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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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What do you mean Trump is not responsible for the protests?

He has been baiting Latinos, muslims,women, african americans, those with disabilities, those who are against war crimes for 8 months. Of course people opposed to be ing dehumanized, or seeing the dehumanization of others, are going to start to get together and protest. It is entirely predictable. Trump did it to his own event. He started the fire. He should be a man and take responsibility for his months of baiting and attacks.

He's smart. Einstein was dyslexic too with a very high IQ. He colleagues

used to get frustrated with Einstein because he didn't memorize some of the things a proper physicist should. And he came up with his ideas all visually and then worked out the math. And he was not always right on the math. But he was right on the visual idea he had had. Everything is relative. Dyslexia is just a type of brain whose aspects vary from dyslexic to dyslexic. Gore is very smart. Kennedy was the smartest President there has ever been. Obviously as your IQ rises so is the incidence of dyslexia deficit reduced because you can compensate for the differences in a dyslexic brain. All that visual processing makes for great naural leaders cause they pick up the trends (feelings and ideas) in a crowd. They can't help it.Trump reads the press as he flies home and then comes up with themes and makes up the actual speech as he is standing at the podium. So it is fresh and authentic and feels real to people. Hillary mentioned tonight that she was not a natural politician like her husband or Obama. But most important I say we tear down the fiction that is Donald Trump and demistify his talents. He's the enemy. Gore may have come from a repressed wasp background that didn't allow him to fully enjoy his own talents. He certainly pulled down the right's fictions with an inconvenient truth.

She's referring to all the dyslexics of varying IQ who are

natural politicians like: Woodrow Wilson, 3 Kennedys, Reagan, Bush Sr., Al Gore, George Bush Jr., Paul Wellstone, Palin, Trump, JustinTrudeau and Churchill. All dyslexic all considered 'natural politicians' who could fight and paint a big picture using simple words and ideas and pull down their opponents fictions. Seems the GOP knows this and has been running dyslexics one after the other. Dyslexia is a type of brain not someone's IQ. They read crowds and subtleties. They are charismatic. And they always speak from the heart because they rely more on episodic memory than working memory so they really are putting ideas together every time they give a speech. So they seem more natural in how they connect. They know form and what makes a great idea or a great photo op. They know meaning. But unless they are brilliant like JFK they are really bad at details. They get used by the GOP because they are 'spoonfed' ideas if, . are not schooled enough on their own to know what is what. Certainly the GOP has made a habit of spoon-feeding the Reagan and bushes. Trump seems on the fence about being fed. Who knows which way he will go. Point is they naturally connect. Hillary doesn't have that massive skill-set though she has some parts of it. She has a much more detailed oriented mind. I'd trust Hillary to make up her own mind cause with dyslexics it matters who they surround themselves with. Remember JFK got so burned by the Cia and the Bay of Pigs invasion that he turned to Bobby from there on in. Hillary can do it on her own. Bernie... I don't know if he is a natural leader or a dyslexic. He strikes me as not a politician at all, he is some kind of angel or something.

They were saying on cnn that Hillary pivoted to the general election

a we'd or two ago. I agree that that was very wrong. That she needs to connect on a human emotional level with democrats. I do think she suffers from the disease of being brilliant so that she gets bored repeating things over and over. She would be much more engaged if she was facing random questions about the whole planet, motherhood, the sciences, middle east policy, the history of feminism, etc, that she had to answer in great detail off the top of her head. Trump does well because he goes to his episodic memory and concludes things as he is speaking and is therefore much more authentically engaged when he is answering or giving a speech. He's not going to his working memory so much. So he is excited to be figuring his speech all out as he goes along. Hillary would seem much more engaged if asked harder questions. But politicians have to repeat and repeat the same big picture all the time. It is not a detailed game. Remember how fabulous Hillary was when quizzed for a day on Benghazi about things that had happen over 3 years ago. She was questioned for a whole day. Not one mistake. That is where she belongs in that type of contest. Actually, come to think of it, she could make a commercial out of these examples of her and Trumps brains. I'm certainly glad Hillary is continuously surprised by Bernie and his message. It will make her a better candidate if she wins the nomination.

So do you think the right will learn the lesson that democracy is delicate and people

need hope for the future, belonging to something greater than themselves and that you can't mash those two things together out of wedge issues and replace the role of good government? ................. Naw

Trump connects to his base beyond his policies. Why he has only just released his health care plan

tonight, long after voting has begun. I saw some politico asked why he supports Trump when Trump doesn't have a solid anti-abortion past. The man said he was supporting Trump because of the way Trump connects to his base. Because of the enthusiasm. That he didn't have to agree with Trump on every policy. No wonder the GOP is panicking. The base is disconnected from that right wing policy slate and connecting to a personality and feigned emotions of Trump instead. The Republican Party is filled with grifters and pawns who will both go all in for Trump. That will leave a skeleton crew of the GOP Establishment left over tending to their culture wars and trickle down far right policies that nobody wants to follow.

(Later) CNN just interviewed a Trump supporter who actively advocated for stopping trade deals and immigration to help raise the wages of workers. Seems they are flushing out their policies tonight.

I'm thinking they want to shut us up by having us suspended

in the general. First it was outside Hillary groups they wanted us to join. Then it was banning us from the Bernie group. Then some suggesting Hillary Clinton supporters be put on ignore. Now the juries. Not fun. Is this what Citizen's United means for free speech.

Saying 'All Lives Matter' is the new wedge issue. Now that the confederate flag is gone

the GOP needed something that would slur African americans but in a more subtle way. Black Lives Matter is about value-ing lives that traditionally were not valued. It is about equality. It is not putting one set of lives above another. Saying All Lives Matter gaslights African americans. Don't be fooled. Don't use it. And don't hesitate to call out anyone who does.

I also think the GOP do not want activists negotiating with police on an equal footing. For sure it would be hard at first. But then issues of police training, community cooperation, police pay and hiring, black on black violence would inevitably be discussed. And solutions might come about. And peace and understanding of two groups on equal footing is not what the GOP, whose wedge issues are based on race during elections, do not want.

It is the perfect GOP wedge issues. Racists understand it as baiting BLM followers. Non racists or the na´ve see it as a reasonable statement of the importance of life, all the while they spread the hate meme by repeating it.

Remember how hard it was to go to bed for a nap when you were a kid - that meant an endless time

of no playtime or learning. I used to cry. That is because time was in a totally different perspective than it is when you are older (and time speeds up). I am 50 and for me now weeks fly by, and then years. I think that young adults have to 1)plan ahead 2)miss something fun to go vote 3)don't have cars to go vote and it will take forever to stand in line 4) are unsure of politics or 5) unsure of their registration as voters. That has a little to do with it. Of course the GOP is amping up #5. That may be their main motivation for voter ID. They may have studied youth voters and come to the conclusion naivete about the process stops them from voting so created the Voter ID issue with young adult Democrats in mind. Or maybe young adults are particularly easily frustrated. Of course the politically motivated young adults get out and vote. But not the ones who are bros and could be playing a game instead. How do we light a fire under them beyond Bernie (who I agree has done an incredible job of inspiring the young). I hope the Democrats are studying young adults that is for sure.

The DU is a place of seething disgust. No wonder dems aren't

voting in primaries and caucuses. GOP trolls on the DU and elsewhere are mucking up Democratic enthusiasm. While the GOP are breaking records in participation in their primaries, Democrats are not doing well.

If Democrats have nowhere to go to feel giddy with hope on the internet, why would they vote? Any time anyone says anything positive about Hillary on the DU the trolls show up and 'seeth'. Why would anybody feel excited when the choice is to follow the 'seether', supposedly Bernie fans, or the 'seethee', Hillary? Disgust is an emotion that keeps humans away bad pathogens. What the hell is it doing in our Democratic primary race, disgust every second of every minute of every day? No wonder nobody is showing up to vote or caucus.
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