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Like a lot of creative people, Trump gets bored when he is not in a situation involving

novel things. The campaign is getting on in time. That and his inability to know detailed written knowledge of policy make him dumber. If he could just read he would be on a novel knowledge curve the whole time like Hillary has been for the last 50. But he's not. He would be pretty disengaged by the end of a presidency like Reagan was.

Trump had an easy time of destroying other Republicans because their policies are all fictions.

Democrats policies are based on what is actually good for the middle class. He will not be able to pull that down because it is the truth.

I first thought of it when our conservative prime minister cancelled the long

form census which was used to create scientific statistics used by social groups, educators and business people to predict markets and the future. What could a government hate about that? Why would a pro business conservative government hurt business like that? And I thought that big business would be able to afford to hire other businesses to do market research but small businesses would not. And I thought they are cleaving small business people from big. Deregulation normally does away with medium sized businesses but I always saw that of one of the many negative effects of Deregulation. But until the long form census was cancelled I never saw the strategy dividing business into huge vs. small business was a goal of the right. How could you get rid of free stats for small businesses if you cared about all business. Thankfully the Liberals are in power and brought back the long form census.

The GOP wants to cleave the country into two groups: rich assholes

and the poor that will include formerly well of professionals like teachers and doctors and factory workers who will see their jobs replaced by robots, and then join the rest of the working poor. They want all predatory or morally laxadaisical people to be rich because they will then vote and support Republicans. No middle class anymore. Thus the GOP would be able to win all elections by hoarding money, power and knowledge.

Psychopaths love to jump in on a narrative like they are girls doing double dutch in a schoolyard.

But he is buying into GOP fictions again. He used to pull down the GOP fictions. I think they'll

notice. The democrats have to make that clear. Trump is a dyslexic and like any dyslexic does well on defence of aggressors in war (the dyslexic Churchill won by sheer will) not on the offence catapulting the propaganda and GOP lies (the dyslexic Napoleon lost in the end) in war. So if we can get Trump to talk specific policy he's sunk.

In sales dyslexics do great. Business, politics, acting. All things that involve form. It is said that psychopaths know the words but not the music. Dyslexics know the music but not the words. He knows the emotional value of words better than most. Why Dyslexic Trump's insults hit their mark. What few words he uses correctly hit their mark. And he approaches things from all angles, intuitive and couter-intuitive. So of course he is going to hit the mark sometimes. And he reads the audience well.

I think part of Trump's appeal is that he makes his followers feel smart in comparison. Smart in

that he makes mistakes and that makes them feel smarter and they like the 'show jumping' of his performances (will he make it or not) and/or smart in that they understand his simplicity and that makes them feel like they belong with him. He also is creative and brings up novel ideas which also makes people feel smart. So it is a trifecta of smart for those who follow him. That is why trying to point out he is a narcissist, a sleezy businessman and a serial political liar doesn't work on them.

Trump is dyslexic. He uses episodic memory. He needs to be attacked to come alive. Being attacked is

an episode. He can remember all about it and has great comebacks. Ask him to lay out one of his policies, and he won't be able to. There is no emotion in that. He'll go blank.

Donald Trump spent much of a big rally thrashing Republican rivals who no longer threaten him

Donald Trump spent much of a big rally thrashing Republican rivals who no longer threaten him

by Maxwell Tani at Business Insider



Donald Trump may be trying to unite the Republican Party, but he's still having fun mocking his former rivals.

During a Wednesday rally in Southern California, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee ran through some of his most high-profile rhetorical attacks on Republican Party figures.

For one, Trump laid into 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who last month refused to endorse Trump and called for the real-estate magnate to release his tax returns.

Claiming that he had "a store that's worth more money" than Romney, Trump said if Romney would've decided to run for president, "he would've been out quickly."


I am one. I saw a mention on google. I recognize the strengths and weaknesses in him. I'm not saying

it excuses him. Or that dyslexia in any way causes him to be a racist or an asshole. I just want to know if he is going to be a racist, narcissist for the GOP, or for himself. That matters. In an election. Some people who realize they will be voting for a new George W. Bush might think twice. His numbers are rising as the Republicans see him towing the GOP line. People on the right should know what they are getting in that.

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