is

dyslexic and looks at things from varying perspectives and with varying assumptions as dyslexics do so some of what he says is wild (and sometimes right and sometimes wrong). He is also running a con. And using race to do it. And he lies. And he is so narcissistic.

Dyslexics like Trump and I thrive on new information. That

is when we come alive. We become 'thick' when faced with the same thing again and again with no chance to be creative. He needs new stuff to look at things with fresh eyes. Probably why Trump asked Kasich to be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy when he asked him to be VP. Leaving Trump to be responsible for novelty=ideas=making America great again. Trump is losing interest quite quickly. And he knows it. Everytime he gives an unscripted speech, which he likes, he gets nailed for refusing to follow the norms. He doesn't want to be in the norms with those teleprompter speeches. Those are the doldrums for him...his sail has no wind. Trump should be a muse. Not the president. But he is narcissistic on top of being dyslexic. He can't inspire/help out others (as a muse) or serve (as a president should know and study the details of policy) because then it is not all about him and how great his ideas are.
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