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Member since: Thu Jan 20, 2005, 12:22 AM
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It is unacceptable for governments to use poisonous, toxic gas on their own people. To fiendishly and irresponsibly oversee the release of thousands of liters of toxic chemicals into the air is at best criminal, and at worst a complete betrayal of its' people. For thousands of people to die from the air they are breathing is something that the global community cannot put up with. This calls for swift intervention on behalf the people of the governments who do this, and regime change. No leader trusted with protecting its' people in a peaceful and diplomatic manner should be allowed to continue with such malevolence. It's time for multilateral action to stop this. It's time to put this to an end.

I support intervention in the United States to stop the chemical warfare of petrol gas, chromium trioxide in the water, and carbon monoxide. It is unacceptable for a country to declare war on it's own people, murdering them with a high rate of respiratory deaths and malnutrition from the release of these chemicals.


"...could cost the Democrats a winnable race?"

Last time I checked, running against a decades long Republican incumbent with an enormous battle chest in one of the most Republican states in the country isn't the most winnable concept in the world. But hey, with her poll numbers, name recognition and Hollywood level financial backing, you'd be a pretty stupid Democratic strategist to try and stop her! But there are plenty of those, so it might happen...

This is why President Obama will win this election.

In 2008, about a fourth of all voters were contacted in some way by the Obama campaign. Mr. McCain’s campaign contacted 18 percent of general-election voters. A FiveThirtyEight study from just after the 2008 election found that “each marginal 10-point advantage in contact rate translated into a marginal 3-point gain in the popular vote in that state.”


So guys: If you care about winning this election and want to make sure the President we elected stays in office: you know what to do. Knocking on doors, making phone calls and registering voters TRANSLATES DIRECTLY INTO ELECTORAL MARGINS OF VICTORY.


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