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Right wingers claim that monetary and fiscal policy perverts the natural cycles

of the economy. That there should be no policy.

Here is my response:

So perverts the natural cycles? Boom and bust? Like
the late 1800s? What a fine time that was. So much poverty and suffering. And people built mansions based on those booms that then had to be torn down 40 years later as they were too useless and gaudy. Unless that is they could be turned into a nursing home. So you want the whole country to be riding waves. I get ya. You do not like the post war stability that lasted for 60 years. I see. I guess we were all assuming 'Make America Great Again' meant the 1950s. Did not know it was the 1880s.

The rich do know how to make money that way. It is about
the bust and the economy tanking regular people and the semi rich out again when they are flat on their backs having lost in the markets and real estate. Those with multiple millions can then leverage that in a bust to run around buying the carcases of businesses and real estate. A chance, perhaps their only chance, to join an even higher income bracket. Buy low. Sell high. The world built to serve only hedge fund managers. And it is not hard to do. It just requires that you have a bit more money than those destroyed by the bust. You require the suffering of the middle class. You require a depression for a time when the middle class is so damaged business are close to failing, or failing, left right and center. Buy up all the assets you want at rock bottom prices. Then you watch the economy grow after a few years, your net worth balloon, and you don't pay taxes. You get the assets you bought back to health and sell them to the highest bidder. Nice work if you can get it. You are all about the bust. And you require that 3/4 of the country really suffer and lose wealth every 7 years. You are not a genius to want that bust cycle. You are a creep.The natural cycle is a speculation boom that causes a much worse crash.

It is not good for anyone but people hoping to buy assets at bankruptcy prices. Your targets are good companies that get nailed by the huge bust. It benefits only the very rich. It requires that everyone else go face first into the dirt for 3 years. Those companies and real estate owners would otherwise, in a normal tight money recession, survived and retained ownership. It is very rich people getting a transfer of wealth from small to mid sized businesses and the middle class and the poor. It is cannibalism of a nation. A speculation boom is required by you to make sure the recession is as deep and long as possible. If you were to stress test the economy for your purposes you would want the outcome that everything begins to crack and implode. Thus why Trump is getting rid of Dodd Frank. And the requirement that financial planners used to have to work in their clients' best interests. The more speculation the worse the bust the more people are hurt the more opportunity for you. I know a hedge fund manager. He sees himself having a role to play in the economy but he does not want needless trauma, pain and failing of the market which you do.

The basic assumption behind all market theory in economics is that 'given perfect information' people will act certain ways. Well the speculation boom you require to result in your particular kind of bust, a bust that is long enough and deep enough that good businesses are forced to sell themselves, is not based on perfect information or economics. It is market failure and shared delusions that lead to trauma for most of the people. And that massive customer failure results in good and viable companies and real estate owners having to cut great loses and sell to you. That is the only way it works.

It benefits nobody else. But I guess you would say 'there is a sucker born every day'.

He's going to piss off the world in

a series of calls to each and every leader in the world.


But the GOP and neoliberalism made

that economic insecurity and refused to allow Obama to address it after 2010. Lock, stock and barrel the GOP set the stage for their win in 2016.

There once was a time when the GOP was against moral relativism.

Now with the alt right in control you don't hear such talk anymore. Why? My guess is because of dataism ( Harari 'Homo Deus'). Human emotions are just algorithms (instructions)that ensure the survival of your genes or your greater tribe. I agree. But we are not in the business of allowing crimes just because it may benefit the criminal in an evolutionary way, or the genes on the whole, by practicing such strategies. A strategy is rape. Yeah for rapists. It is an evolutionary strategy for that small % of men who have the impulse. So too murdering your wife when she separates from you or has an affair for a small percentage of men that is an evolutionary strategy that keeps women in line. But over time we have elevated things called values. Misogyny is unacceptable in this day and age. That's a value. Don't forget to ask the alt righters what their values are when you come across them. Ask everyone you meet in an alt right infested website to list their values. And may that be the wedge that separates the alt right from the rest of us. Let's have a values war. Put 'em up.

But the GOP want to stop Newsom from running for President.

They will attack him in California. I bet all the GOP 'great' political minds will be involved. That way they can wound Newsom or get him to say things that would hurt in him the Presidential race in 2020, as he runs for Governor of California. Of course he would win the governorship and Thiel would lose. But could it be used by the GOP to clip Newsom's wings nationally.

The GOP is going to use Thiel to attack and ruin

Gavin Newsom. They are afraid of Gavin because he is dyslexic and reads crowds brilliantly and communicates with crowds like dyslexics do: both Bushes, Reagan, Kennedy, Paul Wellstone, Trump, Eleanor Roosevelt (she was her husbands eyes and ears), Churchill and Woodrow Wilson are/were all dyslexic.

Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon met with Trudeau aides today. Apparently

as the meeting went on both became more convinced that trade with Canada was somewhat of a good thing. CTV News Reinvent the wheel much?

The white genocide is the birth rate for white people (it is the

same for any woman who has access to a job and some security). Why the Alt Right attack white women. They want them barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen. Since men will follow women everywhere, the Alt Right have to try and lower the self esteem of women to get them back under control.

You will come across some who don't want lives to be saved in Africa too. I read one nut say that africans would be allowed to have sex but not children. They are making plans way into the future where rich white people live forever and thus, the population has to decrease (if people live to 130 that adds two whole generations of humans to the population...there is not enough room for that.....so it is all about who gets the medical care to keep them alive when the science gets there). Not everybody can live forever obviously. I say it should go to humans who have done something amazing with their lives, like Maya Angelou, not to the richest like the Koch brothers. Think if it went to the richest only then there would be two generations more of rich white people alive to vote republican in elections.

It is the very nature of dyslexics like Trump to get their information

in a concrete way from various sources. Someone in the tribe has to be good at the big picture and bad at mass fictions. Why people voted for Trump: in this time of rapid technological change and globalization he promises to pull all the systems down. Great if your tribe has turned into a murderous cult led by psychopaths (think Churchill the dyslexic vs. Hitler the psychopath). But that is the secret of dyslexics. They can't be spoonfed policy. Dyslexics simply cannot be spoonfed information. They have to suss it out for themselves. No amount of professional us government policy, policy that puts complex American needs to the forefront, is going to make it into a coherent form into Trump's brain in the short term. Long term maybe. He is always going to be attracted to and need all points of view from outside sources. Right now it is Russia that sings to him. He will always more heavily weigh outlier information as it will come to him in a 3D fashion, particularly from strongmen, as what they do is very dramatic. Primary information is what researchers and dyslexics love. He has already turned away daily intelligence briefings. I doubt economic policy is going to be more compelling than that. We are definitely in trouble.
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